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Background Screening Service SwiftCheck Announces Technology Collaboration With UKG

SwiftCheck | February 08, 2022

On February 7th, SwiftCheck, a prominent background screening provider, announced that it has entered into a technology partnership with a leading human capital management (HCM) and workforce management solution provider, UKG.

With the application programming interface (API) integration, UKG Pro clients will be able to share pre-populated data of applicants with SwiftCheck to start the background screening process. The partnership makes SwiftCheck a member of the UKG Connect Technology Partner program, a platform of solution providers that work with UKG to deliver integrated solutions to employers.

"The partnership between SwiftCheck and UKG is another step in providing tailored solutions to both SwiftCheck and UKG Pro users. The integration will also eliminate duplicate candidate data entry, streamline the background screening request and provide a better overall user experience."

- Aaron Cotter, Director of Sales


In this insightful video, Anequim tackles the challenge of holding remote employees accountable. Drawing from expert advice and proven strategies, Anequim shares valuable tips on how to set clear expectations and goals for remote teams. Discover how regular check-ins, effective communication, and providing feedback can foster accountability in a virtual work environment. Anequim emphasizes the importance of building trust and maintaining human contact to keep remote employees engaged and motivated. Unlock the secrets to successfully holding remote employees accountable with Anequim's practical insights.


In this insightful video, Anequim tackles the challenge of holding remote employees accountable. Drawing from expert advice and proven strategies, Anequim shares valuable tips on how to set clear expectations and goals for remote teams. Discover how regular check-ins, effective communication, and providing feedback can foster accountability in a virtual work environment. Anequim emphasizes the importance of building trust and maintaining human contact to keep remote employees engaged and motivated. Unlock the secrets to successfully holding remote employees accountable with Anequim's practical insights.

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Humanforce Partners with Datacom, to Enhance WFM & Payroll with a Unified User Experience

PRnewswire | July 25, 2023

Humanforce, a Sydney-based, global provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced a partnership agreement with Datacom, Australasia's largest homegrown technology solutions provider, to provide an integrated WFM & payroll offering to Australian and New Zealand businesses. This powerful partnership brings together Humanforce's WFM solution with Datapay payroll and EasiPay managed payroll, delivering customers yet another choice when seeking a truly integrated, best-of-breed and compliant WFM & Payroll solution, having launched its inaugural integrated WFM & Payroll offering in September last year. Humanforce supports over 600,000 employees across the globe with its full stack HCM suite, comprising of workforce management (WFM), HR, payroll and wellbeing solutions, while Datacom's cloud-native payroll platform serves over 25,000 businesses and 400,000 employees across Australia and New Zealand. Humanforce specialises in simplifying complex labour regulations, making it the ideal solution for Australian and New Zealand customers. With a strong footprint in New Zealand, Humanforce's partnership with Datacom will provide the opportunity for further expansion in NZ, with one in six New Zealanders relying on Datacom for their pay. Clayton Pyne, Humanforce Chief Executive Officer, says that in selecting its technology partners, it looks for world-class technologies that enhance the Humanforce value proposition for frontline and flexible workforces. "We are focused on delivering truly employee-centred, intelligent and compliant solutions that make work better and life easier for frontline and flexible workforces. Humanforce's partner ecosystem facilitates our customers' success, so we look for partners who complement the three core pillars of our tech stack: integrated, best of breed and composable. This means that we look for solutions that feature real depth of functionality and sophisticated APIs, and that's one of the strengths of this partnership with Datacom." Commenting on the partnership, Tim Hogan, Datacom Director of Datapay, said "At Datacom, our focus is to ensure we continuously evolve our service and product offering to bring innovative solutions to the market. Humanforce is a partner that thinks the same way and places seamless employee experiences at the centre of everything they do— from onboarding and scheduling to payroll and awards. This partnership furthers our passion for elevating employee experiences, alongside improved compliance, and reduced rework and overhead costs for employers." "Bringing Humanforce and Datacom together allows us to deliver critical technology to Australian and New Zealand businesses that helps them manage ever-changing compliance regulations with confidence, while ensuring employees get paid accurately and on time, improving their productivity and morale.", Pyne added. About Humanforce Humanforce is the #1 platform for frontline and flexible workforces, offering highly configurable, best-of-breed WFM, HR and Payroll - without compromise. Founded in 2002, Humanforce has a 2000-strong customer base and over half a million users worldwide. Today, we have offices across Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Our vision is to make work easier and life better by focusing on the needs and fulfilment of frontline workers and the efficiency and optimisation of businesses.

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isolved Announces New Compensation Analytics and Talent Intelligence Products

PR Newswire | August 10, 2023

Attracting and retaining top talent persists as a major challenge for organizations. In a recent survey, the leading stressor keeping HR leaders up at night is keeping its top people, closely followed by competing for top talent. For employees, compensation is key: 70 percent identify salary as the largest factor motivating them to accept a job offer. Properly compensating high-performing talent through the use of analytics can help organizations looking to boost their talent retention efforts. isolved recently announced the launch of its Benchmark Insights, which offers HR teams anonymized and aggregated industry data from millions of U.S. employees to aid organizations in making better, faster, and better-informed hiring and retention decisions, by leveraging the data of over 168,000 businesses that utilize isolved products and services. Now, isolved is going one step further. To help organizations navigate the complicated compensation and talent landscape, isolved has announced the release of its Compensation Analytics and Talent Intelligence solutions, which build on its recent Benchmark Insights release. These newest releases allow businesses of all sizes to utilize enterprise-grade analytics with easy-to-use products to ensure that all compensation and talent decisions are more strategic and data-driven. "In the past, powerful analytics were largely only available to enterprise corporations with limitless resources. That is no longer the case," said Geoff Webb, VP of Solutions Strategy at isolved. "With the release of Benchmark Insights, we gave small and medium-sized businesses access to a solution that would better guide their decisions. Now, with the release of Compensation Analytics and Talent Intelligence, we're moving to the next phase of actionable analytics that can be used by HR teams of all sizes. Within isolved People Cloud, our customers have the ability to view position-specific salary averages across over millions of employee records within seconds." Salient features of isolved Compensation Analytics and Talent Intelligence: Uninterrupted workflow: Customers can view critical compensation analytics directly within the solution, which allows them to make decisions quickly and without interrupting the flow of work. Drill-down metrics: To more easily sift through employee big data, the solution allows HR professionals to drill down into compensation metrics to better understand data points like average annual base salary, average compensation ratio and more. Look into the future: The solution allows customers to leverage predictive capabilities to gain a view into the future of compa-ratio, the number of employees who will be above and below the midpoint, as well as the range penetration distribution. Significant benefits to help organizations of all sizes better manage talent and retain top performers: Gain a competitive advantage: Companies gain access to position-specific salary data from organizations across the U.S. to ensure they're offering equitable and competitive compensation packages. This will not only help keep current talent engaged but assist in future recruiting efforts. Plan for the future: Gives HR and payroll professionals a complete view of compensation and performance when planning for promotions and succession scenarios. Further, companies can gain visibility into compensation trends for specific positions so they can plan and prepare for future budgeting needs. Keep top talent engaged: While only five percent of employees are considered "high performers," they are approximately 400 percent more productive than the average employee. Additionally, the cost of replacing these employees can be as much as 1.3 to 2 times their annual salary. Rewarding high performers through fair market compensation increases the likelihood of retention. With 43 percent of HR leaders unsure if the Great Resignation is over, HR teams will need to use every tool at their disposal to ensure they hold on to their top-performing employees—especially using compensation analytics and talent intelligence. About isolved isolved is the most-trusted HCM technology leader, providing the best combination of software and services to meet the needs of today's People Heroes – HR, payroll, and benefits professionals. From talent acquisition to workforce management to talent management, our solutions are delivered directly or through our HRO partner network to more than 6 million employees and 168,000 employers across all 50 states – who use them every day to increase productivity, accelerate decision-making and ensure performance, while reducing risk. isolved People CloudÔ, our intelligently connected platform, automates the entire employee experience by design, so that organizations can engage, empower, and energize their talent while freeing their People Heroes to exceed their goals and grow their careers.

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Newfront Introduces Centralized Platform for Total Rewards Clients

PR Newswire | August 28, 2023

Newfront, the tech-driven insurance brokerage firm based in San Francisco, has introduced a powerful Total Rewards dashboard. Newfront Navigator is designed to streamline workflows, saving time and resources as people teams securely manage complex employee benefit programs. "We know that human resources teams are overwhelmed by the sheer number of systems they have to engage with and the amount of vendors available," said Darren Brown, President of Total Rewards at Newfront. "Newfront Navigator addresses these concerns, the most pressing pain points in benefits management." The dashboard offers a centralized hub for all plan documents, compliance news, and point-solution vendor information—all in a safe and secure environment. Human resources leaders can quickly access their company's Total Rewards program information, easily navigate to the latest updates on employee benefits compliance, find recommended partners for point-solutions, and communicate with their brokers. "The Newfront Navigator platform has improved my insurance management experience," said Courtney Paulsen,HR Director at ALCAL. "Having all of my insurance coverage information in one place is incredibly convenient and time-saving; everything is accessible in a single dashboard, so now I don't have to remember where to look for various information because it's all in one place." Payal Agrawal, Senior Product Manager at Newfront who led the product launch, said the tool will help both clients and insurance professionals. "For clients, Newfront Navigator will help improve their efficiency," she said. "People teams will have the important data at their fingertips without having to search for it in several different systems or send encrypted emails to multiple people to get answers." Newfront's SOC 2, Type 2 certification provides a continuously-monitored, secure experience, allowing clients to share and store documents with confidence. About Newfront Newfront is a modern brokerage transforming the risk management, business insurance, total rewards, and retirement services space through the combination of elite expertise and cutting-edge technology. Specializing in more than 20 industries and headquartered in San Francisco, Newfront has offices nationwide and is home to more than 800 employees serving organizations across the United State and globally.

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