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Healthcare Staffing Agency Freedom Healthcare Ranked 26th Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the U.S.

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On December 31st, the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) announced a list of the 52 fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S. Freedom Healthcare ranked 26th on the list, reporting a compound annual growth rate of 26.2%. It was also reported to be the 10th fastest-growing staffing agency in the healthcare sector.

Freedom Healthcare is a rapid response healthcare staffing firm that fulfills the nationwide demand for nurses, clinical practitioners, and allied professionals in the healthcare industry.

SIA is a global advisory firm for staffing and workforce services. It releases an annual list of 52 of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S. based on their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of revenue between 2016 and 2020. According to SIA, the list represents the most premier staffing agencies that are delivering consistently and are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of a competitive hiring marketplace.

Freedom Healthcare has been focused on staffing both, healthcare specialists with highly coveted skills and consistently in-demand talent. The company has an above average fill rate of 96% and reported a 98% job completion rate, making it a forerunner of healthcare staffing agencies.

"We are honored to be recognized by SIA for our rapid growth. Our company's success can be attributed to the passion, commitment, and hard work displayed by our team across every department and leadership level."

- Susan Whitman, executive vice president and COO of Freedom Healthcare Staffing

Freedom has been at the forefront of delivering and deploying rapid response workers to healthcare organizations that were experiencing staff shortages during a critical time. Whitman further added, "Freedom's internal mantra of people over profits is unwavering. Leading our company with an employee-first mentality includes taking major stands on behalf of our nurses during the pandemic. Our vocal policies and requirements around employee safety ensure that we provide our travelers the same exceptional care they provide their patients. We can't thank our healthcare professionals or our client partners enough for returning our commitment with their loyalty this year. We are confident that this culture has been the reason Freedom has grown and will continue to grow in the years to come."



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ZipRecruiter Rolls Out Labor Market Data Economic Research Portal

ZipRecruiter | November 08, 2023

ZipRecruiter's labor market data provides an edge with current insights, diverse industry details, and a blend of surveys and actual data. The newly launched portal will offer vital labor market insights using exclusive data, including the Job Seeker Confidence Index, New Hires Survey, and monthly economist commentary. The Economic Research team leverages ZipRecruiter's exclusive data, proprietary research, and government data to unveil dynamic labor market trends, regularly updated on the site. ZipRecruiter, a prominent online employment marketplace, has introduced its latest initiative, ZipRecruiter-Research.org, a dedicated platform for housing its economic research endeavors. This newly launched website showcases in-depth commentary and analysis provided by its team of distinguished economists and data scientists, focusing on the most recent labor market data. Apart from this, it also offers valuable insights derived from the company's proprietary marketplace data and quarterly surveys. The team's effort to collect and study a lot of job data will help them share helpful information on the new platform. This information will make it easier for job seekers, employers, and policymakers to make good choices. Besides, the team will also work hard to find new trends and opportunities for people and businesses. ZipRecruiter's extensive repository of labor market data offers three distinct advantages compared to publicly accessible sources. Firstly, it furnishes current insights, ensuring the most recent information is available. Secondly, it provides comprehensive details, key takeaways, and noteworthy trends from a diverse array of industries and geographic locations. Lastly, this data is derived from surveys and actual behavioral data from employers and job seekers. The latest research, now featured on the new site, encompasses the Q3 2023 edition of ZipRecruiter's Survey of New Hires. It indicates that, despite many U.S. residents who began their careers or switched jobs in the past six months finding satisfactory positions relatively quickly, there is an emerging trend of growing job-seeking challenges. This is reflected in significant declines across key survey metrics, such as the proportion of new hires experiencing salary increases, receiving signing bonuses or being actively recruited for their new positions, suggesting a notable shift in worker bargaining power. The report also highlights several key findings, including a decrease in the percentage of new hires receiving salary increases and signing bonuses. Additionally, it reveals a significant interest in part-time seasonal roles during the winter holidays and a potential rise in 'quiet cutting,' wherein employees are quietly reassigned to less attractive roles to encourage their voluntary departure, which has become more prevalent in 2023. Among those reassigned, a substantial number chose to resign, while others faced termination or layoffs. ZipRecruiter-Research.org features insights from the Economic Research team, utilizing ZipRecruiter's exclusive data, including job posting volumes, salaries, benefits, and more. It regularly uncovers vital labor market trends. Each quarter, it releases the Job Seeker Confidence Index and the Survey of New Hires, providing valuable insights into job seeker optimism and the experiences of new hires. Additional reports on labor market topics are available, and the team offers daily commentary on important economic indicators while remaining accessible for inquiries, interviews, and data requests.

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ADP Launches First All-in-One HCM Solution for the Construction Industry

PR Newswire | October 20, 2023

Construction firms have unique payroll and HR challenges, such as, job costing, managing government compliance and reporting, attracting and retaining workers, unions and managing multiple projects across different sites. To solve these problems, ADP®, a global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, is launching ADP Workforce Now for Construction, the first comprehensive HCM solution tailored for the construction industry. Built within ADP Workforce Now®, a leading all-in-one HCM solution, this specialized software provides construction firms everything needed to run payroll accurately, manage HR efficiently, and recruit and develop workers more effectively. First All-in-One HCM Solution for the Construction Industry Construction businesses are too busy trying to get the work done and have limited time to worry about complex pay and compliance issues, says Kit Dickinson, vice president business development, ADP. In addition, an uncertain economy makes it harder for construction firms to manage material and labor costs. Without good visibility into payroll, it's hard to hire the right people and stay on top of labor expenditures. Until now, there hasn't been an end-to-end HCM solution specifically designed to meet the unique HR and payroll challenges of the construction industry. For Tracy Miller, chief financial officer, DSI, "ADP allowed us to stop questioning payroll accuracy and stressing about maintaining compliance. Because the data is secured safely and records are easily accessible, we have confidence in our finances." "The construction industry is singular in its human capital management challenges," says Quincy Valencia, VP and research director, Ventana Research. "Construction businesses must handle complex regulations and reporting requirements, manage a geographically dispersed workforce, and find the quantity and quality of labor needed in a tight labor market. HCM software built specifically for the construction industry is long overdue. ADP recognizes this and has combined deep construction and HCM tech expertise for a comprehensive solution to help keep firms compliant and managing their workforce more efficiently." ADP Workforce Now for Construction is the only industry-focused, all-in-one midmarket HCM software solution, offering users the following benefits: Construction specific payroll and compliance Easily track and manage regulatory requirements for single or cross-state operations. Automate applying prevailing wage and fringe rates for government funded projects. Manage and assign union wages and benefits. Create Certified Payroll and Union reports within the system. Transfer job cost and general ledger data to existing ERP. Track time and attendance in real time for employees working on multiple jobs and performing different roles. Industry leading all-in-one HR suite Automated timekeeping, attendance tracking and scheduling simplifies compliance. ADP mobile app with geofencing provides secure access and intelligent self-service for managers and employees. Compensation benchmarks by industry, geography and position keep pay and benefits competitive. Best-in-class recruiting tools for attracting the right workers to meet the needs of each project across government, union and contract work. A single solution for managing talent that includes employee training, performance and goal management, and succession planning. Construction Center of Excellence: ADP Workforce Now for Construction clients also have access to ADP's Construction Center of Excellence (CCOE), a team of dedicated construction software specialists who provide implementation and training guidance built for construction clients. ADP's CCOE provides industry clients with ongoing support for a variety of topics including payroll, taxes, compliance, reporting and more.

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Employee Experience

ADPRI Releases Report on the Business Impact of Workforce Dynamics

ADP Research Institute | September 13, 2023

ADPRI released ‘Today at Work’ a new quarterly report series The report uses proprietary data to provide a comprehensive view of the global workforce. The research includes data from 25 million U.S. workers in 29 countries to show a global perspective on workforce dynamics. The ADP Research Institute (ADPRI) has released a new data-driven resource, 'Today at Work,' providing insights into the business impact of promotions and introducing a real-time measure of worker motivation and commitment. This comprehensive analysis leverages ADP's extensive dataset and surveys spanning nearly a decade to offer valuable perspectives on the world of work. ADP Chief Economist and Head of the ADP Research Institute, Dr. Nela Richardson, remarked With so much data at our fingertips, we have the opportunity to tell the full story of the workforce with an eye toward its continued evolution and change. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] She further supported the statement with an example that decision-makers and economists have traditionally focused on productivity as a critical metric, but assessing the factors that influence productivity has proven to be a challenging endeavor. In the report, she said they are able to interlink motivation, commitment and productivity. Understanding the intricate relationship between promotions, employee motivation, and commitment is crucial for organizations aiming to retain and engage their workforce effectively. By uncovering these dynamics, businesses can develop strategies to support career advancement while mitigating the risk of employee turnover. The ADP Research Institute's insights are derived from its extensive dataset, representing over 25 million U.S. workers, and surveys conducted in 29 countries, providing a global perspective on workforce dynamics. The report provides a multifaceted view of workforce-related topics, including the impact of promotions on employee retention and the development of the EMC Index as a tool to measure worker motivation and commitment. It emphasizes the importance of understanding these aspects to enhance productivity and informs decision-makers about the business outcomes. The report delves into the significance of promotions, highlighting their impact on businesses under specific conditions. ADPRI conducted a thorough analysis of job histories for over 1.2 million U.S. workers between 2019 and 2022 to uncover a relationship between promotions and employee turnover. It revealed that, within a month of their first promotion, 29 percent of individuals left their employer, compared to 18 percent who would have left without the promotion. The report also explores various factors influencing promotion impacts, such as job requirements and industry. Additionally, the report introduces the Employee Motivation and Commitment (EMC) Index, a tool designed to gauge worker allegiance. The EMC Index, built on a decade of surveys involving over 490,000 workers across 29 countries, offers real-time insights into employee motivation and commitment. The report underlines the connection between worker motivation commitment and productivity, emphasizing the importance of understanding and boosting these factors. The EMC Index also revealed a correlation between employee motivation, commitment and output. Those with a high level of productivity are 2.6 times more likely to respond to inquiries regarding their motivation and work positively. The ‘Today at Work’ series of reports offers a unique blend of data and surveys, delivering actionable insights to decision-makers in areas where data has traditionally been limited. The focus on employee motivation, commitment, and the impact of promotions provides valuable guidance for businesses looking to optimize their workforce strategies.

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