How to Navigate Global Regulations for Transformers


Transformers: Global Market Access/ Efficiency per DOE and NRCan

Navigating the global regulations for DoE, NRCan, CE, IEC Publications; UL-EU Mark, global energy efficiency and SASO is a challenge for any size company. Compliance with these regulations can enable successful installations, accelerated market deliveries and profitable results.

This educational webinar will provide insight into GMA for low-voltage and medium-voltage transformers for use in energy, distribution and general applications. UL experts will guide you through the processes and provide an overview of key elements that make up today’s transformer products.


  • Identify the appropriate standard(s) for U.S. compliance and global market access
  • Understand appropriate requirements for markings
  • Understand the fundamentals of functional safety, including concepts and principles of international standards and federal regulation

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