CareerBuilder Launches CoLab to Enable Job Seekers Make Informed Career Decisions

CareerBuilder | March 15, 2022

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On March 14th, the premier job marketplace and talent acquisition solution provider, CareerBuilder, launched CoLab, a new resource aimed at enabling job seekers with their career path and decision making.

CareerBuilder conducted a survey that found that job seekers lacked clarity and advice on their skillsets and job postings during their job search process. CareerBuilder developed Colab in response to these concerns. The resource hub provides job seekers with a summary of their potential career paths based on their preferred role and location.

"Candidates have been searching for a source of truth when it comes to understanding certain roles in specific industries. CoLab does just that. It outlines potential job trajectory, provides salary data, even showcases day-to-day responsibilities so folks can make informed decisions related to their careers."

- Susan Arthur, CEO of CareerBuilder

With CoLab, job seekers will be able to achieve clarity about the skills they need to succeed. This is especially significant at a time when the transferability of skills is paramount to career growth.


In 2005, Graham Weston converted a vacant department store into a first-class shelter for 2,500 Hurricane Katrina refugees in San Antonio. The project galvanized Weston's employees around a cause for which they were all passionate. That energy, Weston says, is what creates epic workplaces. "We all want to be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission," he says.


In 2005, Graham Weston converted a vacant department store into a first-class shelter for 2,500 Hurricane Katrina refugees in San Antonio. The project galvanized Weston's employees around a cause for which they were all passionate. That energy, Weston says, is what creates epic workplaces. "We all want to be a valued member of a winning team on an inspiring mission," he says.

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New Paychex Products Help Businesses Improve Recruiting, Hiring, Onboarding, and Retaining their Employees

Paychex | November 07, 2022

Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human capital management software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services, has announced new enhancements designed to help improve the employee experience from pre-employment through retention. The latest products and solutions help provide a seamless experience for both employers and employees using Paychex Flex®, the company's SaaS-based HR application, as well as the customized service and HR advisory support available from Paychex. "Now more than ever, a positive first impression with a prospective employer is essential. HR technology plays a critical role in how employers meet candidates, extend offers, digitally onboard, and retain employees through the first 90-days, when the chance for turnover is at its highest, The products included in our most recent release were developed to strengthen the employer-employee relationship and support businesses as they prioritize their workforces to create better experiences for increased employee retention and satisfaction." -Tom Hammond, vice president of corporate strategy and product management The 2022 Paychex Pulse of HR Report, an annual study commissioned by Paychex that provides an in-depth look at how HR leaders are adapting to support employees in a new era of work, found that 50% of respondents say that their organizations are not effective at hiring, onboarding, and retention. The following solutions and product enhancements make up the current Paychex product release and the company's efforts to enhance the employee lifecycle and experience: Paychex Flex Hiring: Makes hiring easier by automating tasks and actions for clients to quickly recruit and hire new talent. This Paychex Flex feature assists clients with a variety of recruitment tactics, from posting a job to digitally sending offer letters to top candidates. Paychex research has shown that three out of four clients surveyed said they have shortened the time required for recruiting, screening, tracking, and onboarding of new employees through using Paychex Flex. An average time savings of 26% was reported by those clients that reported a shortened timeframe. For example, a client's two-month recruiting and hiring cycle could be reduced to six weeks. Paychex Flex Onboarding: Simplifies the onboarding experience by integrating essential steps directly within Paychex Flex. Advancements allow new hires to complete critical documentation, including direct deposit authorization, W4, state withholding forms, and Form I-9s from the device of choice for a paperless onboarding experience. Paychex Flex Time: Helps create a seamless and unified experience for Paychex Flex Time admin and employee users for controlling scheduling needs, managing time off requests, approving employee timecards, and reviewing data to ensure accuracy for pay periods. Flock Benefits Administration by Paychex: Provides clients with industry-leading benefits administration technology with advanced features and a best-in-class customer experience. This product helps makes insurance accessible to employees through easy-to-use enrollment workflows and in-app video tutorials that drive employee self-service and efficiency for employers managing benefits. Paychex Voice Assist: Provides a new way for payroll admin users to complete payroll and HR-related functions and tasks. Users can now complete payroll from anywhere simply by saying "Hey Google, Talk to Paychex Flex" on any Google Assistant™--enabled device. Paychex Voice Assist is a natural extension of the company's expansive self-service capabilities. Continuous market research allows us to leverage quantitative data to quickly address the business needs and challenges of our clients, Our most recent research revealed that 97% of Paychex clients said an online portal for employee self-service or HR-related tasks from any device or location was very or extremely important to strengthening employee relationships. The fall product release brings intuitive solutions to market that support businesses and enhance the employee experience,added Maureen Lally, vice president of marketing for Paychex. About Paychex Paychex, Inc. (Nasdaq: PAYX) is a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services. By combining innovative software-as-a-service technology and mobility platform with dedicated, personal service, Paychex empowers business owners to focus on the growth and management of their business. Backed by 50 years of industry expertise, Paychex serves more than 730,000 payroll clients as of May 31, 2022 in the U.S. and Europe, and pays one out of every 12 American private sector employees.

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HR Acuity Launches Industry's First ER/Q, Employee Relations Maturity Model

HR Acuity | January 17, 2023

HR Acuity, the only human resources SaaS solution provider for employee relations case management and investigations, recently announced its launch of the Employee Relations Quotient or ER/Q, the industry-first employee relations maturity model. ER teams will be able to quickly establish a baseline for their current level of maturity based on the team's purpose, processes, and influence within the organization by using the ER/Q model. Once a baseline is set, the teams are able to identify the closest maturity profile and actionable suggestions for progress. HR Acuity simplifies the ER/Q model for leaders to speed up maturity and reach their goals, whether they have an HR team that does everything, or a separate ER function with multiple experts. The ER/Q model consists of four levels, which helps identify where the organization stands and planning the actions accordingly. "As the importance of employee relations skyrockets, ER professionals must have the ability to articulate both their vision for and the value they contribute to the organization. Teams with higher maturity levels communicate better with a variety of business stakeholders. As a result, they spend their time sharing insights and influencing policy conversations instead of putting out fires. Our new ER/Q is a perfect tool to help teams establish a realistic picture of where they are and feel confident about the steps they need to take to achieve their vision and improve their value," said Deb Muller, HR Acuity founder and CEO. (Source: PR Newswire) About HR Acuity HR Acuity, founded in 2006 and headquartered in Florham Park (New Jersey), is the only technology platform built from the ground up to manage employee relations and investigations. HR Acuity's SaaS technology provides built-in intelligence, templates, and reporting to do fair studies based on best practices, helps find trends and patterns through forward-looking data and analytics, and give clients trustworthy, consistent experiences.

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Enboarder Platform Integrates Equifax Workforce Solutions for Onboarding Enhancement

Enboarder and Equifax Workforce Solutions | January 27, 2023

On January 26, 2023, Enboarder, a leading workflow and employee communication platform, announced its strategic alliance with Equifax Workforce Solutions, to bring I-9 management and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) management features to its platform. The integration addresses the need of the employees to adhere to federal, state and county regulations as well as for human connection at the time of onboarding. It will also provide personalized onboarding experiences to improve employee engagement. The integration will enable Enboarder’s customers to empower their new hires to fill the USCIS Form I-9 from beginning to end, on any device, nearly from anywhere. Similarly, they can recognize the eligible employees for WOTC and gain more tax credits for their businesses. Brent Pearson, Founder and CEO of Enboarder, said, "The ability to create strong, authentic connections among employees is the foundation of success for any business and it starts with the onboarding journey." He added, "Through our partnership with Equifax, our customers can more easily manage the historically time-consuming and paperwork-heavy side of onboarding, allowing them to focus more on what matters most: helping new hires build relationships and a support network from day one." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) Joe Muchnick, Senior Vice President of Employer Services and Talent Solutions at Equifax Workforce Solutions, said, "People expect their digital interactions to be fast, simple and easy. That's why this partnership is a natural fit: it helps HR leaders more seamlessly deliver an industry-leading I-9 and WOTC experience from Equifax through the Enboarder platform that their companies are already using. That means an enhanced employee experience – and a reduced administrative burden on HR." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About Enboarder Enboarder is a leading employee communication and work management platforms, which enhances human connections through the entire employee journey for companies of all sizes. The company’s platforms have revolutionized human resource programs and onboarding processes, and inspires employees to engage with the programs, information, and create connections across every stage. It delivers personalized, efficient, and precise content on the chosen communication channel. As a result, it makes connections act at right time. About Equifax Workforce Solutions Equifax is a leading employer services firm providing information, expertise, and HR solutions for the organization's needs. Its verification services and flagship, The Work NumberⓇ database helps to take accurate decisions for national consumers. It helps make Onboarding paperwork easier to finish, including faster I-9 fillings, digital tracking, and employee verification.

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