Healthcare Staffing Agency Freedom Healthcare Ranked 26th Fastest Growing Staffing Firm in the U.S.

Staffing Industry Analysts | January 03, 2022

Background News
On December 31st, the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) announced a list of the 52 fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S. Freedom Healthcare ranked 26th on the list, reporting a compound annual growth rate of 26.2%. It was also reported to be the 10th fastest-growing staffing agency in the healthcare sector.

Freedom Healthcare is a rapid response healthcare staffing firm that fulfills the nationwide demand for nurses, clinical practitioners, and allied professionals in the healthcare industry.

SIA is a global advisory firm for staffing and workforce services. It releases an annual list of 52 of the fastest-growing staffing firms in the U.S. based on their compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of revenue between 2016 and 2020. According to SIA, the list represents the most premier staffing agencies that are delivering consistently and are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of a competitive hiring marketplace.

Freedom Healthcare has been focused on staffing both, healthcare specialists with highly coveted skills and consistently in-demand talent. The company has an above average fill rate of 96% and reported a 98% job completion rate, making it a forerunner of healthcare staffing agencies.

"We are honored to be recognized by SIA for our rapid growth. Our company's success can be attributed to the passion, commitment, and hard work displayed by our team across every department and leadership level."

- Susan Whitman, executive vice president and COO of Freedom Healthcare Staffing

Freedom has been at the forefront of delivering and deploying rapid response workers to healthcare organizations that were experiencing staff shortages during a critical time. Whitman further added, "Freedom's internal mantra of people over profits is unwavering. Leading our company with an employee-first mentality includes taking major stands on behalf of our nurses during the pandemic. Our vocal policies and requirements around employee safety ensure that we provide our travelers the same exceptional care they provide their patients. We can't thank our healthcare professionals or our client partners enough for returning our commitment with their loyalty this year. We are confident that this culture has been the reason Freedom has grown and will continue to grow in the years to come."


Employee coaching, when done right, lifts employees up, fosters wellbeing, and ultimately improves team morale, retention, and engagement. But coaching looks different for everyone!

In this video, we'll learn how to make it meaningful, impactful, and personalized to the individual.


Employee coaching, when done right, lifts employees up, fosters wellbeing, and ultimately improves team morale, retention, and engagement. But coaching looks different for everyone!

In this video, we'll learn how to make it meaningful, impactful, and personalized to the individual.

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meQuilibrium Launches "Workforce Campaigns" to Help HR Leaders Take Action on Workforce Trends Affecting Business Performance

PRnewswire | April 10, 2023

meQuilibrium (meQ), the leading digital resilience platform, today announced "Workforce Campaigns," a new services-led software offering which enables HR and business leaders to identify and address risks and growth opportunities by leveraging data insights, targeted communications, and upskilling. With meQ Workforce Campaigns, organizations reduce risk and promote growth to build a more resilient workforce resulting in improved performance, reduced turnover, and better business outcomes. This proactive approach to employee well-being provides HR leaders with the tools to deploy curated campaigns that can effect change by teaching employees essential skills to relieve stress, create work-life balance, protect them from burnout, and manage uncertainty with resilience. "Building on meQ's proprietary population analytics which detect workforce breakdowns and risks, our new Workforce Campaigns capabilities allow organizations to deliver a campaign-driven approach to address key risks and opportunities at the center of workforce performance today," said Jan Bruce, CEO and co-founder, meQ. "This offering gives organizations the curated campaigns they need to improve the well-being and performance of their most valuable asset – employees and their managers." Building on the power of meQ's Workforce Intelligence, and pulling from 1.6 billion data points, Workforce Campaigns provides data on seven actionable areas of potential risk or growth - Burnout, Stress Management, Work-Life Balance, Empathy, Purpose, Managing Uncertainty and Culture of Well-Being. Each actionable area has a pre-built campaign of targeted resources designed to help move that population away from risk by building their awareness, educating them with interactive activities, and introducing them to skills or practices to make positive change. There are also specific campaigns designed to support the unique needs and skills of managers. Campaigns can be targeted to strategic sub-populations by geographic location, job role, and line of business to remediate identified risks or support growth opportunities. Targeted campaigns deliver mini courses to specific populations and address areas of concern, support employee development, and build sustainable resilience within the organization. Workforce Campaigns enables organizations to effect change by: Using anonymized and de-identified data to identify strengths and risks within specific subpopulations or the whole organization Deploying tools and resources to fuel growth opportunities for managers and individuals Delivering highly relevant content to raise awareness, educate, and effect change of high-risk issues within the workforce Preventing workforce breakdowns by giving people the tools to build resilience before they become costly issues "Our new offering now allows leaders to take targeted actions to address key issues that impact the business," Bruce explained. "Campaigns can address issues of strategic importance to the business, such as: developing agile organizations that are facing issues with change, helping a workforce lacking in empathy by giving them the tools they need to learn and practice it, or assisting a regional office that is at risk for burnout with the skills to finish each day strong." About meQ meQuilibrium (meQ) is the #1 global digital resilience solution to build workforce wellbeing and performance. Our mission is to make any workforce a workforce for growth. meQ's data analytics based approach uses AI to predict workforce risk for burnout, turnover, and behavioral health risks, and prepare employees for growth and propels teams to action. The meQ solution is available in 14 languages, and serves Fortune 1000 global enterprises in 130 countries. The company has been included in the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list the last four years in a row (2019-2022), Financial Times' and Statista Americas' Fastest Growing Companies and was honored with Deloitte's Fast 500 Technology Award. meQ product innovation has been recognized by Brandon Hall's Annual Technology Awards and the 2022 WELCOA Well-being Trailblazer Award. Learn more at https://www.meQuilibrium.com.

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Climb Credit Launches Beta Version of ClimbTalent to Simplify Hiring of Job-Ready Talent

Climb Credit | March 10, 2023

FinTech firm, Climb Credit, introduced yesterday the ClimbTalent platform to increase access to career training. The platform links job-ready talent with diverse educational and career backgrounds. Employers, staffing agencies, and recruiters seeking new hires can connect with upskiller and career-switcher community members. With the ClimbTalent platform, Climb Credit is utilizing its extensive experience and data acquired from over 8 years in the career training industry to facilitate the swift and assured hiring of candidates with non-traditional technical backgrounds by employers. Climb is teaming up with firms seeking to fill vacancies in fields such as software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and other technical roles and linking them to their pre-screened pool of over 100,000 proficient members from more than 200 school alumni communities. Employers increasingly recognize the value of non-degree career-focused credentials and look at skills rather than degrees when hiring. Focus on skillsets provide access to a diverse pool of skilled candidates, with 60% of the US workforce lacking a college degree. However, career-switcher alumni from such programs still face obstacles in finding jobs, including evaluation of education providers and skills mapping. These challenges often result in employers relying on traditional degree requirements, which filter out qualified skill-trained candidates. The platform aims to assist businesses in overcoming obstacles to recruitment and concentrate on the necessary job-related abilities. It provides job-ready resources to proficient candidates, such as resume guidance, mentoring, and technical interview support. These tools help graduates communicate their skill sets more effectively and demonstrate how they can translate into different job roles. Casey Powers, CEO of Climb Credit, said, "Over the years, we've been able to witness the positive impact that skill-based education can have on people." She further added, "After years of pursuing our mission to increase access to career-advancing education, we're ready for the next step, to help their graduates enter careers and fill workforce gaps with strong, capable employees." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) About Climb Credit Climb Credit is a student lending platform that offers greater accessibility, affordability, and accountability for career advancement and transformation. Its objective is to empower individuals to reach their career goals, regardless of their credit history. Climb Credit accomplishes this by selecting schools and programs with a proven track record of increasing graduates' earning potential. It then offers financing alternatives designed to match the unique requirements of those pursuing professional growth and higher salaries. Climb Credit collaborates with schools that teach a broad range of subjects, including cybersecurity, pilot training, data science, heavy machine operation, culinary arts, and coding.

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Driving Inclusion and Empowerment in the Workplace

PRnewswire | May 16, 2023

Circa is pleased to announce a formal partnership with Empowering Differences, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development and organizational training sessions designed to empower and inspire organizations and diverse individuals. The training sessions advance organizations' Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategies by allowing them to reach all individuals across the company. This partnership aims to empower individuals and leverage differences to impact change and build more diverse, innovative, and high-performing teams across the shared customer base. Empowering Differences will refer Circa's SaaS-based technology to their customers while Circa offers its customers access to Empowering Differences' diversity and inclusion trainings, strategic assessments and leadership development. Circa provides OFCCP compliance management and recruiting technology solutions to deliver qualified candidates on an equitable playing field for organizations to build high-performing, diverse teams. The company is expanding its product and service offerings through meaningful partnerships as customers are seeking a more robust solution from industry leaders like Circa. Empowering Differences helps organizations create an effective strategy for the core issues facing employees' empowerment. Their assessments measure the effectiveness of accessibility programs, on-the-job education and training, internal communications, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and more organization-wide programs. "Partnering with Empowering Differences represents a significant step forward in our efforts to help organizations foster greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace," Patrick Sheahan, CEO, Circa said. "It's proven that diversity in the workplace fosters belonging, increases performance and enhances revenue and innovation. These services help organizations level up their workforce and stay ahead of the competition. "We are thrilled to form such an important partnership with Circa since they are in the business of providing solutions to drive empowerment for people across all industries and organizations," said Ashley T Brundage, President & CEO of Empowering Differences. This partnership will enable businesses to build workplaces that value diverse perspectives and empower their employees by leveraging Circa's cutting-edge SaaS solutions and Empowering Differences' training and consulting services. Circa and Empowering Differences will achieve mutual success by presenting their leadership trainings and strategy assessments to customers. This will include working with internal sales teams to refer business, featuring them in marketing campaigns, and collaborating on thought leadership content. About Circa Circa is a catalyst for 21st-century companies to build high-performing diverse teams based on research that shows companies want to shift from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. The companies' robust portfolio of software solutions and unparalleled industry expertise give employers the tools and knowledge they need to radically change how they approach talent acquisition and management. The company was founded in 1994, has 5000+ customers, 15,500 community partner relationships, and in 2022 posted 8M+ jobs through its network of 600+ online employment websites. In April 2023, Circa was acquired by Mitratech, a leading global provider of legal, compliance and HR software. About Empowering Differences Empowering Differences is a US-based consulting and training firm founded in 2018. The company is 100% a Woman, LGBT, and Disability owned and operated firm. They provide online learning and live training and consulting for developing leaders for organizations. Their method of development includes proprietary research on empowerment and how it is impacted by common differences. Along with this research, the Empowering Differences team also tracks data and analytics on how empowered people are for their differences.

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