HR Acuity Launches managER™ to Help People Leaders Get Employee Relations Right, Every Time

HR Acuity | October 28, 2021

HR Acuity Launches managER™ to Help People Leaders Get Employee Relations Right, Every Time
HR Acuity, the only technology platform purpose-built for employee relations and investigations management, today announced the launch of managER, a new technology product designed for people leaders that simplifies managing employee issues. managER solves decades-old problems of inconsistent processes, inadequate documentation and ineffective resolutions related to employee issues such as performance problems or policy violations.

"Frontline people leaders are the most direct connection between a company's brand and their employees,Until now, managers lacked the tools and guidance needed to help them handle everyday employee issues properly. managER provides the framework and technology needed to document employee issues quickly, consistently and fairly – all while building manager confidence. This results in enterprises retaining employees and creating safer workplaces."

-Deb Muller, CEO and founder of HR Acuity.

Muller further explained, "As much as technology has improved how people leaders participate in other areas of HR (coaching, performance reviews and onboarding), the opportunity for technology to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of employee relations at the manager level remains largely untapped. In addition to empowering people leaders, enlarging the scope of data captured related to employee issues delivers a powerful set of predictive insights to identify areas of concern, policy or training opportunities, potential inequities or even bias within organizations."

HR Acuity conducted a recent survey on management practices and found that just 2% of employee relations professionals were "very confident" that their managers could address and document employee relations issues effectively. The survey also found that managers lack access to historical data and need better tools to handle concerns in a uniform and compliant manner. managER closes that gap by giving people leaders the technology they need to manage employee matters in real time.

Key managER features include:

  • Step-by-step guidance on handling common workplace issues, including assistance in selecting the appropriate issue and built-in guidance to help prepare formal letters
  • Easily accessible visibility into past employee issues and actions taken to help determine next steps
  • Seamless workflows to document early warnings or deliver formal notices
  • Simple, built-in review and approval process for people leaders to get assistance or approvals from HR
  • Data from the people-leader level compiled into one centralized dashboard, allowing employee relations teams to proactively spot trends and identify patterns
  • By enabling people leaders to handle everyday employee issues with more confidence, managER gives HR and employee relations teams more time to focus on broader strategic initiatives and improve consistency and fairness across the organization. Better processes and earlier engagement also promote trust between employees and their leaders.

"For us, managER was not a hard sell,We believe in empowering our people leaders to manage their employees, but we understand that they need the help and guidance that managER provides to them. The product also facilitates communication between employee relations and people leaders. We're confident that managER will change our culture, driving more accountability for managers."

-Paula Ramirez, VP of HR Shared Services at Boeing Employee Credit Union

It's time to upgrade how people leaders handle employee issues on the front lines. Find out more about how managER, powered by HR Acuity, can help at

About HR Acuity
While you can't prevent every employee relations issue, you can change how you respond. HR Acuity is the only technology platform specifically built for employee relations management. HR Acuity's SaaS technology empowers you with built-in intelligence, templates and reporting so you can conduct best practice, fair investigations; uncover trends and patterns through forward-looking data and analytics; and provide trusted, consistent experiences for your people. For more information, visit and follow @hracuity on Twitter and LinkedIn.Be proactive. Manage risk. Build a better workplace with HR Acuity.


Psychological and psychosocial factors as well as the demographics and culture of a workplace can impact the ultimate outcome of a workers’ compensation claim and, specifically, whether the claim escalates to litigation. Understanding these issues is key to successfully navigating them before and after a worker is injured and can significantly improve the claim experience and outcome for employees and employers alike.


Psychological and psychosocial factors as well as the demographics and culture of a workplace can impact the ultimate outcome of a workers’ compensation claim and, specifically, whether the claim escalates to litigation. Understanding these issues is key to successfully navigating them before and after a worker is injured and can significantly improve the claim experience and outcome for employees and employers alike.

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AstrumU, a Seattle-based startup that is pioneering the use of machine learning to forecast the value of educational experiences in the labor market, has announced its collaboration with Missouri's Park University aimed at supporting active-duty military members on their campus. Using the AstrumU platform, military students will gain insight into how their skillsets translate into civilian career paths along with data-driven recommendations for education and training options to support their transition into high-growth industries. "For military-connected learners and veterans, the challenge of transitioning to civilian life and careers can be daunting. At the same time, military-earned skills and experiences are also surprisingly adaptable to a wide variety of career paths with the right combination of education and career navigation, This work is about helping current and former men and women in uniform to make well-informed choices about their education investments and career plans as they transition to the civilian workforce." - Shane Smeed, Park University Interim President. More than 200,000 men and women in uniform leave the military for civilian careers every year, a transition process that can be complex and difficult to navigate. Using a career advising platform, active-duty service members and veterans will gain personalized guidance on the education and training programs that can help them upskill or retrain for roles in the civilian labor market. Over its more than 145 year history, Park University has developed a strategic focus on serving a demographically diverse population of working adults, veterans, and other post-traditional learners, reflecting the growing number of adult, online, and part-time learners in higher education today. The average age of its students is 31, and 55% of its students are active-duty servicemembers or veterans. Park's new collaboration with AstrumU builds on its long-term commitment to serving active-duty military service members and veterans, embodied by the Park University Global Warrior Center, a one-stop shop for military students and families that provides dedicated support staff with military service knowledge, career advising, and other specialized support services. To create personalized career recommendations, AstrumU's platform ingests verified data directly from employers, educational providers, and participating service members to understand and predict how specific skills, credentials, and experiences translate into career outcomes. "Each year, hundreds of thousands of active-duty service members leave the military to begin new civilian career paths, and it can often be a major challenge to understand how military experiences translate to civilian industries, This work is about empowering military-connected learners and veterans with the insights they need to chart a course to career and economic mobility after completing their military service." - Adam Wray, CEO of AstrumU. About Park University: Founded in 1875 in Parkville, Mo., a suburb of Kansas City, Park University is a nonprofit, private institution that is a national leader in higher education. In 2000, Park achieved university status and currently serves more than 13,250 students at 41 campuses in 22 states and online, including Parkville, Independence and Kansas City, Mo.; Lenexa, Kan.; Gilbert, Ariz.; Barstow and Victorville, Calif.; Columbus, Ohio; Austin and El Paso, Texas; and 31 military installations across the country. About AstrumU: AstrumU translates educational experiences into economic opportunity. We are on a mission to quantify the return on education investment for learners, education providers, and employers. We help institutions measure the value created for incoming and returning students, while assisting them in securing industry partnerships that lead students seamlessly into high-demand career pathways. Institutions partner with AstrumU to drive enrollment and increase alumni and corporate engagement, while extending economic mobility opportunities inclusively to all learners.

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Staffbase Acquires Valo to Form the Leading Internal Communication Platform for Microsoft 365®

Staffbase | December 01, 2021

Staffbase, a leading provider of digital solutions for internal communications, announces the acquisition of Valo Solutions, the leading provider of intranets and workplace solutions for Microsoft 365, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams. This acquisition further strengthens the commitment to fully support employee communications teams that work within the Microsoft 365 environment. Gartner estimates that Microsoft owns nearly 90 percent of the productivity software market and since Covid-19 began to affect workplaces around the world, the number of Teams users expanded from 75 million in April 2020 to 145 million as of April 2021. Acquisition creates the world's largest and fastest growing internal communications company. Recognizing that Microsoft 365 is central to most digital workplace strategies, Staffbase and Valo unite to make a difference in the way people experience work by providing a world-class employee communication and engagement platform for Microsoft 365 users. Transparent internal communication and great employee experience leads to improved employee well-being, motivation, and efficient workflow. From content creation to sharing, design, and measurement, the joint offering will empower organizations to deliver timely, impactful communication to their employees anywhere, anytime, on any device. "The Valo team has built an incredible company with a unique culture and the best talent in the industry with deep knowledge of the Microsoft ecosystem, Together, with the highly engaged global Valo partner network, we will elevate communication and employee experience across all major internal comms channels, including intranets, SharePoint, Teams, employee apps, email, and digital signage." - Staffbase CEO and co-founder, Martin Böhringer. "I feel that something unique has been born. Together we make a difference for over five million users' workplace experiences worldwide. Combining the two technically robust platforms to complete the seamless employee experience offers both Staffbase and Valo users great possibilities for meeting the ever-changing needs of a world that requires more personalized and agile digital communication solutions in hybrid workplaces, I am most thrilled about the opportunity for our talented people to have a global impact on the future of internal communications." - Valo CEO Marc Josefsson. Two Award-winning IC Providers Valo has received several awards in recent years, being selected three times as Best Intranet/Extranet Solution by the European SharePoint Community and as the Intranet Choice — Value Award by UK-based independent intranet consultancy company ClearBox Consulting. Staffbase has been rated as the best employee communication software in several G2 categories, such as Enterprise Leader, High Performer, and Best Support, and received the ClearBox 2021 Global Employee App Choice Award and MarCom's 2021 Gold Award for the Best App for Business. Customers will continue using their trusted providers and will eventually have access to a fully integrated multichannel internal communication platform under the Staffbase brand. About Valo Solutions Valo Solutions is an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) from Helsinki, Finland, established in 2001. Based on Microsoft 365 services, such as SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, Valo offers the digital workplace for employees to fall in love with. With offices in Australia, Canada, Finland, and Poland, Valo provides solutions for more than 900 customers and three million happy end-users in 50 different countries. Please visit for more information. About Staffbase Staffbase is one of the fastest growing, most experienced internal communications platform providers for enterprise companies. The mobile compatibility of the company's platform allows employers to securely reach their employees everywhere with reduced complexity — whether in the office, at home, on the factory floor, or on the road. Staffbase solutions give employees greater access to the corporate information that's relevant to them, along with tools for the modern digital workplace, including existing intranets. With headquarters in Chemnitz, Germany, and offices in Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne, Dresden, Kelowna, London, Munich, New York City, and Vancouver, Staffbase provides branded solutions for more than 1,000 leading companies worldwide who are transforming their employee communications, including Adidas, Audi, Paulaner, Spark Power, UC Health, US LBM, and Vestas. Staffbase was recently awarded the 2021 Global Employee App Choice by Clearbox Consulting and is once again the #1 Employee Communications Software on G2.

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Tinuiti Launches "Thankful Giving" Initiative for Employees to "Give Where You Live"

Tinuiti | November 30, 2021

Tinuiti, the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, Amazon today announced "Thankful Giving," a year-round employee-driven philanthropic program to empower the more than 1,000 employees to "give where you live" and support local organizations that have made the most impact on them and their communities throughout the pandemic. Launched on Giving Tuesday, Tinuiti will select organizations submitted by employees, make a donation in the employee's name, and share those stories across the company. Thankful Giving spotlights two guiding principles that stand out in Tinuiti company life: "talent over geography" and "culture of ownership" with more than 1,000 employees across 40 states, 9 time zones, and nearly 450 cities. Tinuiti recognizes and respects that throughout the pandemic, their employees have spent more time in their communities than ever before. Instead of rushing through their neighborhoods for harried morning commutes and returning home after the sun went down, they instead spent time getting to better know and appreciate their communities, whether it's taking advantage of a local dog park or volunteering at a food bank. "Tinuiti understands employees don't work from home, they work from their communities and home extends beyond their doorsteps and into their neighborhoods and towns, This time working from home in our communities has made us take stock of how much our communities actually give back to us. They fortify and nourish us and our neighbors. We're thankful for all the communities all over the United States that have helped sustain our employees during these past two years and now we want to help our employees give back in return to help their neighborhoods." - Tinuiti CEO, Zach Morrison. As part of the Thankful Giving program, employees shared personal, heartfelt stories in making the case on why they'd like the company to donate to their local organization. Tinuiti selected local organizations to receive a donation in the employee's name. The Thankful Giving name derives from "Thankful Living," one of the company's five core values. The first set of organizations chosen by employees are: The Children's Heart Foundation: The country's leading organization solely dedicated to funding congenital heart defect (CHD) research. The Center on Colfax:The largest LGBTQ community center in the Rocky Mountain region (Denver)giving voice to Colorado's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer community and playing a pivotal role in statewide initiatives to reduce harassment and discrimination. The Animal Pad: All-breed dog rescue in San Diego that focuses on saving dogs from high kill shelters and the streets of Mexico. Tinuiti's People-First Approach Unlike most other marketing agencies and tech companies, Tinuiti has been a "talent over geography" company since the beginning, allowing the top minds in the industry to work from wherever they'd like. Tinuiti made its first remote hire back in 2008 and a decade later, the majority of its employees work remotely. Tinuiti has used its status as an independent agency to create a thriving work culture where people want to give their best every day and have fun while they're at it—while also being recognized for the work they do, receiving generous benefits and being seen and heard at their jobs. The company is currently hiring for multiple roles across divisions. Tinuiti has received numerous awards for its culture including ranking #1 in Ad Age's 2019 & 2020 Best Workplaces, receiving an Employer of the Year and Top Boss awards from Digiday, and being named to Inc.'s Best Places to Work list in 2020 and 2021. The firm pulls in Employee Net Promoter Scores unheard of in the industry with a consistent eNPS of over 50 and ranks way above the industry average for its employee retention rates. In 2021, Tinuiti developed two other culture initiatives to fuel employee happiness: "Second Impressions" brought together employees who had never met in real life because of the pandemic, flying employees around the country so they could meet their "work besties" in real life. And for "Tinuiti Recharge," the company mandated that employees a week off in October to focus on mental health, recalibrate, and recharge to help get through the long-tail of this pandemic and ready themselves for the Q4 sprint. About Tinuiti Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing firm across Streaming TV and the Triopoly of Google, Facebook, Amazon, with nearly $3 billion in digital media under management and over 1000 employees. With industry-leading expertise in search, social, Amazon and marketplaces, addressable TV and mobile apps, CRM and email marketing and more, Tinuiti understands that success requires both strategy and channel expertise. Each solution is delivered through Tinuiti's performance planning framework, GAMMA, and is enabled by a proprietary suite of marketing intelligence and media activation technology – Mobius.

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