Benefitfocus Recognized by Forbes as America’s Best Midsize Employer

Benefitfocus | February 22, 2022

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On February 18th, cloud-based benefits administration solution provider, Benefitfocus, Inc., announced that it had been named America’s Best Midsize Employer of 2022 by Forbes. Benefitfocus specializes in providing cloud solutions to enable organizations leverage their benefits and health care programs.

Market research firm Statista partnered with Forbes to determine America’s Best Midsize Employers. The survey covered 60,000 employees working for businesses with more than 1,000 employees. They were asked to rate how willing they were to rank their own employers to their family and friends. 

"As a benefits administration company, our associates play a central role in helping our clients deliver critical health and benefit programs to their people. We are proud that we have created a culture where our 1,100 associates feel like they belong and can contribute to our mission of improving lives with benefits."

- Matt Levin, President and CEO at Benefitfocus

Benefitfocus is committed to cultivating a company culture focused on holistic wellness. It also offers a range of benefits such as medical, dental, 401k, student loan consolidation, pet insurance, and paid holidays.


If your business is a living organism, then your Human Resources department might well be the heart. HR execs work hard to maintain the strength and efficiency of businesses small and large. But in today’s increasingly digital world, the nature of HR work has begun to shift. An HR team must adapt to the needs of a mobile, efficient workforce that expects potential employers to truly value their time. Today’s job seekers rely on mobile devices to stay in touch personally and professionally. They expect smart, elegant, mobile-friendly processes throughout every stage of the hiring process.


If your business is a living organism, then your Human Resources department might well be the heart. HR execs work hard to maintain the strength and efficiency of businesses small and large. But in today’s increasingly digital world, the nature of HR work has begun to shift. An HR team must adapt to the needs of a mobile, efficient workforce that expects potential employers to truly value their time. Today’s job seekers rely on mobile devices to stay in touch personally and professionally. They expect smart, elegant, mobile-friendly processes throughout every stage of the hiring process.

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People-Enablement Platform Leapsome Commits to Global Expansion With US Launch

Leapsome | November 11, 2022

Leapsome, the people enablement platform that drives employee engagement, performance, and learning, today announces its expansion into the US market with the launch of its NYC office. The need for an on-the-ground US presence speaks to the rapid growth of the HR technology market globally, which is projected to grow from US$24.04 billion in 2021 to 35.66 billion in 20381. Today’s business leaders are more in tune with the value of people enablement and recognize that they cannot sustainably scale their organizations without developing their people. “The US software market is the largest in the world, and companies here are already focusing more on the potential of the people enablement category than in the European market. We currently generate 20% of our revenue from the US. Now, with our team on the ground in NYC, we hope to significantly increase our market share and continue to scale Leapsome into a global brand. It is our goal to shape the future of the HR tech market. By 2025, we aim to welcome 1.5 million users to our platform; to achieve this, we are expanding our position as a market leader globally,” -Marc-Alexander Vetter, Head of US Expansion at Leapsome Leapsome is the all-in-one solution for people enablement — from strategic goal-setting and performance feedback to measuring engagement, learning, and development. Almost 1500 forward-thinking companies (including Spotify, Unity, and Sony Music) love Leapsome for its ease of use, flexibility, out-of-the-box functionality, seamless integrations, and action-oriented people analytics. Leapsome begins its American presence with a 25-person team working out of its New York office; this team will grow to 50-strong by the end of 2022. Jenny Podewils, Leapsome’s Co-CEO, will relocate from Berlin to NYC to scale the company’s US operations. Jenny Podewils, Co-CEO of Leapsome, comments: It’s important to us that Berlin and NYC will be strong and equally significant hubs with close ties and a unified cultural core. I’m excited about this new chapter in Leapsome’s and my founder journey. Our successful Co-CEO model provides us the unique opportunity to commit, at leadership level, to both markets. With Kajetan in Berlin and me scaling the US business in New York, we underline our ambition to build a global company and global category. The NYC office will enable Leapsome to provide local support for its growing US customer base, allowing the company to further its mission to make work more fulfilling for everyone — everywhere. Leapsome chose New York for its exceptional talent pool, prime customer networking opportunities, and time zone suited to European collaboration. About Leapsome Leapsome is the leading People Enablement platform, with almost 1,500 customers worldwide. The platform combines features for feedback, OKRs, employee surveys, learning, and compensation management, allowing companies to drive employee engagement, performance, and development. Leapsome was founded in 2016 by Kajetan von Armansperg and Jenny von Podewils. Its customers include Spotify, Unity, and Mercedes-Benz.

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Global HR Research and JobDiva Announce Strategic Partnership to Meet Time-to-Talent Needs

JobDiva and GHRR | November 16, 2022

Global HR Research (GHRR), a leader in employment screening technology and services, has announced a strategic partnership with JobDiva, a global leader in recruiting software supporting talent acquisition, talent management and applicant-tracking technology. The strategically planned integration of GHRR's advanced background-screening solution and JobDiva's AI-powered SaaS solution can more effectively deliver the staffing and recruitment industry's critical time-to-talent needs. Better together, this integrated partnership creates a perfect end-to-end, seamless solution to manage staffing and employment screening in a single platform. "Our joint solution harnesses the power of JobDiva's synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers and GHRR's advanced proprietary employment-screening platform, Clairiti, Staffing and recruitment teams, as well as candidates, will benefit from flexible, intuitive, and robust technology that streamlines workflows and increases candidate engagement. Our combined customers will experience upgraded features and functionality enhancements with little to no downtime because of the GHRR integration." -Brandon Phillips, GHRR founder and chief revenue officer The combined cloud-based platforms include full mobile capabilities to support a candidate's need to enter data only once without any limitations on the type of device they can use. Speed-to-hire relies heavily on the speed of the background-screening technology. With even more workflow efficiency, recruitment and staffing end users will now be able to monitor the employment-screening process in near real time and be assured that the screening process is being expedited. Our integration with GHRR delivers great value for our clients, JobDiva clients will now be better equipped to compete in today's job market: with reduced turnaround times, they can efficiently and accurately screen hundreds of candidates to identify and assess the best candidates for the jobs,said Tony Bosco, JobDiva vice president and chief alliance officer. About GHRR Better by every measure. Global HR Research ( has earned the trust of Fortune's Top 50, Forbes's Largest Private Companies, and Inc's Top 5000 companies across the U.S. by leveraging its proprietary employment-screening platform, Clairiti, and a team of expert consultants. That trust has been consistently recognized and awarded for over a decade by the industry's most influential associations and news publications, including HRO Today magazine's "Bakers Dozen" list of top national background-screening providers and Workforce magazine's "Hot List" of top background screening providers for the past nine years. And GHRR is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), as recognized by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC) and by SHRM as an accredited educational resource. Its advanced proprietary platform gives its customers a set of employment-screening, compliance and risk management solutions and a comprehensive set of tools that help them make better hiring decisions faster. These distinctions have consistently made GHRR a better alternative for its customers. In short, GHRR provides better data intelligence, better technology, and better teams. About JobDiva JobDiva is the global leader in talent acquisition, talent management and applicant tracking technology delivered as an AI-powered SaaS solution to the staffing and recruiting industry. A powerful cloud solution, JobDiva combines CRM synchronization with all major job boards and VMS providers, BI analytics, a mobile app, and the largest resume database in the world to deliver staffing solutions with unmatched speed and precision. JobDiva offers more patent-protected features than any other solution on the market.

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FleX by UKG, the Technology Platform Purpose-Built for Great Experiences, Debuts at UKG Aspire

UKG | November 14, 2022

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced the debut of FleX by UKG, a modern technology platform purpose-built to support great workplaces. FleX helps organizations evolve alongside the needs of their people, connecting the business with emerging applications to meet people where they want to work — whether within UKG or other systems of communication and engagement to foster exceptional and transformative employee experiences. Built with a service-oriented mesh architecture to allow UKG customers to continually benefit from new innovations, FleX features three primary components: FleX Fabric: people-centric and behavior-focused artificial intelligence (AI) fed by one of the largest HCM and workforce management datasets, creating exponentially more opportunities for people to benefit from real-time insights, recommendations, reminders and nudges, and better informed decisions FleX Flow: a highly adaptable API framework that anchors UKG solutions in the flow of work where people need and want them most FleX Dev: a robust collection of tools and services, including low-code and no-code designers, that enable IT teams and third-party service providers to configure UKG solutions and quickly build applications to automate processes that elevate life-work journeys “UKG is the HCM engine for the enterprise. FleX will help ensure this engine is always available to everyone in the flow of their work, empowering people to complete important HR, payroll, and workforce management actions through the many enterprise systems actively partnering with us, The future-proof FleX architecture will also ensure organizations can continually adapt to the changing needs of their people nearly in real time. These are just two of the many ways we’re keeping people, not process, at the center of digital transformations.” -Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG UKG is already utilizing FleX to advance its Life-work Technology™ approach: Career Designer, which empowers leaders to build holistic talent views in UKG Pro to connect life-work aspirations with talent development, utilizes Flex Fabric to provide prescriptive and individualized suggestions for relevant learning opportunities to drive growth and development Enhancements to UKG payroll analytics also capitalize on Flex Fabric, using intelligent predictors to proactively identify payroll issues and errors, delivering actionable suggestions for resolution UKG leveraged FleX Flow with Microsoft to develop a single, seamless interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts, the schedule management application within Teams Uber for Business and UKG are reimagining meaningful incentives with FleX Flow by providing managers with the option to share Uber vouchers through Dimensions FleX Dev transforms how UKG customers and partners build their own tools to elevate life-work journeys With more than half a billion dollars invested in our products annually, FleX illustrates how UKG is always looking to the future to ensure we’re able to help our customers anticipate the constantly evolving needs of their people and their business, Being able to serve customers today while preparing them for tomorrow is the cornerstone of our Partners for Life approach,said Chris Todd, CEO at UKG. About UKG At UKG, our purpose is people. As strong believers in the power of culture and belonging as the secret to success, we champion great workplaces and build lifelong partnerships with our customers to show what’s possible when businesses invest in their people. Born from a historic merger that created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies, our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps more than 70,000 organizations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.

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