Eightfold.ai and EdCast partners to offer personalized career planning and corporate learning recommendations

Eightfold.ai | May 08, 2020

  • Eightfold.ai, the inventor of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, the first AI solution for enterprise talent needs, announced a partnership with EdCast, the AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud company.

  • AI leaders partner to offer employers and employees integrated reskilling and upskilling based on personalized needs.

  • The joint solution empowers employees to develop their own career paths and related skills to help them achieve their selected goals.

Eightfold.ai®, the inventor of the Talent Intelligence Platform™, the first AI solution for enterprise talent needs, today announced a partnership with EdCast, the AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud company, to offer personalized career planning options and recommendations for skills development. The joint solution empowers employees to develop their own career paths and related skills to help them achieve their selected goals.

The skills people need to pursue their career goals have never changed more quickly, but not enough employees have access to the right training or insights into their own career potential. With our mission of helping everyone find the right career path for them, partnering with EdCast helps us provide the right training for every employee to reach their career aspirations.

- Ashutosh Garg, Co-Founder and CEO of Eightfold

In response to trending needs, including reskilling, self-service, and remote capability, the two organizations integrated their solutions so their enterprise customers can provide personalized career paths and learning opportunities to their employees.

As EdCast helps its enterprise customers meet changing demands related to virtual learning and distributed workforces, we've seen how important talent management is to companies and their employees. The integration of our Learning Experience Platform with Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform offers a seamless talent and knowledge management solution to help enterprises invest more effectively in their employees.

- Karl Mehta, CEO and Founder of EdCast

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The partnership integrates Eightfold's Talent Intelligence Platform, a solution that uses deep-learning algorithms to provide career planning recommendations for each employee, with EdCast's Learning Experience Platform, which uses AI to identify and curate learning content within an organization, organizing it based on many factors including skills and certifications. The joint solution gives employees the ability to discover the skills they should gain for their short-term and long-term goals and access the content that will help them develop those skills.

The Eightfold.ai and EdCast partnership addresses critical needs within the modern workforce:

Defined career path. According to the Eightfold Talent Intelligence and Management Report 2019-2020, 68 percent of surveyed U.S. employees say their employers don't fully recognize their potential, and 64 percent of employees said they would be more motivated if they had a clearer career path. Yet, 75 percent of their CHROs and CEOs in the U.S. say internal mobility is a key focus. According to the study, most businesses haven't delivered successfully on their desire to provide mobility for their employees, providing a gap that Eightfold.ai and EdCast can fill.

Personalized corporate education. The growth in distributed work, more than just remote work, is a trend of many years that is now accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees need access to relevant information at the right time, at their own pace, and in a self-service manner.

Lifelong training. In order to upskill and reskill, employees need training not only when they onboard, but also throughout their career at a given company and beyond. Distributed organizations typically face challenges in employee development, especially during an era of remote-first working.

About Eightfold.ai

Eightfold.ai® delivers the Talent Intelligence Platform™, the most effective way for companies to retain top performers, upskill and reskill the workforce, recruit top talent efficiently, and reach diversity goals. Eightfold.ai's deep learning artificial intelligence platform empowers enterprises to turn talent management into a competitive advantage. In April 2020, Eightfold launched Talent Exchange, a place to help all companies and individuals impacted by COVID-19 to flatten the unemployment curve. For more information, visit www.eightfold.ai.

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About EdCast

EdCast is the AI-Powered Knowledge Cloud solution for unified discovery, personalized learning and knowledge management across the enterprise, including work teams that are more remote and highly distributed than ever before. Its award-winning platform is used internationally by Global 2000 companies and large government organizations, including NASSCOM and World Economic Forum, to solve the discovery and curation problems across all external and internal knowledge sources for all employees, wherever they are located. EdCast's offerings include its Learning Experience Platform (LXP), the EdCast Marketplace, and MyGuide's in-app guides, intelligence, and automation for business processes and workflows. For additional information, visit www.edcast.com or follow on Twitter @EdCast.



Matt is an HR professional, he realizes that many organizations are undergoing a workforce transformation and are looking for any tools that can help them achieve their goals. New software may empower new styles of working in the digital world, This video shows you how Windows 10 can empower your employees to work in new ways in our digital age.


Matt is an HR professional, he realizes that many organizations are undergoing a workforce transformation and are looking for any tools that can help them achieve their goals. New software may empower new styles of working in the digital world, This video shows you how Windows 10 can empower your employees to work in new ways in our digital age.

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