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Grove HR Collaborates with HR Leaders to Curate Employee Performance Enablement eBook

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To help businesses enable employee performance in their organisations, Grove HR has partnered with HR leaders and inter-generational experts to curate a comprehensive eBook.

Grove HR is focused on building a new and inspiring work experience for the modern workforce. It also aims to transform the digital approach to outdated HR practices.

With millennial and Gen Z making up 70% of the workforce globally, organizations are increasingly under pressure to create an engaging work environment with a focus on career and personal growth.

"When organizations are willing to address Generational Diversity, they can genuinely help their employees become aware of the forces that shaped each generation. This leads to greater appreciation of each other's strengths and, as a result, greater performance.”

- Rachele Focardi, Contributor

Grove HR’s HR Playbook, “Catch the new wave: Performance Enablement,” covers five areas of actionable insights for organizations:
  • Why change? The transition from the 'old' way to the 'new' way
  • How industry leaders are changing their employee performance practice
  • Specific challenges for SMBs
  • How to transform performance from management to enablement
  • Becoming a more empathetic organization

The performance playbook includes unique insights from HR leaders and business experts. It aims to provide deep insight and recommendations on the role of the modern workforce in transforming the workplace and how organizations can adapt.



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