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AllianceHCM Launches New HCM Software Solution

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On January 11, AllianceHCM announced the launch of its newest HR software solution for expense management. AllianceHCM is a leading human capital management (HCM) solutions provider in the U.S.

The expense management software by AllianceHCM will help HR leaders automate the expense lifecycle from recording to tracking to approvals, and finally payment and reimbursement. It will allow organizations to get better visibility and control over individual employee expenses. 

"Our solution provides our users the ability to streamline the submission process by creating multiple expense line items from receipts by simply taking a photo from your phone. Coupling expense management with our payroll system really expedites the end-to-end process from expense submission to reimbursement deployment."

-  AllianceHCM President, Matt Umholtz

The expense management platform replaces the manual process of compiling and submitting expense reports with just a few clicks. It boosts efficiency, speeds up work and gives organizations improved visibility in real-time. Some of its features include:
  • Storing and capturing receipts on mobile and desktop 
  • Converting photos of receipts into text
  • Auto populating the expense report with information from the captured photos
  • Logging travel miles and auto-calculateing IRS standard mileage rates 
  • Approving and rejecting expense reports 
  • Reimbursing funds by using AllianceHCM payroll

AllianceHCM’s expense management platform is available as an add-on feature.



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