FM:Systems and AMS announce Bi-Directional Integration App on ServiceNow Store

FM:Systems | June 10, 2022

announced that AMS Workplace Technology, its award-winning Premier Certified Business Partner, has built an integration between FM:Systems and the ServiceNow cloud platform. The AMS FM:Systems Integration Engine is certified for use in the ServiceNow Store, an enterprise application marketplace for solutions that have passed stringent requirements.

The FM:Systems Integration Engine supports automated bi-directional workflows between FM:Systems and ServiceNow users to increase efficiency and communication between different teams and groups. Integration managers now have complete control and flexibility to integrate any FM:Systems Workplace module with core ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) modules, including requests, incidents, change requests, problem management, and more. This allows either solution to be a front end one-stop-shop for users while exchanging data securely and efficiently on the back end for processing by stakeholders.

Since ServiceNow is already used as an ITSM help desk ticketing system for employee computer and network issues, companies want to expand that to other employee services, including facilities requests such as maintenance issues and move requests. They want to leverage the front-end of ServiceNow, or in some cases FM:Systems, to feed and synchronize requests with the other.

It is here where the AMS-developed Integration Engine empowers them to build virtually any workflow, business rule, or process to improve productivity across all teams and groups. With the integration app installed, users can rely on a single system front-end to keep track of all their service requests. Integration between the platforms allows support tickets to be processed in real-time while it unburdens staff from time-intensive data-entry tasks.

As the worldwide leading market share ITSM software application, organizations across industry sectors use ServiceNow as a simple low-code/no-code platform to track help desk tickets and manage other requests relating to their facilities, which can include new hires and aspects around maintenance.

"Companies using FM:Systems software often want to integrate workplace activities with ServiceNow for automatic service ticket creation. The AMS integration app allows a limitless number of use cases to synchronize data between the two environments. Effectively, users can now have a centralized area to collect requests while processing and managing them in their respective systems. Being a long-time partner of FM:Systems, AMS understands how to unlock the value in its technology. Making this integration engine app available on the ServiceNow Marketplace extends the reach of both organizations to harness even more business opportunities as companies turn to enhance their ITSM help desk needs,"

- Brian Haines, Chief Strategy Officer of FM:Systems.

About FM:Systems
More than 1,500 organizations worldwide trust FM:Systems to transform their workplace experience and bring employees together in exceptional, healthy workplaces that enhance productivity and delight occupants. Recognized as a market leader by industry analysts, our suite of digital workplace solutions provides actionable insights to optimize every facet of your real estate portfolio and ensure your ever-ready workplace is prepared for the unexpected. With customers representing half of the Fortune 50, ⅔ of top 25 US banks, 150+ government institutions, 350+ universities, over 200 hospital and healthcare organizations and 50% of the leading pharmaceutical firms, our market leading solutions manage over 3 billion square feet across 80 countries. FM:Systems is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and conducts business globally.


UKG Wallet™ gives employees the opportunity to request pay-on-demand and access earned wages. In this video, our customers share how UKG Wallet is a recruitment and retention tool, and even a differentiator in some industries. They are using this benefit as a perk for employees and as an improvement over weekly payroll.


UKG Wallet™ gives employees the opportunity to request pay-on-demand and access earned wages. In this video, our customers share how UKG Wallet is a recruitment and retention tool, and even a differentiator in some industries. They are using this benefit as a perk for employees and as an improvement over weekly payroll.

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Rolebot's HR Platform for Passive Talent Now on SAP Store

Rolebot | February 03, 2023

Creators of the AI-powered job board passive talent, Rolebot Inc., yesterday announced that its proprietary Rolebot passive talent platform is available on SAP® Store. Customers can buy innovative solutions from SAP’s very own online marketplace offering its products and partner solutions. Rolebot relieves professionals of the burden of actively looking for jobs, while empowering recruiters to engage with potential candidates and improving the overall candidate experience. SAP® SuccessFactors® Recruiting integration with Rolebot fuses the latest AI advancements and digital footprint of professionals to deliver passive talent automatically. Rolebot handles the preliminary work of combing through profiles, manual searches, and conducting outreach, so hiring managers can select from a daily list of top profiles that fulfill the client's supplied job qualifications with a thumbs up or thumbs down. The AI of Rolebot builds an ideal digital copy of the recruiter’s best employees and uses it to send an instant list of matching profiles to their inbox. The platform needs no resumes, no job postings and job descriptions, which allows enterprises to cut down hiring time, achieve workplace diversity and make better hiring decisions. Furthermore, Rolebot's US Government Census and gender-based DE&I Standard guarantees that at least 33% of candidates for every post are diverse, with no exceptions.Snowflake, the American Red Cross, Dentsu, and Randstad are a few notable clients harnessing Rolebot. Shane Bernstein, Rolebot CEO, said, "Rolebot removes manual sourcing and lets the role take the lead in surfacing qualified talent." He further added, "Passive talent, those who aren't actively searching for a new role but would consider one if the right opportunity presented itself, make up 75 percent of the workforce. We help businesses access this untapped talent." (Source – PR Newswire) About Rolebot Rolebot’s proprietary Rolebot passive talent platform relieves individuals of the responsibility of actively seeking employment, and enables recruiters to focus their time on engaging applicants. Rolebot autonomously delivers passive talent by fusing the latest developments in AI with people's digital footprints. By eliminating manual sourcing, the platform makes the role take the initiative and digitally scan and uncover eligible candidates, grabbing their interest and persuading them to interview. Rolebot helps achieve workplace diversity, allows organizations to seamlessly scale, access untapped prospects and reduce the hiring time.

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TCP Software’s TimeClock Plus Now With TCP Analytics

TCP Software | January 09, 2023

TCP Software recently released, TCP Analytics, a brand-new reporting and analytics solution that turns your workforce data into an effective management tool. Enterprises of all sizes and sectors need effective and insightful business reporting. Business leaders, payroll and HR departments maintain that reporting and analytics are the foundation of a well-run corporation. TCP Analytics enables businesses to use time and attendance data to make better, quicker decisions that will improve employee productivity, reduce the risk of labor compliance throughout their workforce, and give them more control over labor expenditures. Data access, display, and consumption are made simpler by analytical tools and fully customized ad hoc reports. Decision-makers get a tailored picture of staff hours, labor data, demands, and more with just a few clicks. Organizations won't have to invest as much time, effort, or money in creating custom reports if they have deeper insights into time and labor data. TCP Analytics helps organizations: Monitor overtime trends and take appropriate action to cut labor expenditures and/or balance the workload Unlock and link the data required to manage a company with the tools already in use to save time and money. Automate report building and eliminate manual KPI tracking projects to free up valuable resources, reduce errors, and eliminate latency “The addition of TCP Analytics extends our ability to support custom reporting and analytics which allows customers to access the right data at the precise time of need to enable better decision making. Operationalizing complex customizations for time and labor solutions keeps our customers compliant and empowers their teams to work better.” - Jeff Champa, Vice President Product Management, TCP Software (Source: Businesswire) About TCP Software TCP Software assists businesses with employee engagement by offering flexible, mobile timekeeping, scheduling, and integrated workforce management solutions. TCP with over 30,000 clients and millions of users, provides companies of all sizes in the public and commercial sectors with best-in-class technology and individualized assistance to address their complicated scheduling, leave management, employee time tracking and such workforce requirements.

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Melita Group Launches Suite of Turnkey HR, Benefits, and Payroll Service Packages

Melita Group | October 07, 2014

Melita Group, a leading Benefits and HR Services company, announced today the expansion of its services portfolio with three new turnkey service packages BenefitsComplete™, HRComplete™ and HRStrategy™. The new suite of products will help small and mid-sized businesses manage their critically important, but labor intensive HR, Benefits and Payroll functions while enabling Human Resources to become a strategic force driving their business growth. Taking a modern approach, Melita provides the market with a compelling combination of technology and personalized expert services, the optimal balance of the key components necessary to manage the new complex world of HR, Benefits & Payroll. In this newly announced services portfolio, Melita’s team of HR and employee benefit experts act as the customer’s HR and/or Benefits departments, taking over time-consuming tasks and building a foundation for growth and results. “Today’s CEOs and business leaders understand the impact of investing in their people and that starts with building a scalable infrastructure. There is a void in the small and mid-market for a comprehensive, flexible, affordable, high quality solution for outsourcing HR, Benefits and Payroll,” said Paul Mifsud, President & CEO of Melita Group. “We are excited to bring our unique solutions to the market to address this void and help our clients grow and prosper.” Similar to PEOs, Melita’s services are complete and turnkey. But unlike PEOs, Melita’s packages are not one-size-fits-all in that the services are tailored to the specific needs of the client. As the client’s business grows, the package is adaptable to allow for a smooth transition when the client hires their own HR team. Melita’s team includes highly accomplished HR executives who work directly with CEOs to help chart a strategic HR road map for growth that aligns with the company’s goals. This approach allows Melita to provide Fortune 500-like resources and expertise to the small and mid-sized market at an affordable cost. Need for Technology Enabled Personalized Services in HR Industry “Self-serve secure access to critical information from any place, using any device at any time is a requirement for today’s tech-savvy businesses,” said Sathyan Iyengar, CTO of Melita Group. “User experience is paramount for Melita and using the latest cloud-based SaaS technologies, Melita’s new suite of services provides both employees and employers with instant access to the latest Benefits and HR information with easy-to-use dashboards, alerts and reports through a convenient web portal.” The newly announced Melita suite of services BenefitsComplete™, HRComplete™ and HRStrategy™ is available starting today. All of these services share a common principle: to help Melita’s clients succeed by innovating, serving, and supporting their Human Resources and Employee Benefits needs. BenefitsComplete™ is an all-in-one benefits solution, combining the perfect blend of expert advice, robust technology, and hands-on support to elevate the customer’s benefits program to the next level, all without an increase to the budget. HRComplete™ is a fully outsourced HR, Benefits and Payroll solution designed to fit the client’s unique needs. Melita’s management of the key administrative functions contributes to the customer’s ability to compete for top talent, protect the business from risk, and better serve employees. HRStrategy™ builds on the solid foundation of HRComplete with the addition of an executive-level HR/Business Advisor to work with the C-Suite to develop a comprehensive HR strategy to set the Client’s business on a path for enduring success. When HR becomes a strategic force driving the business, there’s no limit to what companies can achieve. With the help of Melita’s team of experts, customers can attract top talent, build an environment in which employees can thrive and focus on what matters most. About Melita Group Founded in 1993, Melita is a leading Benefits & HR Services company, serving and building lasting relationships with Northern California employers across all industries and company sizes. With over 300 active customers, and a reputation for integrity and service excellence, the company has been helping clients succeed by innovating, serving, and supporting their Human Resources and Employee Benefits needs. For more information about Melita Group, please visit

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