hireEZ Unveils EZ Insights and EZ Rediscovery to Boost Outbound Recruiting

hireEZ | April 05, 2022

Tech Recruitment
On April 4th, premier AI-based outbound recruitment solution provider announced the launch of its newest tools, EZ rediscovery and EZ Insights. Both solutions are designed to provide outbound recruiters with the edge they need to drive data-powered recruitment in a competitive market.

"EZ Rediscovery and EZ Insights represent key milestones as part of our long-term product roadmap as we work to accelerate outbound recruiting within the industry. These additions to our product portfolio are designed to help organizations make the seismic shift from passive to proactive recruiting with access to up-to-date candidate profiles and market data. Having the right information at the right time is the single most important factor that will determine the success of organizations today that need to hire the right talent to scale and support their growth objectives. Leadership team members who are responsible for workforce planning can't rely on anecdotal evidence alone. "

- Steven Jiang, founder & CEO of hireEZ

Many organizations today use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage and organize data of applicants. This information is bound to become outdated and irrelevant. With EZ Rediscovery organizations will be able to leverage the profiles of potential candidates from their existing data by updating crucial data points like work experience, skills, and contact information.

"We developed EZ Rediscovery to address a critical unmet need that so many organizations face today. Many recruiters rely on their ATS to search for potential candidates, but if that information doesn't reflect a candidate's recent work experience or includes incorrect contact information that puts the recruiter at a severe disadvantage. With EZ Rediscovery, recruiters can maximize the value of their ATS investment and easily sync candidate data across hireEZ and their ATS. EZ Insights provides the concrete and actionable data they need to make informed decisions."
- Xinwen Zhang, CTO and co-founder of hireEZ


Developing and maintaining a leadership and talent pipeline makes the list of top concerns in executive surveys year after year. This report examines data from companies around the world to determine how well those organizations are identifying, assessing and developing succession planning programs. It also suggests action plans to help your company learn how to improve your talent management processes.


Developing and maintaining a leadership and talent pipeline makes the list of top concerns in executive surveys year after year. This report examines data from companies around the world to determine how well those organizations are identifying, assessing and developing succession planning programs. It also suggests action plans to help your company learn how to improve your talent management processes.

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YOOBIC Partners With Legion to Elevate Frontline Employee Performance and Experience

YOOBIC | July 14, 2022

Today YOOBIC, the all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams, announced a new strategic partnership with Legion Technologies, a pioneer in AI-powered workforce management (WFM), to provide the most comprehensive solution available to employers with large hourly-paid workforces. The combined power of these platforms will allow more visibility, transparency, and operational efficiency for frontline teams. Hourly workforce operations are in dire need of transformation. With two-thirds of frontline workers (60%) describing their job as understaffed, and three-quarters (72%) feeling unduly worn out after work, workload management is a critical capability for today's retailers, food service operators, and other businesses. Additionally, Legion's recent State of the Hourly Workforce Report uncovered that hourly workers had an Employee Net Promoter Score of -7, indicating a deep dissatisfaction amongst this group. To boost morale and retain their best employees, businesses need to bring workloads in sync with workforce capacity. Together, Legion and YOOBIC will enable these businesses to increase employee engagement through superior task management, communication, and efficiency. These solutions will complement each other to modernize the frontline experience. Legion is recognized as a pioneer in AI-powered workforce management (WFM), with a powerful platform that helps businesses ranging from retailers and restaurants to logistics and manufacturing to optimize labor efficiency and enhance the employee experience simultaneously. With advanced AI-driven demand-forecasting and labor-budgeting, the Legion WFM platform enables organizations to optimize labor efficiency and increase sales by assigning their best workers to the shifts and situations where they are most needed. The platform also drives employee satisfaction with greater scheduling flexibility and control, modern communication tools and self-service capabilities, instant access to wage and performance information and rewards designed specifically for the needs of hourly employees and their managers. Through the new partnership, the Legion WFM platform will dovetail seamlessly with YOOBIC's game-changing mobile-optimized digital workplace tools to deliver across-the-board benefits for top retail and food service organizations as they streamline operations and engage their workforces. Together, YOOBIC and Legion will further supercharge frontline teams with capabilities that provide more efficient task management, improved labor optimization, and enhanced empowerment for hourly-paid employees. "For frontline teams, YOOBIC's powerful digital workplace platform and Legion's AI-based WFM platform really are a match made in heaven, Now, employers can automatically create optimized schedules that match business needs with employee preferences — while simultaneously empowering their frontline teams to work smarter and deliver more value along the way." -Sanish Mondkar, CEO and founder Legion. Legion has built an amazing WFM solution, and this strategic partnership will add enormous value for YOOBIC's retail and food service customers, said Fabrice Haiat, YOOBIC's CEO. By bringing together these two solutions, we're building something that's greater than the sum of its parts — a true end-to-end solution that simultaneously optimizes workforce management, boosts efficiency and engagement, and dramatically improves the employee experience. About YOOBIC- YOOBIC is an all-in-one digital workplace for frontline teams. Our mobile app gives business leaders and frontline teams the performance tools they need to communicate, learn, and work - all in one place. With streamlined communications, mobile learning, and digitized task management, YOOBIC drives operational excellence while drastically improving the frontline employee working experience. 300+ companies around the world including Boots, BurgerFi, Lancôme, Lacoste, Logitech, Peloton, Puma, Vans and Sanofi trust YOOBIC to improve operational consistency and agility, get real-time visibility into multi-location business execution, and improve their customer experience. To learn more about YOOBIC, visit or follow us on LinkedIn. About LEGION TECHNOLOGIES- Legion Technologies' mission is to transform hourly jobs into good jobs. The company's industry-leading, AI-powered workforce management (WFM) platform optimizes labor efficiency and enhances the employee experience simultaneously – at scale. The Legion WFM platform has been proven to deliver 13x ROI through schedule optimization, reduced attrition, increased productivity, and increased operational efficiency. Legion delivers cutting-edge technology in an easy-to-use platform and mobile app that employees love. The company is backed by Norwest Venture Partners, Stripes, First Round Capital, XYZ Ventures, Webb Investment Network, Workday Ventures, and NTT DOCOMO Ventures.

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CAVU HCM Introduces New Free Integrations with The Work Number and ZayZoon Platforms

CAVU Human Capital Management | May 30, 2022

CAVU Human Capital Management, an emerging solutions provider for HR, and payroll technology, announced the launch of two new free integrations. The first integration revealed by the organization with Equifax’s The Work Number. The integration automates the verification of income requests and employment verification. The second integration with ZayZoon, allows employees of the user to immediately receive their earned wages. The Work Number’s seamless, centralized, and automated solution only allows authenticated users to access over 114 million active records and complete the employment and income verification process. CAVU’s integrated service will be available at no extra cost to its clients. The partnership with ZayZoon will enable CAVU to deliver flexibility and transparency in accessing earned wages to its clients’ employees. In a survey by ZayZoon, restaurants using the solution reported an 80% reduction in cash theft by employees and a 22% increase in employee retention. 89% of employees using the solution also reported a decrease in their financial stress. "These integrations strike at the very core of our philosophy of helping our growing clients scale while empowering their employees. Both integrations save valuable time and resources for our clients and their staff." - Joe Sharpe, Co-CEO of CAVU HCM.

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SurePayroll and FreshBooks Integrate Services to Simplify Payroll and Accounting Responsibilities

SurePayroll | July 20, 2022

SurePayroll, a leading provider of small business payroll and HR solutions, and FreshBooks, a leading cloud accounting software, today launched a system integration that enables FreshBooks and SurePayroll users to automatically synchronize payroll expenses and liabilities to their FreshBooks account. The application program interface (API), eliminates manual entry, saving clients time and improving recordkeeping accuracy by automatically transmitting general ledger information once payroll processing is complete. "We continue to form partnerships and integrations to help small business owners ease pain points, increase efficiency and save time every step of the way. The SureParyoll service integration with FreshBooks is yet another way we support small business owners as they build and grow their business, care for their employees, and help them succeed." -Ted Jordan, Paychex vice president, service. SurePayroll offers a robust online payroll tool—supported by a U.S.-based service team—so small business owners can easily and accurately process payroll and taxes. Plus, SurePayroll helps small business owners care for their employees by offering 401(k) plans, workers' compensation, and health insurance. "FreshBooks is delighted to expand its product in the U.S. with payroll integration through SurePayroll, This integration offers growing small businesses an opportunity to streamline processes, and with time saved, focus on connecting with customers." -Chitra Unnikrishnan, senior director, product marketing FreshBooks. About SurePayroll- SurePayroll, a Paychex company, has been a leading provider of online payroll services to small businesses nationwide for more than 20 years. As the first software as a service payroll company, SurePayroll has grown to become a household name in easy-to-use payroll, workers' compensation, 401(k) plans, and health insurance services, all backed by an award-winning, U.S.-based customer care team. Most recently, SurePayroll added HR services to its portfolio of solutions. By offering the additional flexibility of private-label and co-branded solutions, SurePayroll serves as a strategic partner for a diverse range of businesses and trusted advisers, including financial institutions and accountants. About FreshBooks- FreshBooks is changing the way business owners manage their books. Its owner-first accounting platform, loved by businesses in over 160 countries, takes an easy-to-use approach to managing finances, billing, payments, and client engagement. FreshBooks, known for its 10x Stevie award winning customer support, serves customers of all sizes from offices in Canada, Croatia, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, and the U.S.

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