HiredScore Announces Partnership With Chinese HR Solutions Provider Tupu

Tupu | February 09, 2022

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Leading Talent Intelligence solutions provider, HiredScore, announced a strategic cooperation agreement with premier technology and recruitment solutions provider in China, Tupu. HiredScore is known for providing ethical and compliance ready solutions. With the partnership, both companies will expand their reach from U.S., and China to all over the world.

The partnership will also result in a native integration between the SaaS solutions of both HiredScore and Tupu. It will empower clients of both companies to access smart candidate sourcing, screening and employer branding solutions. It will also help HiredScor get a foothold in the Asian market.

"The Tupu team is thrilled about our long-term strategic partnership with HiredScore. This partnership provides a critical opportunity to upgrade traditionally inefficient recruitment models with deeply integrated talent acquisition and talent matching technology in the China market. HiredScore is a partner that is deeply committed to this market and to building products that are truly localized and built to support the needs of Talent Acquisition teams in China."

- Brian Wu, CEO of Tupu Technology

"HiredScore is committed to delivering industry-leading, localized recruiting innovation to support companies worldwide with hiring efficiency and fairness. China is a very important local market where we have invested heavily to bring our hiring solutions and support local demand. We are especially excited to announce our next-generation, intelligent recruitment solutions for China. Our close collaboration with Tupu, a fellow leading recruitment technology solution and the first local ATS, enables our joint users to gain the benefits of AI-enabled, fully localized-for-China recruitment solutions to hire faster, improve the quality of hire, and reduce recruiter processes and costs."

- Athena Karp, HiredScore's CEO and Founder


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The person with the power to transform your workplace culture with steady and intentional work is the one reading this description. That's right, it's you!

But what does cultural transformation actually look like, in practice? And how do you get started? We'll get into everything you need to know to take cultural transformation from concept to reality at your organization.

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Strongpoint Partners Announces Partnership with Retirement Planners and Administrators

Businesswire | May 04, 2023

Strongpoint Partners (“Strongpoint” or the “Company”), a tech-enabled financial services platform focused on third-party administration of retirement plans, recordkeeping, payroll and HR solutions for SMBs, today announced a new partnership with Retirement Planners and Administrators (“RPA”), a leading retirement third-party administrator (TPA) headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia. Backed by Shore Capital Partners (“Shore” or “Shore Capital”), a Chicago-based private equity firm focused on microcap investing, Strongpoint combines an integrated software platform for outsourced retirement services alongside a relentless passion for service and innovation. The partnership with RPA comes on the heels of Strongpoint’s recently-announced partnership with Retirement Strategies Group, an independent, TPA firm headquartered in New Orleans, and an exceptional year of business performance and growth in 2022. Founded in 1969 by Hans Banziger, RPA provides cost-effective, accurate and hassle-free retirement plan compliance administration and open-architecture valuation daily recordkeeping. With the addition of RPA to its family of brands, Strongpoint now has over 3,200 plans under administration, serves clients in more than 35 states, and manages more than $6B in total assets under administration, making the company one of the leading, fully U.S.-based TPA firms in the industry. “My father, our talented team and I have spent the past 54 years putting our all into building this business, and joining the Strongpoint family is a monumental step for us,” said Richard Banziger, Principal at RPA. “We are proud to be solidifying the legacy of RPA, and it was important to us to partner with an organization committed to building upon that legacy, not replacing it. Strongpoint has already established an incredibly strong foundation with early success and the backing of an experienced capital partner such as Shore, and we are very excited to be invested in the future success of the business.” “Strongpoint could not be more pleased to welcome RPA into our family,” said Danny Hest, Chief Executive Officer of Strongpoint. “When building Strongpoint, we knew the importance of identifying and partnering with firms that prioritize client service and serving the small and medium-sized business community. Richard shares our passion for bringing the best firms in the industry together to create an unrivaled experience that our clients and partners can rely on. As the industry continues to adapt to constant regulatory change, including upcoming changes to state retirement mandates in RPA’s home state of Virginia, our reach, size, and concentration of experience will ensure we’re better prepared than anyone to serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses through a continuously evolving regulatory environment. About Strongpoint Partners Strongpoint Partners is a fast-growing, tech-enabled financial services platform that provides third party retirement administration (“TPA”), recordkeeping, and integrated payroll and HR technology solutions for small-and-medium businesses. Strongpoint’s suite of services prioritizes accuracy, compliance, and reduction of regulatory risk for its clients, delivered by local client success teams that understand the nuances of the markets they serve. With a coast-to-coast network of leading firms including HowardSimon, Jocelyn Pension Consulting, Retirement Strategies Group (“RSG”), and Retirement Planners and Administrators (“RPA”), Strongpoint Partners combines a relentless passion for service and innovation with the experience and expertise required to make retirement work for everyone. For more information, please visit: About Retirement Planners and Administrators RPA has proudly served the employee benefits market since its founding in 1969, leading with a customer-centric approach that helped simplify the complicated and made retirement benefits accessible to a traditionally underserved segment of the small and medium-sized business community. Located in Falls Church, Virginia, RPA works with clients across the continental US with a focus on serving the local DMV community. Having navigated the introduction of defined contribution plans such as 401(k) solutions and near-constant regulatory change for over 50 years, RPA is our community’s partner in ensuring everyone has a plan for their financial future. For more information on how we keep our clients compliant while maximizing the benefits of their retirement strategies, please visit us at About Shore Capital Partners Shore Capital Partners, a Chicago-based private equity firm with offices in Nashville, is focused on microcap investments within the Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Business Services and Real Estate industries. Shore supports management partners with capital, business development expertise and industry knowledge to accelerate growth, fund acquisitions and generate value for shareholders. Shore targets investments in proven, successful private companies with superior management teams, stable cash flow and significant growth potential, including organic growth and growth through industry consolidation. Shore has approximately $3 billion of cumulative capital commitments through various investment vehicles. For more information, please visit:

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Infor Launches Talent Empowerment Solution

PRnewswire | April 21, 2023

Infor®, the industry cloud company, today announced its new Infor Talent Empowerment solution, the company's vision for helping organizations personalize career mobility at work. The number one reason most employees leave organizations is lack of visibility to internal growth and development opportunities. With several years of elevated attrition rates, employee retention has become a critical focus as industries like healthcare struggle to deal with staff shortages. Traditional, siloed systems frequently prevent employers from knowing the talent they currently possess, while their employees lack visibility to future career growth. Talent Empowerment enables a new employee experience within the Infor HR Talent offering that will improve employee retention and engagement by creating personalized career paths for each individual in the organization. Infor HR solutions move beyond inflexible packaged software by leveraging new technologies, such as AI, cloud computing and big data, to deliver fully connected, user-focused solutions that provide capabilities that are inherently collaborative and intuitive. Utilizing this new application, organizations can support every stage of the career journey from early talent to tenured employees keen for a new challenge. With Infor's new Talent Empowerment platform, organizations will be able to find hidden talent, match people to work they love, simplify onboarding and cross-boarding, seamlessly connect to learning and development plans and identify future leaders. Most importantly, every step is personalized based on Infor's behavioral assessment Talent Science, enabling organizations to go beyond conventional career journeys to ensure each individual has a career plan as unique as they are. "Employee retention is top of mind for every CHRO right now as employees often struggle to see their future within their organization. They frequently lament the fact that external sources such as job websites and outside recruiters make it easier to find opportunities than in their own organization does," said Marcus Mossberger, Infor senior industry & solution strategy director. "Infor is changing that. With Talent Empowerment, organizations can better leverage current talent and reduce costly turnover by ensuring individuals have access to growth and development opportunities that they crave." About Infor Infor is a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry. We develop complete solutions for our focus industries. Infor's mission-critical enterprise applications and services are designed to deliver sustainable operational advantages with security and faster time to value. Over 60,000 organizations in more than 175 countries rely on Infor's 17,000 employees to help achieve their business goals. As a Koch company, our financial strength, ownership structure, and long-term view empower us to foster enduring, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Visit

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Jobma Has Introduced Robust AI Capabilities to Enhance its Digital Interview Platform

PRweb | April 03, 2023

Jobma has announced a significant update that will leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence to provide recruiters and Hiring Managers with more meaningful information for making better hiring decisions. This update includes innovative features that streamline the interview and screening process using video interview software. One of the most exciting new features is AI Transcription, which automatically transcribes video interviews into text format. With AI Transcription, recruiters can quickly review and analyse candidates' responses, saving valuable time and making more informed hiring decisions. These transcriptions can also be shared along with the interview videos with other stakeholders. Jobma’s AI Interview transcriptions can be an invaluable tool for hiring candidates. Transcribing interviews taken by Jobma’s video recruiting software can help keep accurate interview records. To Jobma’s users, this can be helpful in situations where they need to revisit the interview notes to make informed hiring decisions. Another critical feature is AI Emotional Analysis, which enables Jobma's users to analyse a candidate's emotions during a video interview using the power of Artificial Intelligence. This gives recruiters valuable insights into the candidate's emotional state, which can help make informed hiring decisions. Jobma’s AI emotional analysis will help its users improve the interview process by providing additional insights into a candidate's emotional responses and thereby reducing the potential for bias. By leveraging this technology, Jobma hopes organizations can make the interview process more effective, efficient, and fair. Jobma has also introduced Live Proctoring, an advanced feature that enables recruiters to monitor and control online interviews or exams in real time. This feature helps ensure the hiring process is fair, unbiased, and transparent by detecting and preventing cheating or other forms of misconduct. Live Proctoring provided by Jobma can be incredibly flexible. Just like its Video interview software suite, it can fit any specific use case - recruitment or non-recruitment- perfectly without changing how Jobma’s users hire or evaluate candidates. It also creates a fairer interview process, leading to better-quality candidates coming through the interview pipeline. And lastly, Live Proctoring can also help users judge a candidate based on their actual performance in a Live environment. In addition to these new features, Jobma has also improved its existing branding features based on user feedback. Interview branding has been revamped, enabling users to set up interviews with multiple branding options. This is particularly useful for Staffing and Recruitment firms that need to set up interviews for numerous clients. "It is our pleasure to present Jobma's latest features, including AI Transcription, AI Emotional Analysis, and Live Proctoring, which have been meticulously crafted over several years to provide our clients with ethical AI solutions. We are optimistic that these new features and improvements will completely transform the hiring process for our clients by offering them the valuable advantages of AI technology, helping them to hire more efficiently, effectively, and economically."– said Krishna Kant, Jobma’s Managing Partner. Jobma is an award-winning Digital Interview Software used by companies of all sizes to hire better candidates in a shorter period. These new features and improvements, Jobma continues to be the leading Video Interview software solution in its category. These new features are available immediately to all Jobma users. Current users can contact the Jobma support team to upgrade and use these new features and improvements. About Jobma Jobma is a Digital Interview Software company specialising in providing software solutions for recruitment and the HR industry. With over a decade of industry experience, Jobma has become a trusted provider of Video recruiting software solutions. Its mission is to help democratise access to cutting-edge recruitment technology.

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