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Globalization Partners Raises $200 Million in Investment Funding

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On January 24, premier global employment, Globalization Partners announced that it raised $200 million in investment from Visa Credit Partners (VCP). VCP is a subsidiary of Visa Equity Partners. Following the investment, Globalization Partners is now valued at $4.2 billion.
Globalization Partners is a platform that specializes in enabling companies to build a remote workforce. The company has an annual recurring revenue of approximately $1 billion. It plans to use the investment to expand its market share and tap into the $176 billion remote employment market globally. Some of the company’s clients include names such as ADP TotalSource, CoinDesk, Kruze Consulting, TaylorMade, London & Partners, and many more.

"Globalization Partners is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the massive opportunity we see ahead of us. We pioneered this space and offer the most comprehensive and compliant solution available, combining best-in-class technology and AI, with a global team of HR, legal and customer service experts who understand the local customs, regulatory and legal requirements in each geography we serve."  

- Nicole Sahin, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Globalization Partners

"Globalization Partners' journey in transforming the remote work industry has been truly remarkable. As a customer of G-P, at both Vista and within our broader portfolios, we have witnessed firsthand their best-in-class legal compliance, the quality of the user experience, and the deep expertise and support they provide. VCP is proud to offer capital solutions to founders of innovative software companies. We look forward to partnering with Nicole and the entire G-P team as they look to further capitalize on the untapped global market and expand their platform to new customers in new markets."

- David Flannery, President of Vista Credit Partners

"Over the past decade, we have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in our business, building our global presence and technology platform to support the evolving and complex talent needs of growing companies. With Vista as our investment partner, we will be able to drive further growth and continue building innovative products to meet the increasing needs of our customers at scale."

- Bob Cahill, President of Globalization Partners



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Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP launches in Canada

GlobeNewswire | October 18, 2023

Sage, the leader in accounting, financial, HR and payroll technology for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), has launched Sage Intacct Payroll in partnership with ADP Canada. The solution has been available in the US market since June 2022. Sage Intacct Payroll powered by ADP offers payroll and HR functionalities to help medium businesses work smarter as they scale and grow. It is the only market-leading payroll solution that works seamlessly with Sage Intacct, the cloud financial management platform. With Sage Intacct Payroll, businesses can improve employee engagement, reduce errors and leverage insights with an integrated, all-in-one solution for all their accounting, payroll and HR needs. Self-service capabilities and a top-rated mobile experience help deliver a user-friendly experience for employees. Launching Sage Intacct Payroll in Canada is a significant milestone for Sage, as it doubles down on our ambition of being the trusted network for growing and scaling medium businesses, said Mark Hickman, Managing Director of Sage in Canada. Sage Intacct Payroll allows businesses to streamline payroll processes through a secure and scalable system that helps them spend less time on admin and more time focused on business growth. “I serve as both Finance and HR director, so am always looking for ways to automate and streamline tasks to give me more time to focus on HR initiatives and accounting analysis,” said Angela Biermann, Director of Finance & HR for Nextmune US LLC. “Sage Intacct Payroll is a huge time saver for me, and it fills that ideal sweet spot – the payroll power of ADP fully integrated with Sage Intacct,” she concluded. The first-of-its-kind platform enables increased collaboration and efficiency between accounting, HR and payroll teams, while bringing significant time and cost savings to businesses. “ADP is proud to partner with Sage to provide Sage Intacct Payroll to Canadian businesses,” said Holger Kormann, President, ADP Canada. “As businesses look to revolutionize how they work, including their accounting, HR and payroll systems, this solution will provide teams and people with the right tools and insights to help them achieve more than they ever thought possible.” With Sage Intacct Payroll, businesses can benefit from: Powerful Integration – Seamlessly integrated with Sage Intacct, enabling analytics that include payroll and people data. Scalability – Manage the entire payroll process from anywhere, anytime, with the best-in class payroll and HR solution. Fully expandable to meet a range of business needs including Benefits Administration, HR Management, Recruiting and more. Simplicity – Streamline administration with a single vendor for accounting, planning, payroll, and HR Management with one easy-to-understand bill. Security – Feel confident with strong encryption and state-of-the-art security delivering multi-level protection of company data.

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Workforce Management

INFINITI HR, Globalization Partner to Expand Solutions Offerings

INFINITI HR | September 11, 2023

INFINITI HR unveiled its expansion into the global market, showcasing its innovative solutions offerings INFINITI HR's international client with nearly 5,000 hotels sought its help in navigating Turkish employment laws to establish a new hub abroad The company has now doubled the employee number in the past 7 years, with a revenue of about $620 million in the last year. INFINITI HR, a prominent human resources outsourcing firm, has expanded its global footprint and solutions offerings through a strategic alliance with Globalization Partners (G-P), a global leader in the employment industry. This partnership marks a significant step in INFINITI HR's international expansion, enabling clients to onboard and manage team members worldwide, access in-country HR expertise, technology, and compliance, and hire and retain talent on a global scale. INFINITI HR is a rapidly growing Professional Employer Organization (PEO) offering a range of human resources, payroll, risk management, and benefits services. G-P's worldwide expansion is powered by the G-P Meridian Suite, a collection of SaaS-based global employment solutions, assisting thousands of customers in swiftly and compliantly building and overseeing teams. The strategic alliance of INFINITI HR with Globalization Partners enhances its service portfolio by providing clients with the capability to manage global workforce challenges seamlessly. The collaboration with Globalization Partners addresses the growing demand among businesses to extend their operations globally while ensuring compliance with local labor laws. The company’s move into the global market aligns with its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of its clients and fueling international growth. This partnership empowers its clients to navigate the complexities of global employment compliance seamlessly. Through this alliance, companies of all sizes can leverage G-P's expertise to establish a presence in new international markets, build global teams efficiently, and ensure compliance with local employment laws. CEO at Infiniti HR, Scott Smrkovski, remarked, We're very pleased that INFINITI HR will add hundreds of new jobs to our community and is now a global PEO, while this partnership offers an immense opportunity to help fuel the growth, enable additional employment, and support the global economy. [Source: Cision PRWeb] INFINITI HR reported annual revenue of about $620 million in the previous year. As an IRS-certified Professional Employer Organization, it has achieved the distinction of being listed nine times on the Inc. 5000. Demonstrating its commitment to facilitating global expansion, INFINITI HR recently supported its first customer in the global hospitality sector, which operates nearly 5,000 hotels, as they embarked on a venture into the Turkish market. This client sought INFINITI HR's expertise in navigating complex employment laws, a testament to the company's capabilities in providing essential guidance for international expansion initiatives. INFINITI HR has entered the global market, allowing its clients to expand their operations and hire talent internationally. The company's first client to utilize this global expansion is a leader in the global hospitality sector, seeking to open a hub in Turkey and benefit from in-country HR support and compliance guidance. With G-P's assistance, INFINITI HR customers can now efficiently explore new international markets and rapidly establish compliant global teams wherever they choose.

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UKG Labs Welcomes a Startups’ Cohort for People-Centric Workplaces

UKG | November 07, 2023

UKG Labs welcomes a second cohort of startups from four countries, all focused on enhancing business cultures. Startups Bites, Denim, Hop In Technologies, and Mo were selected for their innovative workforce technologies and commitment to workplace wellbeing. Despite offering a collaborative platform, UKG Labs poses potential risks, including over-reliance on UKG, intellectual property disputes, and a possible compromise of the startups' original visions. UKG, a leading HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions provider, has introduced its second cohort of early-stage companies to its global startup ecosystem, UKG Labs. The selected startups, from four different countries, are committed to creating high-performing, people-centric cultures in businesses. The new entrants include Bites from Israel, Denim from the U.S., Hop In Technologies from Canada, and Mo from the U.K. These companies were chosen for their innovative technologies that add value to the frontline workforce and their commitment to helping people thrive at work. UKG Labs provides more than just capital to these startups. It offers a platform for co-learning, co-creation, and co-experimentation, allowing startups to gain insights into specific market problems where UKG has expertise. The startups also work directly with UKG customers to explore new solutions and shape emerging HR and HCM technologies. Hugo Sarrazin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at UKG, stated that the goal of UKG Labs is to help businesses become great workplaces by building an ecosystem of technology companies that share its vision. The startup founders have completed a three-month onboarding engagement and will showcase their innovations at the UKG Aspire 2023 conference. While the UKG Labs initiative offers numerous benefits, it does come with potential drawbacks. The startups involved might become overly reliant on UKG for resources and expertise, which could potentially stifle its independence and creativity. There's also a risk of intellectual property disputes, and the startups' original visions might be compromised to align with UKG's goals. On the brighter side, UKG Labs provides a platform for startups to co-learn, co-create, and co-experiment, fostering innovation and helping businesses become better workplaces. It also allows startups to gain insights into specific market problems where UKG has expertise and work directly with UKG customers to explore new solutions and shape emerging HR and HCM technologies. This collaboration ultimately serves to enhance the workplace experience for all.

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