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April 28, 2020 / SUJATA BONDGE

No matter if it’s small or big, every business needs great talent to make the company rise higher on the success ladder. Searching the right candidate — someone with the right qualities and who fits in the budget is a quite challenging task for employers. Particularly, small businesses face many obstacles in the hiring process due to the limited availability of too many things.

According to the facts about small businesses, there are more than 30.2 million growing businesses present in the U.S. that are trying to hire good employees and are competing in their respective fields. In a situation like this surely all employers or business owners will be working hard to attract top talent from the industries in order to grow their businesses.

No worries if you are one of them and feeling like a small fish in a big pond. We understand you, and so here are some methods that you can look to find the right candidates and make your workforce a dedicated team of quality people.

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Table of Contents:
- Impressive Web Presence
- Employee Connections
- Speak about the Growth
- Constructive Feedback with Communication
- Exciting Benefit Packages

Impressive Web Presence

The first thing what good candidates do before deciding to go for an interview is check the website and social media profiles of the company. Apart from the brick-and-mortar building, it’s the first impression they builds up about you. So it needs to be neat, clean, and impressive.

To understand your business in detail, clearly mention your products or services on the website and social media platforms so that candidates can understand what you offer. Also, make sure you display the logo of the company, brand message, short and long term vision of the company that delivers your aims and attract top talent that aligns with the company’s goals.

Sometimes candidates directly visit the website instead of going through the job searching platforms so here is an opportunity to make them stay on the website and find about the current openings in your organization. And how can you do this? By creating a separate page for ongoing hiring that tells the visitors about all necessary information including position, eligibility criteria, the number of vacancies, the address of the company, and the contact details.

Eventually, all this will create interest and the probability of hiring such interested candidates with the right skillset will increase.

Employee Connections

Finding a new candidate right from the beginning is a quite lengthy and time-consuming process for every employer. Why not use a smart way to search candidates to fulfill the position that takes away this pain?

And what’s that method? Well, it’s the people you work with right now.

Yes. Your existing employees can give you high potential and industry-specific candidates through their offline contacts and online platforms like LinkedIn. To reach out to such candidates, you can create an employee referral program that offers attractive rewards in exchange for referring the eligible candidate.

This method of tapping on employee connections will help you save your money that you otherwise will be spending on running ads, posting on job portals, or even talent agencies.

Speak about the Growth

For employees, it is difficult to see the success path at a company where thousands of people are already working whereas they can see a clearer way at a company of 50 employees. So we can say that a small company incorporates a straightforward career path and are less complex as compared to bigger companies and it offers tremendous opportunities to people who want to learn things and grow in their career.

Having such an atmosphere will quickly attract candidates who keep the desire of gaining knowledge and management skills. So, highlight these additional points that you can offer to ambitious employees and give them the golden chance to be the best at your organization. And the fact is, they would also like to be the part of your organization that is a perfect playground for faster growth.

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Constructive Feedback with Communication

Face-to-face communication with employees is more likely to be a possible thing in smaller companies. It creates a feeling of being valued, and that has great importance in an employee’s life. So it is always a wise act to be in constant touch with the employees who are already contributing to your organization and yet there is a lot more to do with their help.

Secondly, find ways to communicate with the new and existing employees to know their dreams and career goals. For this, you can take feedback from them and have a healthy discussion on how their dreams are suitable to meet the company’s vision, and together you can fulfill it.

As a result of their work, offer them timely rewards on an ongoing basis. Give every individual and team, constructive feedback which will help them to be the better version of themselves.

According to stats about employee feedback, 69% of employees like to work harder if they receive feedback and their efforts are getting recognized. It is easy to work on the feedback that encourages your employees to stay in the organization and this cultural positivity that you can demonstrate will spread through word of mouth.

Exciting Benefit Packages

High skilled employees seek companies who offer exciting benefits packages, flexible work timing, and greater work-life balance along with their career growth. As an employer, fulfilling employees’ expectations from your organization and hiring those who can add value to your business in the upcoming years is important. This benefit package can include health insurance, paid vacations, sick leaves, life insurance, and retirement plan, paid maternity and paternity leaves, on-site daycare, flexible work atmosphere, etc. Many of the companies already give a few or many of these benefits to stay competitive.

According to your budget and employee demands, you can create an exciting employee benefits package for the new and existing people who work for you. Facilitating them with such types of packages will help to attract new talent and retain those who are already present in your company.

These are the ways that show skilled employees how well you can understand them which results in a win-win situation for both of you.

Do you want good employees in your small organization? Then this is how you can embrace the benefits of being a small company and attracting the top talent in the industry.