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COVID-19 will not come to an end this week and neither should mental health awareness


For Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, I remember planning the activities for the week ahead vividly. I play an active role in Lane4's mental health awareness team (Mind4) and can remember being clustered together in one of the many Olympic themed meetings rooms at Lane4 (it was actually Tokyo 2020, the irony!).

Fast forward to Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, this week, and it all feels very different in comparison to last year. In recognition of this feeling, our Mind4 team have run an array of activities not just this week, but every week since the launch of the furlough scheme following the outbreak of COVID-19. In the absence of regular human connection, our aim has been to create an environment, albeit a virtual one, that gives our employees (furloughed or not) an opportunity to connect with one another.

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