Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award for HR Solutions Provider, Insperity

Insperity | January 23, 2023 | Read time : 05:00 min

Award for HR Solutions Provider

Insperity, Inc., a provider of business performance and human resource solutions, has recently been recognized with a Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award, making it on the Best Places to Work in 2023 list with the 28th rank. The Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award is exclusively based on the input of employees, who provide voluntary, anonymous feedback by filling out a company review about their work environment, job, and employer on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor allows employees to rate their overall satisfaction with the company and key workplace factors such as compensation and benefits, career opportunities, culture and values, diversity and inclusion, senior management, and work/life balance when they share a company review. Furthermore, employees are asked to share the best reasons for working at their companies, as well as any drawbacks.

Glassdoor's Best Places to Work winners were chosen based on company reviews submitted by US-based employees from 19 October, 2021 to 17 October, 2022. To be eligible to make it on the list, employers must have gained a minimum of 75 ratings for all of Glassdoor's nine workplace attributes during the year-long period. Glassdoor's proprietary algorithm, led by the company's Economic Research Team, compiles the final list and accounts for the quality, quantity, and consistency of reviews.

Insperity is consistently recognized as a top workplace on a local, state, and national level, with more than 4000 corporate offices in the US. Since 2001, when the company began engaging in best places to work programs, it has appeared on respective lists more than 160 times, demonstrating Insperity's ongoing commitment to being an employer of choice.

Steve Arizpe, President and COO of Insperity, said, "This honor is a testament to our long-standing commitment to supporting the needs and desires of our workforce so they can achieve individual and corporate success." He added, "The Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award further shows the same work we do for our clients to help them create an amazing employee experience while providing a positive and strong company culture."

(Source – Business Wire)

About Insperity

Headquartered in Texas and founded in 1986, Insperity provides HR solutions across the US. The company is distinguished by the breadth and depth of its services, providing the most comprehensive suite of scalable HR solutions in the market. It offers administrative relief, reduced liabilities, and better benefit solutions businesses require for long-term growth through an optimal blend of premium HR services and technology. With a revenue of $4.3 billion in 2020 and more than 80 offices across the United States, Insperity is making a difference in thousands of communities and businesses across the country.


Adoption of a new system can be a challenging and stressful time for employees. But with careful planning and attention to training, use cases, integration, and engagement, organizations can successfully navigate the adoption process and enjoy the benefits of the new system.


Adoption of a new system can be a challenging and stressful time for employees. But with careful planning and attention to training, use cases, integration, and engagement, organizations can successfully navigate the adoption process and enjoy the benefits of the new system.

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