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CareerWise Colorado and CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech Have Announced a Collaboration

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On February 3rd, youth apprenticeship program leader, CareerWise Colorado, joined hands with CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech to create new career paths in information technology (IT) for young people.
CareerWise Colorado’s USDOL registered national program standards aim to meet the staffing needs for in-demand IT occupations. This aligns with CompTIA’s recently established National Guideline Standards that strive to expand training and certification opportunities in IT to people from groups that are under-represented in the IT workforce.

 "Youth apprenticeship can be transformational. We've seen it transform the lives of students through opportunity, and change how businesses access early-career talent. CareerWise's partnership with CompTIA further strengthens the mark of quality training–multiplying the value of apprenticeship for employers and apprentices and paves the way for the next generation of technology talent."

- Noel Ginsburg, CareerWise founder and CEO.

"There is a place for anyone in today's tech workforce, where creativity, personality, and versatility are just as important as technical skills. Together with CareerWise Colorado, we will help young people enhance their current skills and talents with technical and business training and professional certifications that will ready them for careers as IT professionals."

- Amy Kardel, senior vice president for workforce relationships at CompTIA

The National Guidelines Standards by CompTIA are the basis of the training and instruction for the apprenticeship program. Participating employers will have access to a wide and inclusive talent pool. With registered apprenticeships for technology jobs, businesses have the opportunity to train and upskill their existing workforce while recruiting new IT professionals.



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