HR and Payroll Service Provider MassPay Rebrands to MP: Wired for HR

MassPay | January 11, 2021

HR and payroll organization, MassPay, announced that it has rebranded to MP: Wired for HR. The rebranding comes as the Human Capital Management (HCM) arrangements organization has seen outstanding development in its contributions and customer base. In the course of recent years, MP has extended from a Massachusetts payroll organization to a cross country HCM arrangements supplier with more than 1,300 clients in every one of the 50 states and spanning all industries. MP offers a full continuum of answers for smooth out HCM, going from payroll and time, to talent acquisition, to benefits administration, just as HR counseling services.

The new corporate tagline, "wired for HR" comes from MP's profound comprehension of how the whole HR ecosystem is associated. The way that organizations treat and deal with their workers frequently decides their prosperity. MP realizes that HR tremendously affects a finance managers technique, including employee engagement, performance optimization, hazard alleviation, team culture, and eventually, an association's productivity.

"This is an exciting milestone for our company, our clients, and our partners," said MP's Founder and CEO, Jason Maxwell.  "Payroll and HR solutions are at the core of what we do.  However, it has also become increasingly clear that HR leaders and CEOs need tools to deliver a better employee experience. MP provides employers with a modern platform that quickly becomes central to their business strategy and their employee experience."


PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND SCREENING is now a must for most organizations. Roughly 73% of employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2010 reported requiring some form of background check prior to making a hiring decision. That number will only grow as more companies and human resources departments view background checks as a way to keep staff and customers safe, weed out unsavory employees and prevent negligent hiring claims.


PRE-EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND SCREENING is now a must for most organizations. Roughly 73% of employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management in 2010 reported requiring some form of background check prior to making a hiring decision. That number will only grow as more companies and human resources departments view background checks as a way to keep staff and customers safe, weed out unsavory employees and prevent negligent hiring claims.

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Brookfield Properties Accelerates Neurodiversity Hiring with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions

CAI | June 27, 2022

CAI, a global technology services firm, announced that Brookfield Properties, a real estate services and development company, will increase neurodiversity hiring with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions, an end-to-end neurodiversity employment program, within their retail sector. Brookfield Properties will launch a new employment effort with three neurodivergent individuals as well as a team leader to support and oversee the program. Unemployment rates for neurodivergent adults ranges from 30 to 40%, equating to eight times the rate for people without a disability1. People with neurological differences including but not limited to autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia and ADHD offer a different perspective to analyzing data and problem-solving. However, neurodivergent individuals struggle to gain employment due to typical interviewing techniques and retain employment due to the lack of workplace accommodations2. With a successful neurodiversity employment program that replaces the traditional interview process and creates a supportive environment, neurodivergent team members from CAI Neurodiverse Solutions experience performance equal to or exceeding their neurotypical peers. With an ongoing focus on diversity, equity and inclusion, Brookfield Properties is ramping up their neurodiversity and veteran hiring to enrich their team. Vern Johnson, director of Human Resources for Retail at Brookfield Properties explained: “Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords at Brookfield Properties. Bringing together different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences is an integral part of our mission. It is woven into our company’s DNA. We chose to collaborate with CAI Neurodiverse Solutions to help streamline and support neurodiversity efforts while enhancing our environment and culture. This will always be an important priority for us.” “When we think differently, we challenge the status quo and reach new levels of success, It’s a win-win—employers benefit from thought-provoking neurodivergent employees, and neurodivergent employees benefit from rewarding and life-changing careers.” -Anthony Pacilio, vice president of Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI. CAI Neurodiverse Solutions will provide ongoing support as the Brookfield Properties team grows. The program will supply a pipeline of diverse talent and elevate their corporate reputation by ensuring cultural alignment and maintaining high retention and productivity rates. About CAI CAI is a global technology services firm with over 6,500 associates worldwide and a yearly revenue of $1 billion+. We have over 40 years of excellence in uniting talent and technology to power the possible for our clients, colleagues, and communities. As a privately held company, we have the freedom and focus to do what is right—whatever it takes. Our tailor-made solutions create lasting results across the public and commercial sectors, and we are trailblazers in bringing neurodiversity to the enterprise. About Brookfield Properties Brookfield Properties is a leading global developer and operator of high-quality real estate assets. We are active in nearly all real estate sectors, including office, retail, multifamily, hospitality and logistics, operating more than 800 properties and over 375 million square feet of real estate in gateway cities around the globe on behalf of Brookfield Asset Management, one of the largest asset managers in the world. With a focus on sustainability, a commitment to excellence, and the drive for relentless innovation in the planning, development and management of buildings and their surroundings, Brookfield Properties is reimagining real estate from the ground up.

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LiveHire and Enboarder Collaborate to Offer a Cutting-Edge Onboarding Experience

LiveHire | June 16, 2022

Industry-leading total talent platform, LiveHire announced a partnership with Enboarder, the world’s first and only people activation platform, to offer a tailored onboarding experience for organizations when making new hires. "Our integration with Enboarder comes at an opportune time where candidate experience is vital to recruitment, Enboarder's integration with LiveHire provides a seamless transition from recruitment to onboarding that is experience-driven from end-to-end." -Christy Forest, LiveHire CEO. "At Enboarder, our mission is to help organizations put their people and human connection at the center of everything they do. By integrating our People Activation Platform with LiveHire, we'll ensure that companies worldwide are providing their new employees with a smooth transition from the hiring to onboarding process, solidifying strong connection and engagement throughout the employee's entire journey." - Brent Pearson, founder and CEO of Enboarder Organizations are increasingly looking to deliver a candidate-friendly onboarding experience. Considering that bad onboarding practices increase attrition and cost millions of dollars every year, LiveHire and Enboarder’s partnership comes at an ideal time. The combined strength of their offering will increase flexibility and create a seamless transfer of data. "Kent Removals and Storage have undertaken a highly successful dual partnership and integration with LiveHire and Enboarder as part of our people initiative to ensure an excellent candidate and employee journey. What we have loved about LiveHire is that we can be agile in our messaging and contact with candidates, ensuring that we are communicating to everyone their status and progress. The talent community is a great way for us to engage passive candidates and build a connection for opportunities down the track. With Enboarder, the workflows allow us to really tailor the onboarding to the needs of our changing workforce. Catering to our blue and white collar staff and those on site and remote is easy with Enboarder. We get to engage with our new hires the moment they accept and keep them engaged during that critical time during their notice period. Having both systems in play means the journey from candidate to employee is seamless, engaging, intuitive and fun. Our feedback to date indicates that we are just shy of reaching a 5 star rating for this integration." - Paula McCabe, Head of Talent and Performance at Kent Removals and Storage

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The Execu|Search Rebrands, is Now Called Tandym Group

The Tandym Group | June 28, 2022

The Tandym Group has replaced The Execu|Search Group as a top provider of workforce solutions, contract staffing, consulting, and recruitment services with offices across the United States. The company's strong growth history and status as a national staffing and consulting partner to clients and candidates across a wide range of industries led to the name change, which came after a thorough rebranding exercise. "Our rebranding is more than a new name, logo, and color palette. It's an opportunity for us to better communicate our strategic vision and the ways in which we support our clients in navigating the constantly changing and demanding labor and business markets. We have grown over the last three decades, diversifying and deepening our expertise while expanding into a national footprint. Through this evolution, we've always worked alongside our client and candidate partners with a consultative approach—and our brand needed to reflect that. Our new name perfectly aligns our identity with the highly personalized service our clients and candidates expect from us." - Larry Dolinko, CEO, Tandym Group In an increasingly complicated skilled workforce environment, the organization works in tandem with clients and applicants alike. The new brand highlights this collaborative, highly adaptable, and solutions-oriented approach. With a concentrated focus and resources synchronized with a shared corporate objective, the rebranding integrates all business verticals—Tandym Health, Tandym Life Sciences, Tandym Pro, and Tandym Tech—under a single identity. "Today is a landmark event for our company. Our name served us well for many years, but it was time for our brand to catch up to who we are today and where we are going in the future. The new brand represents our mission, vision and values, which center around serving our clients as a true partner, helping them accomplish their goals." Kyle Mattice, Chief Commercial Officer, Tandym Group "Our rebranding is rooted in our continued commitment to our clients and the renewal of our corporate vision. The name 'Tandym' captures the concepts of interaction and connectedness, core to our capabilities and a reflection of our priorities." Charles Heskett, Tandym Group's Executive Chairman

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