Globalization Partners Raises $200 Million in Investment Funding

Globalization Partners | January 25, 2022

Funding News
On January 24, premier global employment, Globalization Partners announced that it raised $200 million in investment from Visa Credit Partners (VCP). VCP is a subsidiary of Visa Equity Partners. Following the investment, Globalization Partners is now valued at $4.2 billion.
Globalization Partners is a platform that specializes in enabling companies to build a remote workforce. The company has an annual recurring revenue of approximately $1 billion. It plans to use the investment to expand its market share and tap into the $176 billion remote employment market globally. Some of the company’s clients include names such as ADP TotalSource, CoinDesk, Kruze Consulting, TaylorMade, London & Partners, and many more.

"Globalization Partners is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the massive opportunity we see ahead of us. We pioneered this space and offer the most comprehensive and compliant solution available, combining best-in-class technology and AI, with a global team of HR, legal and customer service experts who understand the local customs, regulatory and legal requirements in each geography we serve."  

- Nicole Sahin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Globalization Partners

"Globalization Partners' journey in transforming the remote work industry has been truly remarkable. As a customer of G-P, at both Vista and within our broader portfolios, we have witnessed firsthand their best-in-class legal compliance, the quality of the user experience, and the deep expertise and support they provide. VCP is proud to offer capital solutions to founders of innovative software companies. We look forward to partnering with Nicole and the entire G-P team as they look to further capitalize on the untapped global market and expand their platform to new customers in new markets."

- David Flannery, President of Vista Credit Partners

"Over the past decade, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our business, building our global presence and technology platform to support the evolving and complex talent needs of growing companies. With Vista as our investment partner, we will be able to drive further growth and continue building innovative products to meet the increasing needs of our customers at scale."

- Bob Cahill, President of Globalization Partners


A new study by ADP Research Institute® presents an expanded view of U.S. wage garnishment activities through the lens of the employer.


A new study by ADP Research Institute® presents an expanded view of U.S. wage garnishment activities through the lens of the employer.

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AIDT Teams with Hyundai for VR Manufacturing Training

Alabama | February 10, 2021

On 2nd Fed 2021, AIDT, Alabama’s state workforce development agency, is teaming with Hyundai Power Transformers (HPT), USA provides Virtual Reality (VR) manufacturing training to unemployed and individuals aspiring to join the manufacturing industries. The learner will have access to a VR simulation of HPT’s 7-story manufacturing facility. They will gain first-hand skill training with the safety protocols essential to operate heavy machinery and gear of up to 400 tons, lifting power transformers as heavy as 800,000 pounds. This partnership intends to address Gov. Kay Ivey’s goal to add 500,000 highly skilled workforce to Alabama by 2025. The announcement points out the "highly repeatable and consistent" nature of the training — a feature various case studies have illustrated. According to the JFFLabs report, in the next 5years Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) tech, also known as immersive technology, has especially emerged in industries that require either hefty safety training or customer interfacing, including warehousing, law enforcement, and food service. For this reason, immersive tech is "poised for dramatic growth.” Industry analyst Josh Bersin said in a statement, "New tools for VR and AR are transforming technical, managerial, and all elements of soft skills training because they create real-world learning experiences that stick.” XPO Logistics, for instance, recently released the particulars for the VR training program, citing higher productivity, lower waste, and increased safety, as well as "shorter build-up times" for beginners. Sandra Marshall, a leader on Booz Allen Hamilton's wrote for HR Dive, “While immersive tech may not be for every employer, it may be useful to those that need to train large groups of people for repetitive tasks or need to train for facilities or equipment that are difficult to access.

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Mytaverse Workspaces and Simulations: the Goggle-free Alternative to VR Business Solutions

Mytaverse | August 30, 2021

Miami Based start-up, Mytaverse is launching version 2.0 of its technology platform. Designed to make remote-working more productive and collaborative, Mytaverse employs the photorealism of Epic's Unreal Engine 4 and PureWeb's cloud streaming technology to bring people into the metaverse without the need for goggles or other specialized equipment. Access to three-dimensional workspaces has to be convenient, easy and practically free in order to become the go-to platform for employees working from home today. "There are only about 26 million VR devices in the hands of consumers worldwide," said Jaime Lopez, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mytaverse. "We made every effort to ensure that anyone from any generation can fully immerse into our world and feel like they are there." The integration of webcams, spatial audio and detail-rich environments means interaction between users is fluid and natural. The Mytaverse world includes options for premade or custom-designed lobbies, boardrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, concert venues, trade show floors, booths and retail settings. Mytaverse also offers the ability to showcase and sell products and goods such as planes, medical imaging devices, industrial machines and so much more. After entering Mytaverse, colleagues, event attendees, salespeople and customers can mingle and network in realistic settings using the spatial audio system for private conversations as desired. Entering Mytaverse is quick and easy. Access and participation is available from any PC or Mac with internet access through Google Chrome (mobile and tablet coming soon). After clicking on the event link, five quick initialization steps rapidly transport users into the lobby. Once inside Mytaverse, users can attend business events, visit 3D stores or product showrooms and even attend lectures at their convenience. In addition, when the work day is over, Mytaverse also has events and concert halls where people can relax and socialize. Until now Mytaverse was accessible only by invitation but on September 14, the platform will be powering the Asian Sky Group's first ever 3-D Exhibition and Conference for business aviation (ASGVEC). The exhibition will be open to the public and attendance is free. Event participants can bring friends and colleagues or sit in a plane with a company representative. Besides being a dynamic and convenient way to explore "spatial singularity," which roughly translates as an almost unlimited number of digital space configurations, Mytaverse is also a practical tool for work, communication, learning and social interaction. Simply pick an avatar and in moments you will be slipping into an event with exhibition halls where others will see your "real-time face" thanks to your computer's camera. MYTAVERSE guides are available to provide tours of the metaverse world of business and demonstrate this new hybrid reality that transcends the 2-D world of endless video and audio calls, making people feel that they are in the same space together. ABOUT MYTAVERSE Founded in 2020 and based in Miami FL, GathR Virtual Studios, Inc. created Mytaverse to meet demand for hybrid and augmented reality meetings and workspaces. As a fully immersive platform using Epic Games Unreal Engine, Mytaverse offers shared and dynamic experiences for business, job simulations, education and more. Thanks to a hardware-agnostic approach, Mytaverse enables users from anywhere to enter using only their browser on their PC or Mac. Coming soon will be the mobile version which will enable Mytaverse anywhere, anytime, all the time.

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Google and SHRM Foundation Partners to Connect Diverse Job Seekers in Tech to Positions at US Firms

SHRM | December 09, 2020

Google and the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation will partner to interface different job searchers in tech to positions at major U.S. organizations, as indicated by a Dec. 2 declaration. The partnership will organize undiscovered ability pools and prepare HR professionals "with programs that make financial chance, advance comprehensive hiring practices, and give essential digital skills training." The partnership will advance Google's career certificates, the organizations stated, which will offer job seekers an opportunity to learn skills that fuel careers in fields, for example, IT support, user experience plan and idata analytics. The partnership will likewise connect job seekers to a hiring consortium of employers, including Walmart, Hulu and T-Mobile. "All at once, our approach tackles two of the greatest challenges confronting the world of work: Racial inequity and the skills gap," said Wendi Safstrom, executive director of SHRM Foundation.

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