Humanforce Enhances Platform with New Payroll Solution

Humanforce | September 15, 2022 | Read time : 02:49 min

Humanforce Enhances Platform with New Payroll Solution
Humanforce, a provider of workforce management (WFM) solutions, today announced the launch of its new payroll solution, transforming the Humanforce platform into an 'all-in-one' for Australian & New Zealand HR and payroll professionals.

With this new addition Humanforce is now delivering a seamlessly integrated, automated, accurate and compliant workforce management and payroll experience.

"The launch of Humanforce Payroll is an exciting step forward in being able to offer Australian & New Zealand businesses a truly unified and all-in-one workforce management and payroll solution, Empowering workforce, payroll and HR professionals with a single interface reduces the admin burden and risk of errors from timesheet right through to payslip. The solution also empowers employees by providing real-time access to their data and financial wellbeing programs such as earned wage access, all from the Humanforce mobile app."

- Clayton Pyne, Chief Executive Officer of Humanforce

Humanforce Payroll, powered by leading Australian payroll specialist Payroll Metrics, requires no integration, making the implementation process hassle-free. Humanforce WFM and Payroll is highly configurable and tailored to unique business needs.

Payroll Metrics' new partnership with Humanforce brings together both companies' expertise in payroll and workforce management, to offer Humanforce's customers the simplicity of a single source of truth for all the information HR and payroll professionals need in their day-to-day tasks, said Greg McManus, Founder & Managing Director of Payroll Metrics.

For over 20 years Humanforce's objective has been to take the complexity of workforce management and make it as simple as possible for businesses; an approach that Payroll Metrics shares with us when it comes to payroll. The combined breadth and depth of two best-of-breed platforms delivered in a single user and customer experience is what the market has been waiting for, and it's finally here, Pyne added.

The key benefits of Humanforce's new payroll solution include:

Workforce management and payroll in a single platform: a comprehensive all-in-one workforce management and payroll platform, offering automated and secure data flows so you can be confident in data accuracy, business efficiency and compliance. The single interface also allows easy navigation between all core HR and payroll tasks such as Onboarding, Rostering, Time & Attendance, Payroll and Early Wage Access.

Increased employee wellbeing: with integration across Humanforce Payroll and workforce management, businesses can offer earned wage access options to reduce employee financial stress.

Easy implementation and faster time to value: Humanforce Payroll requires no integration with the Humanforce platform. Customers can begin using and learning Humanforce workforce management and payroll early in the onboarding process for a faster time to value and measurable benefits from the onset.

Eliminate security and compliance concerns: with lock and key security, business data across Humanforce is only accessible and available to whomever businesses choose, if and when they need it. Humanforce also offers an award interpretation engine, along with Single Touch Payroll (STP/STP2), Payday Filing, SuperStream and KiwiSaver compliance.

Mitigate data risk: bringing together all employee, rostering and payroll data flows in one solution helps to avoid potential errors when uploading multiple files, entering manual inputs and double-handling data.

Configurable to business needs: highly configurable to individual business' needs and the unique requirements of their shift-based workforce, with flexible clocking and rostering options, as well as the choice to process bulk or one-off payroll events.

The Humanforce all-in-one solution improves the employee experience for our customers' shift-based, roster-driven (or 'deskless') workforce and provides their teams with the tools they need to excel. Without the need for manual effort, our customers can get back to strategic business operations and not lose valuable time juggling multiple systems, said Pyne.

About Humanforce
Humanforce is a leading provider of shift-based workforce management solutions that simplifies onboarding, scheduling, time and attendance, employee engagement and communication. Customers in more than 23 countries use Humanforce to optimise costs, realise compliance confidence, empower their team and drive growth. Customers include Secure Parking, Flight Centre, Aveo, Estia, Accor, Delaware North and more. Humanforce was founded in Sydney in 2002, and today has offices across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the UK.


The Future of Work is now.  The question is what role will HR have in it?  That’s the question at the center of CultureIQ’s latest report:  The Future of Work:  Strategy, Culture and HR’s Role. The company collaborated with Bloomberg to survey 300 senior executives about the topic with the aim to better understand how they see things changing and how prepared they are for those changes.   The data uncovers three converging forces that will shape the workforce and workplace.


The Future of Work is now.  The question is what role will HR have in it?  That’s the question at the center of CultureIQ’s latest report:  The Future of Work:  Strategy, Culture and HR’s Role. The company collaborated with Bloomberg to survey 300 senior executives about the topic with the aim to better understand how they see things changing and how prepared they are for those changes.   The data uncovers three converging forces that will shape the workforce and workplace.

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