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hireEZ Unveils EZ Insights and EZ Rediscovery to Boost Outbound Recruiting

hireEZ | April 05, 2022

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On April 4th, premier AI-based outbound recruitment solution provider announced the launch of its newest tools, EZ rediscovery and EZ Insights. Both solutions are designed to provide outbound recruiters with the edge they need to drive data-powered recruitment in a competitive market.

"EZ Rediscovery and EZ Insights represent key milestones as part of our long-term product roadmap as we work to accelerate outbound recruiting within the industry. These additions to our product portfolio are designed to help organizations make the seismic shift from passive to proactive recruiting with access to up-to-date candidate profiles and market data. Having the right information at the right time is the single most important factor that will determine the success of organizations today that need to hire the right talent to scale and support their growth objectives. Leadership team members who are responsible for workforce planning can't rely on anecdotal evidence alone. "

- Steven Jiang, founder & CEO of hireEZ

Many organizations today use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage and organize data of applicants. This information is bound to become outdated and irrelevant. With EZ Rediscovery organizations will be able to leverage the profiles of potential candidates from their existing data by updating crucial data points like work experience, skills, and contact information.

"We developed EZ Rediscovery to address a critical unmet need that so many organizations face today. Many recruiters rely on their ATS to search for potential candidates, but if that information doesn't reflect a candidate's recent work experience or includes incorrect contact information that puts the recruiter at a severe disadvantage. With EZ Rediscovery, recruiters can maximize the value of their ATS investment and easily sync candidate data across hireEZ and their ATS. EZ Insights provides the concrete and actionable data they need to make informed decisions."
- Xinwen Zhang, CTO and co-founder of hireEZ


Generative A.I. is gaining more traction within workforce tools. In this Workforce News Minute, Jack Berkowitz, ADP's Chief Data Officer, shares how A.I.-driven technology is maintaining a human-centered approach.


Generative A.I. is gaining more traction within workforce tools. In this Workforce News Minute, Jack Berkowitz, ADP's Chief Data Officer, shares how A.I.-driven technology is maintaining a human-centered approach.

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Revolutionizing Payroll: Introducing the Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution

PRnewswire | July 13, 2023

Payslip, the leading pioneer in global payroll management technology, proudly unveils its game-changing innovation, the Payroll Reconciliation Solution. This cutting-edge solution is poised to transform the way global payroll professionals manage variances and discrepancies in payroll data, propelling them into a new era of efficiency and excellence. Traditionally, global payroll tasks have been a source of frustration for professionals worldwide, burdened by laborious manual reconciliation processes that consume valuable time and leave room for costly errors. However, Payslip has taken steps to revolutionize the industry by introducing a smarter, faster, and easier way to manage variances with their Payroll Reconciliation Solution. This groundbreaking solution provides an unparalleled level of accuracy and precision, ensuring that employee salary, taxes, deductions, and benefits are calculated and recorded flawlessly. By harnessing the power of advanced automation technology, the solution effortlessly compares data from local providers with the source data calculation files, instantly detecting and highlighting variances for prompt investigation and resolution by global payroll professionals. With state-of-the-art algorithms and intelligent rule systems at its core, the Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution proactively identifies inconsistencies and flags potential discrepancies, delivering real-time results. This proactive approach guarantees that issues are swiftly addressed, preventing them from slipping through the cracks and mitigating future problems. Moreover, the solution eliminates the need for manual cross-referencing during the comparison stage, empowering users to save countless hours in every pay cycle. " This new Payroll Reconciliation Solution will undoubtedly generate significant efficiencies and time savings for the Cloudera team. Currently, it takes us 1 to 2 hours per payroll per pay cycle to manually extract all this data, but with Payslip, those burdensome tasks will become a thing of the past." -David Nugent, Director, International Payroll, Cloudera. The Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution revolutionizes the analysis of Payroll Input and Gross-to-Net (GTN) files. Gone are the days of tedious manual labor and complex Excel VLOOKUPs. Now, files are instantaneously compared, and variances are automatically revealed, empowering professionals to focus their efforts on insightful analysis and strategic decision-making. Here's how it works: The Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution generates a comprehensive reconciliation report, meticulously highlighting variances between versions of payroll inputs and GTN calculations. Different versions of Payrun files are seamlessly stored and analyzed, eliminating the need for cumbersome manual efforts. Variances are swiftly detected and identified, ensuring immediate attention and resolution. The intuitive report is effortlessly downloaded, providing users with actionable insights to take necessary actions without delay. Key Benefits: The Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution automates the reconciliation processes, revolutionizing the industry standard. Instantly detects anomalies and variances, providing unparalleled accuracy and precision. Drastically reduces time and effort in every pay cycle, unlocking newfound productivity and efficiency. Eliminates file uploads and manual cross-referencing, streamlining operations for a seamless user experience. Elevates payroll efficiency and accuracy to unprecedented heights, setting new industry benchmarks. The Payslip Payroll Reconciliation Solution represents a paradigm shift in real-time variance monitoring and reconciliation. By continuously monitoring and comparing payroll data, this groundbreaking solution proactively detects variances and discrepancies, empowering global payroll professionals to take swift, data-driven actions. With Payslip's industry-leading automation technology, errors and inconsistencies in payroll calculations become relics of the past. About Payslip Payslip delivers a scale-up advantage for today’s global business leaders, harmonizing global payroll operations to fuel growth efficiency. By standardizing and automating the complexities of global payroll, Payslip’s Global Payroll Control Platform empowers outperformers to achieve execution excellence, see a bigger picture and scale at any dimension. Only Payslip’s Global Payroll Control Platform standardizes and automates workflow across HR, Finance and Global Payroll creating a highly efficient “zero touch” payroll execution process. Seamless integration and validation of employee and finance data across HCM and ERP systems eliminates the error-prone, manual back and forth transfer of payroll data. Payslip’s unified, global-first data approach unlocks and standardizes global payroll data for complete visibility into all payroll elements including salary expenses and taxes by region, by country, by employee. With Payslip businesses are finally able to harness payroll data for actionable insights and fully informed, real-time decision making.

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Paycor Launches Paycor Engage, Further Enhancing How Leaders Engage Modern Workforces

PR Newswire | August 08, 2023

Paycor HCM, Inc. ("Paycor") (Nasdaq: PYCR), a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) software, today announced the release of Paycor Engage, a new employee engagement solution that will elevate how leaders communicate with and motivate their teams. The latest solution empowers leaders with an advanced one-stop-shop to share company news, communicate with teams and recognize employees across mobile and web. Paycor Engage will also enable social collaboration for cross-functional groups across the organization. Engagement is the top driving factor of business efficiency, and organizational leaders outfitted with the right tools to inspire loyalty and active participation from employees are critical in today's workforce. Highly engaged teams experience a 40% reduction in turnover on average. As culture and employee engagement are undeniably influenced by frontline managers, engagement through Paycor Engage will elevate transparency, celebration and foster inclusivity within teams. Companies with engaged employees drive success by any measure, be it revenue, productivity, or customer satisfaction. "With employee retention continuing to remain a top concern among businesses, it is essential for leaders to ensure their employees feel engaged and valued. In fact, a recent study from found that 82% of Americans feel underappreciated at work and, according to Deloitte, recognition is highly correlated with improving employee engagement " said Ryan Bergstrom, Chief Product Officer at Paycor. "By streamlining critical information to our teams in an easy to consume, mobile first design for easy collaboration, employees are able to interact with each other and business leaders, taking company communications to the next level." About Paycor Paycor's human capital management (HCM) platform modernizes every aspect of people management, from recruiting, onboarding, and payroll to career development and retention, but what really sets us apart is our focus on leaders. For more than 30 years, we've been listening to and partnering with leaders, so we know what they need; a unified HR platform, easy integration with third party apps, powerful analytics, talent development tools, and configurable technology that supports specific industry needs. That's why more than 30,000 customers trust Paycor to help them solve problems and achieve their goals. Learn more at

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HR Acuity Study Reveals Key Insights on Workplace Harassment and Misconduct: Calls for Repairing Employee Trust in the Process to Improve Retention

PR Newswire | August 07, 2023

HR Acuity, the leading provider of employee relations case management, conducted a comprehensive study on workplace harassment and misconduct. The 2023 Workplace Harassment & Misconduct Insights dives into the challenges faced by employees who witness or experience bad behavior at work, revealing their lack of trust in the investigations process and the subsequent damage it does to their workplace loyalty. The study also reveals that despite most organizations offering anonymous reporting tools, employee distrust in those tools is rampant. Of the key findings, one of the most alarming is that nearly half (40%) of the respondents lacked confidence that their reported concerns would be thoroughly investigated and addressed fairly. Additionally, almost half of the respondents actually feared retaliation for reporting workplace concerns. The results reinforce how important it is for employees to not only understand the value of reporting but also trust the process. The study indicated that employees who experienced or witnessed behaviors including bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination were more likely to leave their jobs. In fact, a full thirty percent of affected employees no longer work for their organizations, compared to only 11% of those who had not experienced or observed such issues. "It's clear from the study results that how organizations respond to workplace harassment and bad behavior matters as much as trying to prevent it. When issues are mishandled or unresolved, culture becomes toxic, turnover increases and referrals plummet." said Deb Muller, CEO of HR Acuity. "Clear communication, improved investigation processes, and real support for anonymous reporting can help rebuild employee trust. With more transparency around investigations, organizations can foster an inclusive and safe environment that bolsters employee confidence, improves reporting and helps teams proactively address workplace harassment and misconduct." It's important to note that incidence reporting is trending in the wrong direction. In 2023, half of the employees experienced or witnessed incidents of workplace harassment or misconduct, but only 58% of these incidents were reported, a decrease from 64% in 2019. The study highlighted various reasons for underreporting, including discomfort, skepticism about the handling of issues, concerns about not being taken seriously and fears of retaliation. Finally, the study also signals the need for ER departments to prepare for unique experiences across multiple segments of the workforce. The results identified distinct challenges faced by independent contractors and transgender employees. Independent contractors reported a higher rate of issues, with a significant number occurring outside of office locations. These contractors were less likely to report issues to their managers (39%) and more likely to utilize anonymous hotlines for reporting. On the other hand, transgender employees were the most affected group, with 83% having experienced or witnessed an issue. They expressed less confidence and awareness in processes for reporting and addressing concerns, often experiencing incidents outside of the office and preferring anonymous or non-anonymous reporting methods. About HR Acuity While you can't prevent every employee relations issue, you can change how you respond. HR Acuity is the only technology platform specifically built for employee relations and investigations management. HR Acuity's SaaS technology empowers you with built in intelligence, templates and reporting so you can conduct fair investigations according to best practices; uncover trends and patterns through forward-looking data and analytics; and provide trusted, consistent experiences for your people.

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