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ChartHop Announced the Acquisition of Gather to Assist Clients in Boosting Employee Experience

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On March 30th, premier people analytics platform, ChartHop announced the acquisition of people operations workflow builder, Gather, that enables teams to manage their employee experience. The acquisition allows ChartHop to expand its capabilities in the area of automated workflow throughout the employee journey. The automation will help reduce the amount of manual work for HR and people operations executives who are tasked with retaining employees and developing organizational culture.

"We've seen a big shift in employee expectations and the way people teams create a meaningful work culture. More than ever, companies need to understand and support employees at every stage of the employee lifecycle. They need to create new avenues for human connection across an otherwise disconnected employee base. ChartHop has been the first people analytics solution to provide a great experience for the whole company, not just the HR team. The acquisition of Gather rounds out our existing capabilities of supporting a positive employee journey, providing greater insight into the employee experience and making people teams more efficient."

- Ian White, founder and CEO of ChartHop

"At Gather, we changed the way that HR and People teams operated. Joining ChartHop, we're incredibly excited by the opportunity to empower every person at a company to turn their team's data into action. Pairing Gather's workflow capabilities with ChartHop's people analytics unlocks limitless possibilities for people leaders building out the future of the workplace."

- John Wetzel, CEO at Gather

Gather is the first company acquired by ChartHop since it was founded in 2019. The announcement comes on the heels of ChartHop securing Series B funding worth $35 million from investor Andreessen Horowitz in the second quarter of 2021. The company also partnered with Jobvite recently. It onboarded Matt Wolf as Chief Financial Officer, and Ivory Johnson as Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.



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Employee Engagement

EY and IBM Unveils AI Solution to Boost HR Productivity and Efficiency

IBM | October 11, 2023

EY.ai Workforce, driven by IBM Watson Orchestrate, leverages AI to automate HR tasks and processes, leading to transformative operational enhancements. The company merges the power of AI and automation from IBM Watson Orchestrate with EY organization's expertise in HR transformation. The collaboration facilitates innovative enhancements in HR processes for organizations. EY and IBM has announced the launch of EY.ai Workforce, a cutting-edge HR solution that assists organizations to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into vital HR processes. This development signifies a significant milestone in the ongoing collaboration between the two companies, showcasing the pivotal role of AI in enhancing productivity within HR functions. EY.ai Workforce integrates IBM Watson Orchestrate's AI and automation capabilities with EY's HR transformation expertise. This ensures organizations receive customized solutions designed to enhance HR processes. With EY's deep understanding of businesses, tailored solutions are deployed to streamline employees' work using AI assistance. EY Global Managing Partner – Client Service, Andy Baldwin, said, This EY and IBM collaboration could not have come at a better time. The contemporary workplace is evolving rapidly and there is a pressing requirement for streamlined operations. EY.ai Workforce reimagines ways of working by enabling businesses to make the most of their talent, putting humans at the center of technology to bring an improved work experience with superior productivity. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Product Management and Growth at IBM Software, Kareem Yusuf, mentioned: At IBM, we are focused on creating enterprise solutions that use artificial intelligence to address specific business use cases. Building on our longstanding collaboration with the EY organization, the introduction of EY.ai Workforce will provide clients with targeted intelligent automation solutions that help them to use the power of artificial intelligence to unlock productivity and address real business requirements and outcomes. This is another strategic step in our alliance with the EY organization. [Source – Cision PR Newswire] Packaging automation into individual tasks, watsonx Orchestrate simplifies complex tasks by breaking them down into individual steps. From drafting job descriptions to extracting payroll reports, this system guides employees through common processes. Its user-friendly natural language interface ensures easy access for all employees, allowing them to save time and concentrate on more valuable tasks. EY and IBM merge business ingenuity with hybrid cloud and AI technology to assist in the resolution of the world's most complex business, social, and environmental issues. The partnership supports functional areas such as human resources, M&A, sustainability, risk and compliance, asset management, and supply chain to assist clients with hybrid cloud-enabled business and workforce transformations.

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AI-Powered Solutions Provide the Data Employers Need to Enhance Total Rewards Packages for the Changing Workforce Needs

PR Newswire | October 30, 2023

NFPa leading benefits consultant released new benchmarking data via its 2024 Leave Management and HR Trend Report which includes survey data and HR trends. The report showed ways employers can adopt and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions to enable HR data-driven strategy that enhances the employee experience, such as the utilization of AI for leave management. While 22% of respondents are likely to use AI to manage or monitor their employee leave in the future, nearly one-third (32%) are not even aware AI could be used to leverage leave management. said Maria Trapenasso, head of Human Capital Solutions practice, NFP. We have an unprecedented five generations in the workforce, each with their own unique needs, so a 'one size fits all' approach to total rewards just doesn't work anymore. Employers of choice are embracing the generational diversity by leveraging insights from AI-powered solutions to create total rewards that help workers improve their mental and physical well-being and stay engaged, while also sending the message 'You are important to this company and your needs matter. [Source:PR Newswire] Among a variety of insights and data from the report was the finding that, despite its limited adoption, employers that use AI-powered solutions can retrieve previously inaccessible paid time off (PTO) insights that facilitate better benefits design. These analytics can detect PTO usage patterns across the organization and enable HR to optimize policies, better understand trends of diverse work groups and inform programs customized for employees' evolving work-life priorities. Recognizing the need to support employees in times of crisis, bereavement policies are evolving, just as states (CA, IL, MD, OR, WA) enact bereavement leave laws that include compliance demands on employers. "Recent state bereavement leave mandates are informing proactive HR policymakers, with 25% of survey respondents foreseeing a need to change their bereavement policies, including in states where it's not yet required by law," said Trapenasso. Increasingly, employers have a heightened awareness of a worker's need for time off around a miscarriage or unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF) attempt. According to survey results, 28% of employers have expanded their bereavement leave policy to include time off to grieve after miscarriages or failed IVF attempts, with 18% offering more than one week of PTO. Additionally, 15% of respondents are offering between one and three weeks of PTO for the death of a beloved pet. The report revealed many employers think they are satisfying their employees' leave benefits needs, when actually they are not. There is a significant gap between employer and employee perception according to the report, as 56% of employers said their PTO/vacation policies were lacking while also conveying that 73% of their employees were not satisfied with their PTO/vacation benefit. "If you want to attract and retain top talent, employers need to better understand what is meaningful to their workforce when it comes to leave benefits. It's the only way to close this perception gap." Many respondents said they recognize the impact menopause has on their workforce. While only 4% of respondents offer some type of accommodation for menopause, 32% said they hadn't considered it but would be open to offering this benefit within the next five years. "Contrasting the cost of replacing employees who are going through menopause versus supporting them, it becomes clear money spent on adopting initiatives for employees going through this life change is prudent," said Trapenasso. Forward looking employers can offer unique benefits to retain different generations of workers. The sandwich generation, individuals simultaneously caring for both aging parents and young children, would benefit from expanded family caregiver leave — which is currently offered by only 29% of respondents. Additionally, some employers (8%) are also offering grandparental leave, while more than one-third (35%) said they had not considered it but are open to offering it within the next five years to retain older talent. "We are encouraging HR leaders and decision-makers to take a candid look at whether their leave offerings are truly working to attract and retain the best talent," said Trapenasso. "If there's room for improvement, now is the time to enhance programs to meet the diverse needs of today's workforce, especially as they review their policies for 2024."

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iQor Symphony [AI] Elevates the Employee Training Experience

Business Wire | October 26, 2023

iQor, a leading managed services provider of digitally enabled business process outsourcing (BPO) customer experience solutions, has launched Symphony [AI]TM, a generative AI ecosystem that will redefine the landscape of employee training and development. By leveraging iQor's accumulated process knowledge honed over decades supporting customers, Symphony [AI] integrates innovative AI tools and proprietary large language models (LLMs) with research-driven active learning methodologies to deliver an unmatched training experience that contributes to an enhanced employee lifecycle and an irresistible customer experience. said iQor Senior Vice President of Global Learning and Development John Kruper. Symphony [AI] encapsulates our unwavering commitment to our people. By blending our process expertise with artificial intelligence, Symphony [AI] will facilitate more effective and meaningful learning and development experiences that contribute to a thriving workplace culture of excellence. [Source:Business Wire] Symphony [AI] will reshape the employee training, nesting, and development experience in three primary ways to empower agents from the outset. This drives a better employee experience that promotes growth and development, resulting in excellent customer experiences. Training Techniques: Drawing from methodologies that accelerate learning, Symphony [AI] helps ensure employees grasp concepts faster and retain knowledge longer to create smiles from the start. Active Learning: Through dynamic learning modules and iQor’s active learning expertise, Symphony [AI] helps make training more interactive and engaging, promoting active participation and holistic development. Development Paths: Based on iQor's accumulated process knowledge, Symphony [AI] facilitates personalized training experiences that address individual strengths and areas of growth while cultivating an irresistible work culture. iQor's generative AI experience underscores the BPO’s dedication to investing in its most valuable asset—its people. iQor remains at the forefront of innovation, ensuring employees are equipped, engaged, and inspired throughout their career journey.

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