CareerWise Colorado and CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech Have Announced a Collaboration

CareerWise | February 07, 2022

HR in IT
On February 3rd, youth apprenticeship program leader, CareerWise Colorado, joined hands with CompTIA Apprenticeships for Tech to create new career paths in information technology (IT) for young people.
CareerWise Colorado’s USDOL registered national program standards aim to meet the staffing needs for in-demand IT occupations. This aligns with CompTIA’s recently established National Guideline Standards that strive to expand training and certification opportunities in IT to people from groups that are under-represented in the IT workforce.

 "Youth apprenticeship can be transformational. We've seen it transform the lives of students through opportunity, and change how businesses access early-career talent. CareerWise's partnership with CompTIA further strengthens the mark of quality training–multiplying the value of apprenticeship for employers and apprentices and paves the way for the next generation of technology talent."

- Noel Ginsburg, CareerWise founder and CEO.

"There is a place for anyone in today's tech workforce, where creativity, personality, and versatility are just as important as technical skills. Together with CareerWise Colorado, we will help young people enhance their current skills and talents with technical and business training and professional certifications that will ready them for careers as IT professionals."

- Amy Kardel, senior vice president for workforce relationships at CompTIA

The National Guidelines Standards by CompTIA are the basis of the training and instruction for the apprenticeship program. Participating employers will have access to a wide and inclusive talent pool. With registered apprenticeships for technology jobs, businesses have the opportunity to train and upskill their existing workforce while recruiting new IT professionals.


If you’re in charge of your company’s recruiting and onboarding, you know that attracting and retaining top talent is a priority. Tech-savvy millennia's now make up the majority of the workforce, and Gen Z, the demographic following them, are digital natives who expect their work environments to reflect a hyper-connected world.


If you’re in charge of your company’s recruiting and onboarding, you know that attracting and retaining top talent is a priority. Tech-savvy millennia's now make up the majority of the workforce, and Gen Z, the demographic following them, are digital natives who expect their work environments to reflect a hyper-connected world.

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beqom Acquires Our Tandem to Transform Performance and Rewards

beqom and Tandem | September 05, 2022

beqom, the total compensation management solution, today announced the acquisition of Our Tandem, a continuous performance management platform that drives people development through personalized feedback, coaching, and goal setting. This industry-first move aligns personalized rewards with meaningful behaviors, goals, and skills, transforming how companies reward and recognize their people, attract and retain top talent, and address pay equity and transparency. With over 65% of US workers and 73% of UK workers seeking new employment in the last year and increasing public pressure to address pay disparities caused by inflation, hybrid work, and other factors, companies can no longer hold on to outdated compensation and rewards models. In order to retain and attract employees, brands are shifting to a people-centric compensation approach and prioritizing tools that have a meaningful impact on employee journey touchpoints while ensuring overall employee costs are transparent and optimized. The combination of beqom and Our Tandem provides a continuous performance and rewards solution that offers personalized rewards aligned to real-time performance data and feedback, skills, behavior, and goals along the employee touchpoints, giving employees a feeling of purpose and engagement. This one-of-a-kind solution ensures that rewards are individualized, fair, and within budget through a powerful optimization and governance engine. Our Tandem was established in 2016 in response to a market gap for which there was no complete solution: total performance management software. Founded by Aisling Teillard and Clare Bonham – both HR experts and HRIT professionals – the platform was designed to be a comprehensive, sustained feedback solution that fosters more personalized, meaningful, and engaging experiences for both employees and managers. “Our Tandem has been a leader and a supporter of the shifting needs of individual organizations and the workforce, and we are ready to take our next step and join forces with beqom, I have no doubt that the combined power of these two solutions will further transform how organizations manage and reward employees along their journey and build happier higher performing teams.” -Aisling Teillard, CEO of Our Tandem This acquisition represents an exciting step forward, not just because of the combination of the products, but because of the combination of the people. We found in the Our Tandem team a perfect match with the beqom culture, beqom’s vision has always been to help customers effectively leverage their talent to drive their business, so combining Our Tandem’s innovative continuous performance solution with our unique total rewards platform offers a true breakthrough in employee management,said Fabio Ronga, CEO of beqom. The companies will continue to operate under their respective brands while placing focus on integrating and growing both the Our Tandem and beqom teams and accelerating the combined product roadmap. The acquisition was led by beqom and Sumeru Equity Partners, a technology-focused growth capital firm that first backed beqom with a significant strategic investment. Venero Capital Advisors served as the financial advisor to Our Tandem. About beqom beqom provides a cloud-based compensation management solution that unifies all compensation and rewards processes on a single platform, from salary and bonus to deferred incentives and sales commissions. Designed to meet the sophisticated needs of leading enterprises, beqom enables companies to attract and retain talent, engage and motivate employees, control costs, streamline processes, and ensure fair and compliant pay. beqom integrates seamlessly with core HCM software, providing the best-of-breed capabilities needed to implement effective compensation strategies worldwide, without compromise. beqom is used across all industry sectors by leading global companies. About Our Tandem Our Tandem’s dual-purpose performance platform coaches both managers and employees to ignite and sustain workplace cultures that inspire. The solution empowers employees to unlock their potential and performance while supporting managers to accelerate their coaching capabilities. Delivering an engaging experience, through crowdsourced real-time feedback, regular check-ins, configurable performance review templates, and a unique 360 development experience, Our Tandem delivers a truly transformative performance management experience.

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Virtual Vocations Spotlights 50 Remote Enabled Employers Known for Positive Company Culture


A new report from one of the web's leading all-remote job boards highlights 50 remote enabled employers known for their dedication to fostering positive company cultures. Founded in 2007, Virtual Vocations is a family-owned, 100% virtual company that has worked to connect jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings from expert-vetted employers for the last 15 years. For its latest report, Virtual Vocations took a deep dive into Comparably’s “Best Company Culture 2021” list to identify the top firms for jobseekers who not only value flexibility, but also want to work for an employer whose values align with their own. "Comparably’s ‘Best Company Culture 2021’ report is an important resource for any jobseeker who wants to feel confident and experience their values reflected at work, so we were curious about which of these best-of company culture employers are also remote enabled,” Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn “Across large and small/midsize companies, 50 businesses stood out as remote enabled companies known for hiring telecommuters. Our ‘50 Remote Enabled Company Culture Leaders’ report outlines these companies and connects jobseekers to any available fully remote openings with those businesses," Spawn added. Published Tuesday, Virtual Vocations’ report on “50 Remote Enabled Company Culture Leaders” puts the spotlight on companies large and small that ranked among the best for company culture in Comparably’s 2021 analysis, which examined sentiment ratings from current employees who offered their opinions anonymously. The top 50 remote enabled employers from Comparably's list span more than a dozen industries, including healthcare, education, human resources, marketing, and information technology (IT), Virtual Vocations’ report reveals. Virtual Vocations’ report also serves as a resource for jobseekers interested in learning more about current openings with top remote enabled company culture leaders. “At Virtual Vocations, we encourage value-based remote job searches,” Spawn said. “In fact, jobseekers have reported to us that poor company culture is one of the top workplace confidence killers”—suggesting strong values play a pivotal role in ensuring employees are satisfied in their roles and performing at their best. ABOUT VIRTUAL VOCATIONS Founded in 2007 by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission: to connect jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped more than four million jobseekers in their quests for flexible, remote work. In addition to providing a database of current, hand-screened, and 100% remote job openings, Virtual Vocations offers jobseekers a number of tools to aid in their job searches, including exclusive e-courses and downloadable content, and resumé writing services. Virtual Vocations also releases several data-driven reports each year on current trends in remote work. Virtual Vocations, Inc. is a private, family-owned, and 100% virtual company incorporated in Tucson, Arizona.

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Globalization Partners Rebrands as G-P and Reaffirms its Promise to Make a Global Workforce Possible for Growing Companies

G-P | October 04, 2022

Globalization Partners (G-P), the leading Global Employment Platform™ that makes it fast, simple, and compliant for companies to hire anyone, anywhere, announced the launch of its new brand name, tagline and visual identity. The rebranding reflects G-P's ongoing commitment to breaking down barriers to global business and enabling employment opportunities for everyone, everywhere. G-P created the Employer of Record category in 2012 shifting the paradigm that required companies to have subsidiaries or local branch offices to expand globally and enabling companies to hire talent globally. Since then, demand for this new way of hiring has exploded with a rapidly growing portfolio of customers as companies around the world embrace working remotely. The new brand embodies the company's vision of enabling global growth for companies and providing employment opportunities for the 'everywhere workforce'. "We are in an environment where our category, customers, competitors, and culture are all shifting rapidly, It's critical that our brand acts as a signal of who we are and serves as a lighthouse to where we're going. Our evolved branding reflects what we have built, but it also represents our future and embodies the story of how we unlock possibilities through our Global Employment Platform™." -Heidi Arkinstall, Chief Marketing Officer, G-P Inspiration for the new brand identity is derived from the concept of a borderless business and the ability to access diverse talent to work across time zones and locations – represented by latitudes and longitudes. This new identity comes at an inflection point for G-P as the company is planning a series of innovative product launches in the coming months that add new capabilities to its SaaS-based technology platform to further enhance the customer experience. We want to reflect our next phase of growth as we continue to see the demand for our technology solution accelerate around the world, We know that there is boundless potential ahead and this new brand reflects our vision of the future,said Bob Cahill, CEO, G-P. G-P's solution offers greater access to talent, the ability to scale remote teams and grow revenue faster anywhere in the world. Research firms, NelsonHall, and Everest Group have both named G-P Employer of Record (EOR) industry leaders. About G-P Hire international talent quickly and easily. Use our AI-driven, automated, global employment platform powered by our in-house worldwide HR experts. G-P: Global Made Possible

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