ethOs Announces Launch of ESG Consulting Services

ethOs | April 23, 2022

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ethOs, a member of the Holmes Murphy brand family, announced the launch of a new, important, and timely offering called ESG Consulting Services.

For many companies, the term ESG may be relatively new but growing in popularity with organizational leadership teams. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and investors are increasingly applying these non-financial factors as part of their analysis process to identify material risk and growth opportunities.

"Ready or not, the ESG era is already upon us and growing in emphasis, and ethOs understands the importance of helping companies prepare for changes, In fact, 2020 and 2021 were historic years for global regulation related to sustainability disclosure. In the U.S., the Securities and Exchange Commission is placing a large emphasis on climate change, human capital, board diversity, cybersecurity risk, and ESG funds as key issues for policies and rulemaking. And, as we all know, the global pandemic has brought to light the importance of the WHOLE employee, their experience with a company, and their overall wellbeing. Companies are going to need to address each area of ESG sooner rather than later to support their internal employees, as well as to be competitive, and we're excited to say we have the experts on hand to help."

- Ali Payne, President of ethOs.

ESG covers everything from a company's energy use; water usage; waste; and pollution to its labor; diversity, equity, and inclusion policies; employee health, safety, and wellbeing; pay equity; data integrity and cyber security; and internal controls and audits, just to name a few areas. As part of its ESG Consulting Services, the ethOs team can help companies learn how to leverage ESG as part of their purpose, people, culture, brand, and overall value proposition while also ensuring they're properly positioned to be competitive.

EthOs has a team of experts with more than 30 years of ESG experience who can consult with companies, position them to be ready and aligned with future ESG regulations, and highlight their ESG efforts to support the organizations, stakeholders, suppliers, communities, and the investors they work with.

About ethOs
EthOs works with organizations to enhance the employee experience by empowering their employees to bring their best self to work every day and fully engage in the organization's purpose. Our approach is to bring together all areas of wellbeing to look at the whole employee and how we can impact their wellbeing. Culture is strongly tied to organizational wellbeing and employee engagement—our opportunity lies in building a culture that supports the behaviors which will lead to a healthy and engaged workforce.


Workforce culture remains one of the top drivers of hiring and retention. Now, more employers are seeing the connections between internal employee groups and external outcomes. In this Workforce News Minute, Drew Lewis, ADP Vice President, DE&I, highlights the power of resource groups to grow business connections.


Workforce culture remains one of the top drivers of hiring and retention. Now, more employers are seeing the connections between internal employee groups and external outcomes. In this Workforce News Minute, Drew Lewis, ADP Vice President, DE&I, highlights the power of resource groups to grow business connections.

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