So You’re Ready to Hire a New Employee?

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Hiring and retaining an hourly worker can be a challenge given the fact that the number of people quitting a job in the hospitality industry within four months of joining is increasing at an exponential rate.

Most HR software products simply provide you with a set of tools and leave you figure out how to use those tools to manage all your employment processes like hiring and onboarding. However, the whitepaper “So you’re ready to hire a new employee? Learn how to Hire + Onboard the Legal Way at Your Hospitality Business” introduces you to tools that prescribe the best practice steps and enable them automatically.

This white paper presents a simple and robust system for your hiring and onboarding process and helps you learn:

  • What it takes to hire and onboard a new worker
  • The federal forms and paperwork that are critical to the process
  • All legal processes required for onboarding
  • How different tools can help save process time

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