Addition Wealth Launches Employee-Oriented Financial Wellness Platform

Addition Wealth | February 10, 2022

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Financial wellness benefits provider, Addition Wealth, announced on February 9th, the launch of a digital platform to make personalized finance expertise accessible for employees. Addition Wealth is known for empowering employees by providing the technology and tools they need to make smart financial decisions.

A PwC survey called the 2021 Employee Financial Awareness Survey reported that 87% of employees seek help with their finances. Addition enables employees on their journey to understand personal finance, equity compensation, selling and buying shares, saving for retirement, and buying a home.

"I founded Addition because everyone should have access to the tools and resources to make smart, informed personal financial decisions. There's a gap in the market when it comes to navigating finances, and existing options are either too generic or too expensive. We partner with forward-thinking companies who want to provide inclusive access for their employees to navigate personal financial decisions and make the most out of their money."

- Ana Mahony, CEO & Founder of Addition,

"There is such a compelling need to improve employees' understanding how equity compensation impacts their overall financial wellbeing. Addition has the right mix of technology solutions and financial advisors to help millions of people. Addition's solution helps employees understand and optimize their financial situation, which creates a happier and more productive workforce."

- Hans Morris, Managing Partner at Nyca Partners

"It's important to us that our employees understand the way equity compensation impacts their personal financial journeys. By working with Addition, they can see the long-term value of their equity, how to maximize it, and how it fits into their financial goals."

- Andrea Ellis, CFO, Lime


This white paper discusses the changing face of collaboration and the ways in which the new collaboration can benefit business. It points out that smart businesses already are looking for ways to connect communities not only of employees but also of customers, partners and others “outside the firewall” so they can tap into both internal and external knowledge and use that knowledge to accelerate innovation.


This white paper discusses the changing face of collaboration and the ways in which the new collaboration can benefit business. It points out that smart businesses already are looking for ways to connect communities not only of employees but also of customers, partners and others “outside the firewall” so they can tap into both internal and external knowledge and use that knowledge to accelerate innovation.

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Buddy Systems Alleviate HR Pain Points and Improve New Hire Experience, Says HR Research Firm McLean & Company

McLean & Company | August 22, 2022

McLean & Company, the globally trusted partner of HR and business leaders, has released its newest research-driven resource, titled Implement a Buddy System at Work. This data-backed guide is intended to support HR leaders in building a more consistent and effective way to help onboard new employees. With HR facing ongoing challenges like significant turnover and competition in the talent marketplace, a "buddy system" is an easy-to-implement solution that McLean & Company research indicates is effective at helping new employees acclimate to a new organization and role. Onboarding is often exciting and stressful for both the new employee and the manager, and new hires often need extra support to settle into a new role. McLean & Company's New Hire Survey Database shows employees are 1.8 times more likely to be engaged when their acclimatization experience is positive compared to those who rate their experience lower. A buddy is different from a mentor or coach. The term "buddy" refers to the internal tenured employee who assists a new employee in settling in with an organization. The buddy acts as a friendly point of contact to help new employees adjust to their roles during the first few months by providing advice, answering questions, and making introductions. The research indicates that a buddy system provides ongoing support to new hires after their initial orientation without a significant investment in time or resourcing and can alleviate some of HR's pain points with similar programs. Buddy system programs offer the following merits: Easy to implement with minimal coordination Senior-level members freed up for more formal interactions No specialized training required to be a buddy Flexibility in meeting frequency, duration, and location For employees, buddy systems are valuable and offer such benefits as: An enhanced and more personalized onboarding experience Prevention of potential isolation when hired ad hoc rather than in large groups Help with the adjustment period as new employees become familiar with team processes and organizational culture Networking opportunities and identification of key contacts within the organization Improved distribution of the time managers traditionally spends on onboarding McLean & Company explains that although the implementation of the buddy system and the buddy selection process fall under a manager's list of responsibilities, HR can impact uptake and effectiveness by designing the framework and guiding managers on how to integrate it into their onboarding processes. This framework will ensure that a consistent approach is being applied throughout the organization and that all new employees have access to an additional layer of onboarding support. About McLean & Company Through data-driven insights and proven best-practice methodologies, McLean & Company offers comprehensive resources and full-service assessments, action plans, and training to position organizations to meet today's needs and prepare for the future.

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Culture Partners Collaboration with UKG Combines Behavioral Science with Award-Winning HCM Technology to Unlock Business Performance

Culture Partners | September 28, 2022

Culture Partners and UKG have formed a strategic collaboration to help organizations activate culture to create more people-centric experiences, further driving and sustaining business growth. This partnership marries UKG award-winning HCM solutions with Culture Partners' research-based culture management strategies, delivering a unique combination designed to guide organizations through culture transformation initiatives to elevate performance and achieve measurable results. This alliance represents an unmatched combination of culture alignment strategies that will provide businesses and their people with the opportunity to reach their full potential. "Culture is what ultimately determines business performance and success, This alliance with UKG will help organizations navigate the critical intersection of employee behavior and company process, policy, and technology, in order to more successfully navigate high impact culture change initiatives." -Joe Terry, CEO at Culture Partners Culture Partners is a leader in results-driven culture transformation. Using human industrial-organizational psychological methods, Culture Partners helps organizations embark on a Culture Journey that activates research-based tools, methods, and intentions to cultivate employee ownership through experiences, beliefs, and actions. UKG is a leader in HCM cloud solutions, and its differentiated Life-work Technology™ approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps organizations anticipate and adapt to their employees' needs beyond just work. In addition to the strengths of UKG and Culture Partners in driving engaged culture is the expertise of the Great Place to Work Institute, which UKG acquired in 2021. Great Place to Work helps organizations with employee-centric insights that can be combined with UKG HCM solutions and Culture Partners' data-driven approach to assess, benchmark, and enhance culture by improving organizational health, elevating the life-work journey, and giving an even greater voice to the employee. Our Life-Work Technology approach to solution design provides autonomy, flexibility, and purpose to people while fostering skills development and creating high-performing teams that drive business success, For the same reasons we brought Great Place to Work into the UKG family, this collaboration with Culture Partners continues our journey to bring organizations access to research-based strategies and consulting services to create workplaces where all people can find purpose and a sense of belonging,said Patrick Lannon, Vice President of Global Alliances at UKG. Getting a Return-On-Culture is possible if you can activate it swiftly and correctly, Aligning our two companies through technology will bring together the best of AI-powered tools and human-centered insights to accelerate the reach and impact of both Culture Partners and UKG and guide all our clients in getting real business results with employees who feel fulfilled,said Dr. Jessica Kriegel, Chief Scientist of Workplace Culture at Culture Partners. About Culture Partners For more than 30 years, Culture Partners has been a leader in results-driven culture transformation for thousands of organizations globally. Using human industrial-organizational psychological methods, Culture Partners helps organizations embark on a Culture Journey that activates research-based tools, methods, and intentions to cultivate employee ownership through experiences, beliefs and actions. Its holistic culture management frameworks have curated performance-driven cultures for some of the world's most powerful brands, including Ford Motor Company, Bayer, Tiffany & Co., Johnson & Johnson, Hormel, Lockheed Martin, and thousands more.

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Remote announces integration with HiBob to streamline global HR processes

Remote and HiBob | August 25, 2022

Remote, the leader in building, managing, and supporting global, distributed workforces, today announced a new integration with global HR technology disruptor HiBob that will deliver one-way data synchronization for customers of both platforms. Through the integration, new and existing employee information will be automatically updated from HiBob into the Remote platform, minimizing administrative functions to streamline management of talent around the world. “More companies than ever are seeking to take advantage of the benefits of hiring globally distributed teams, but get slowed down by the roadblocks of increasingly complex people processes, By powering cross-platform communication, we are helping our customers cut down time spent on administrative tasks and allow teams to focus on higher priority deliverables that benefit their businesses.” -Todd Wilkens, Chief Product Officer of Remote Managing team data across platforms is crucial for HR teams, particularly those with international employees, contractors, and freelance workers needing to demonstrate compliance across multiple countries. The integration with HiBob’s HRIS platform has been developed to help HR teams to improve productivity by minimizing time spent on manual tasks and eliminating the risk of human error in duplicating data entry. We’re very attuned to the needs of our market and understand the complexity of employing international teams has created challenges within HR processes, Remote is naturally aligned with HiBob’s mission and values of simplifying the globalization of the modern workforce and our extensive overlapping customer bases can now benefit from this integration,says HiBob Senior Director of Business Development, Yoav Gur. Remote enables companies to hire an employee anywhere in the world as easily as they would an employee around the corner from its HQ, and acts as an employer of record in over 60 countries. Remote is dedicated to expanding the number of available integrations to further streamline workflows for customers by strategically partnering with HRIS, ATS, and other HR platform providers in the industry. About Remote: Talent is everywhere opportunity is not. Remote closes the gap by enabling employers to hire anyone from anywhere, providing access to opportunity so people everywhere can build better lives. Remote helps companies become global powerhouses by expanding their access to talent beyond their borders. Thousands of businesses rely on Remote’s modern platform and legal, financial, and cultural expertise to onboard, pay, and manage employees and contractors in 150+ countries. Remote was founded in 2019 by Job van der Voort and Marcelo Lebre, and is backed by leading investors including SoftBank Vision Fund 2, Accel, Sequoia, Index Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures and General Catalyst. About HiBob: HiBob was founded to modernize HR tech. HiBob's intuitive and data-driven platform, Bob, was built for the way people work today: globally, remotely, and collaboratively. Since its launch in late 2015, HiBob has achieved consecutive triple-digit year-over-year revenue growth, and become the HRIS of choice for more than 2,000 modern, midsize and multinational companies who understand that a powerful, agile HR tech suite is mission critical and a key driver of organizational success. Fast-growing companies across the globe such as Monzo, Happy Socks, Gong, Fiverr, and VaynerMedia rely upon Bob to help HR and managers connect, engage, develop and retain top talent.

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