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Humu, the HR technology company that pioneered science-backed nudges that make it easy for employees to develop new habits, today launched Humu Coach for Managers. This new suite of features gives managers the insights and guidance they need to unlock their teams' greatest potential. It's the latest example of Humu's industry leadership in shaping the future of work.

Managers have always played a critical role in driving team success, but the seismic shifts of the past two years have made them even more important. Managers serve as change agents and the connection point between strategy and employee action, often single handedly impacting an employee's experience. The challenge is that managers are under more pressure than ever from both senior leadership and their employees—and are too overwhelmed to lead their teams effectively. And the stakes are high: according to Humu's data, a single bad manager costs an organization an average of $70,000 annually. Humu found, however, that when managers are effective, they are up to 2x more likely to retain employees over the course of a year and their teams have 22% higher engagement.

With Coach for Managers, Humu is helping organizations improve retention, performance, and the employee experience by transforming every manager into a great manager. The suite helps managers and their teams build behaviors that support organization-wide goals, gives them insight into where their teams can improve, helps them effectively coach each person based on their unique needs, and guides managers through a variety of new or challenging situations.

"We've all heard that people quit managers, not jobs. This is more true than ever against the backdrop of hybrid work experimentation and an ongoing talent shortage, A great manager is the best retention strategy an organization has, but many companies struggle to provide managers with the tools, support, and training they need to reach their full potential as leaders. Humu will empower managers who are under pressure from leadership and their teams alike, to deliver on their biggest goals and drive organization-wide success."

- Laszlo Bock, co-founder and Executive Chairperson at Humu

Available today, with additional new features to be rolled out in the months ahead, Humu Coach for Managers will consist of a unique set of capabilities to create better experiences for managers and their teams, including:

Smart Agendas: Make 1:1s—the most valuable interactions between managers and their reports—more effective by collaborating on a shared Smart Agenda, complete with intelligent topic recommendations based on team and employee insights. Managers will:
  • Receive timely reminders to prepare for the week's upcoming 1:1s.
  • Receive agenda suggestions that relate to broader organizational initiatives.
  • See trends in which topics are discussed over time, and get recommendations based on them.

Team Insights: Understand where improvement is needed with team and employee Focus Areas, and expertly coach each team member by leveraging Coaching Guides, Work Style Assessments, and detailed Employee Profiles.

(Coming soon) Workflows: Guide managers through crucial moments in the employee lifecycle—like new hire onboarding, work anniversaries, employee offboarding, and more with automated Workflows.

We have seen how effective Humu's science-backed approach is in uniting and engaging employees and teams in large organizations, Now, with Humu Coach for Managers, we are thrilled to introduce a suite of features specifically designed to help anticipate what managers need and automatically deliver personalized, proven guidance right within their flow of daily work. And there's a lot more to come, said Scott Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer at Humu, who assumed his role in August 2022 to lead a new chapter of product innovation and growth.

As managers continue to bear the responsibility of making or breaking an employee's experience, they'll need more personalized, targeted support than ever. Humu has already helped Fortune 500 companies unlock important goals to improve retention, performance and overall employee experience.

About Humu
Humu is an HR technology platform that makes it easy for every manager to be effective. Humu helps managers effortlessly build new habits and unlock the potential of their teams at some of the world's largest companies by delivering timely, personalized guidance.


NORTEC partnered with the Lismore Workers Club and Lismore Golf Club to deliver a hands-on Hospitality course for twelve Hospitality students. We caught up with Jenny Rock (NORTEC Branch Manager), Simon Crethar (NORTEC Trainer), and two of the students, Morgan and Dwayne, to speak to them about their experiences with this initiative, and how they think the first six weeks of the twelve week course went. NORTEC Employment and Training: Creating Opportunities and Inspiring Futures.


NORTEC partnered with the Lismore Workers Club and Lismore Golf Club to deliver a hands-on Hospitality course for twelve Hospitality students. We caught up with Jenny Rock (NORTEC Branch Manager), Simon Crethar (NORTEC Trainer), and two of the students, Morgan and Dwayne, to speak to them about their experiences with this initiative, and how they think the first six weeks of the twelve week course went. NORTEC Employment and Training: Creating Opportunities and Inspiring Futures.

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Lenovo Global IT Ramps Up HR Digital Transformation with UiPath Automation Technologies Globally

UiPath | October 18, 2022

UiPath (NYSE: PATH), a leading enterprise automation software company, today announced that Lenovo has achieved significant productivity and efficiency gains from implementing UiPath automation technologies globally. Lenovo embarked on an enterprise-wide digital transformation with their 3S strategy—Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Verticals—for industries. The successful digital transformation by Lenovo Group IT was attributed to the strong integration and application of enterprise automation, AI, and machine learning, as well as other integration technologies. As a global technology powerhouse, Lenovo provides millions of intelligent devices to users all around the world. As the organization expands into new areas of infrastructure, mobile, solutions and services, enterprise-wide automation has become an important goal. To support this, Lenovo’s Global IT team has identified and implemented new digital transformation initiatives across the departments of finance, human resources (HR), and internal audit. Given the evolving needs of the workforce as the organization grows, Lenovo’s Global IT team realized the potential for enterprise automation to streamline workflows, improve accuracy, and allow employees to focus on more value-added tasks. To support the implementation of enterprise-wide automation, Lenovo’s Global IT team has successfully built automation processes across multiple workflows, enabling the global HR team to support and maximize business resources. Business efficiency and process optimization through RPA Managing a large workforce has led to high workloads for the Global HR team, which has to grapple with multiple tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming processes every month. As such, Lenovo’s Global IT team identified personal income tax declaration, expenses reimbursement, and payroll calculation as critical areas where automation would have a transformative effect by deploying software robots. As a start, Lenovo built a Tax Declaration Robot that can automatically downloads data, generates individual income tax files, performs income tax declarations and data verification, and automatically reruns when an exception occurs. Robots have also been built to enable highly visualized, structured, and digitalized payroll calculation processes, which facilitates the tracking of employee attendance in an efficient and convenient manner. The robots also can also identify invoices through optical character recognition (OCR) software, and automatically generate, upload, and submit files in reimbursement processes, which has brought significant productivity gains. As a result, Lenovo has achieved time savings of more than 90%, increased recognition accuracy rate by nearly 99%, and substantially improved verification quality and timeliness on processes. Maximized data utilization Enterprise automation technology has helped Lenovo to significantly improve its data accuracy, and reduce the propensity for erroneous data input. Since implementing the robots, Lenovo has not encountered any business errors in such areas, and efficiency has increased by five to eight times, ensuring the timeliness of tax declaration and payroll payment. This helped the HR team to save at least 6,000 hours per year, freeing them to do more value-added work. “Lenovo has been implementing UiPath to automate processes throughout our company, with the goal of gaining efficiencies and freeing up our employee’s time to focus on more rewarding types of work. The results so far have been very positive, including faster processes. Even better, our employees report an enhanced work experience, as now they can put their energy toward more engaging, higher-order activities. Our next step is looking at how we can bring this type of automation even further to other areas of Lenovo, as we continue our digital transformation journey.” - Arthur Hu, SVP and Global CIO, Lenovo and CTO, Solutions and Services Group Integration of rich AI technologies in operations By pairing UiPath’s AI and automation technology, Lenovo’s robots can not only upload documents and data for specific tasks and sub-processes, but are able to automate full departmental processes, such as HR onboarding identification through self-developed OCR. This has allowed Lenovo to experience the benefits and opportunities of hyperautomation, freeing their human workforce to focus on more impactful tasks. Chris Weber, Chief Business Officer at UiPath said, We are pleased to play a key role in Lenovo’s automation journey to increase efficiency and reduce complexity amidst the evolving needs and requirements of the organization. Through our collaboration, we hope to establish Lenovo as a Fully Automated Enterprise to support their business growth using our end-to-end automation platform. About UiPath UiPath has a vision to deliver the Fully Automated Enterprise™, one where companies use automation to unlock their greatest potential. UiPath offers an end-to-end platform for automation, combining the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution with a full suite of capabilities that enable every organization to rapidly scale digital business operations.

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Hireology Referrals Now Directly Integrates With 80+ Payroll and ATS Providers

HIREOLOGY | September 09, 2022

Hireology, the leading hiring and HR platform for decentralized hiring announced today that its built-in employee referral management platform, Hireology Referrals, now integrates with more than 80 payroll and applicant tracking system (ATS) providers. With this release, Hireology Referrals customers can automatically sync employee data with their HR platforms of choice, allowing for a faster and more efficient hiring process. Today's update eliminates the need for the manual transfer of job, candidate, and employee data, allowing existing Hireology Referrals users to keep records up-to-date in real time and giving new users the power to get set up and start driving referrals sooner. At a time of historic labor supply and demand imbalance, the ability to shave days or even hours off the hiring process can be the difference between filling open roles and losing top talent to competitors. "Moving fast on top applicants is more important than ever today. But too often, cumbersome, disparate HR systems prevent businesses from moving at the speed necessary to stay fully staffed, With today's update, Hireology Referrals customers will be able to significantly cut down on manual work, speed up their hiring processes, and build their best teams fast." -Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology With Hireology Referrals, HR teams can create and monitor a range of internal referral campaigns (including text, email, and QR codes), manage referral candidates, and keep track of referral bonus payouts all from one intuitive platform. Among Hireology customers using the tool, employee referrals drive more new hires than any other applicant source. Since acquiring EmployUs in 2021, Hireology has grown the company's customer base by more than 3500% and helped some customers generate up to 50,000 referrals in a single year. At a time when talent supply is low and hiring is harder than it's been in decades, employee referrals are a critical source of applicants and new hires, So no matter what ATS and payroll provider you use whether it's Hireology, Netchex, or any number of other players out on the market, we want you to be able to take advantage of this robust software and execute an employee referral program that drives real ROI,Robinson said. Hireology Referrals has always integrated directly with Hireology's leading applicant tracking system. But today's update expands the integration capabilities to many additional players in the space including UKG, ADP, Netchex, Paylocity, BambooHR, and many more. The integration is now available for free for all Hireology Referrals users. The full list of supported payroll and ATS providers along with additional Q&A about the update is available here. ABOUT HIREOLOGY Hireology is an all-in-one recruiting, hiring, and employee management platform that empowers decentralized businesses to build their best teams. The company equips HR and business leaders with the support and tools needed to manage the full employee lifecycle from pre- to post-hire in one seamless platform. With focused expertise across several industries including retail automotive, healthcare, professional and consumer services, and hospitality more than 7,500 businesses rely on Hireology for their hiring, HR, and payroll needs, putting people at the center of their organizations.

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Visier and HR.com Partner to Provide HR Practitioners with People Analytics Skills

Visier and HR.com | November 02, 2022

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and on-demand answers for people-powered business, today announced a new partnership with HR.com, the largest online community of human resources (HR) practitioners, designed to support the growing demands on HR professionals to unlock the value of their organizations' people data. Through this partnership, Visier and HR.com will offer HR professionals a wealth of resources to build their personal and organizational analytical skills. This includes webinars, starter guides for people analytics, regular thought leadership content, as well as direct access through HR.com into Visier's Benchmarks of over 20 million employee records. Practitioners can use these benchmarks to reference data like career progression, exit, and diversity metrics across the last few years across 22 different industries. "The amount of data HR professionals encounter day-to-day is staggering, and it's coming across multiple fragmented systems, making it difficult to discern true insights, People data has the transformative ability to help organizations meet the disruptions and challenges of today's market, but this means building new capabilities inside of HR, and upleveling the skills of HR professionals, to unleash the power of the growing mountain of data they sit on." -Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer of Visier Over the past few years, HR teams have been inundated with a growing volume of people data. According to the 2022 Sapient Insights HR Systems Survey Report, HR teams report having 16 major HR modules in 2021, up from 10 in 2020, an overall increase of 58%. Yet, despite the increase in data, only 46% of organizations reported seeing their HR function as providing strategic value to their business, a clear divide between the work demanded of HR and the perceived value output. HR.com was founded to positively impact workforces by building up and supporting HR professionals to maximize their potential, Our partnership with Visier is a natural extension of that mission by providing tools and skills development to build more strategic HR functions through insightful data,said Debbie McGrath, CEO of HR.com. About Visier Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics, providing on-demand answers to people-powered businesses. Behind every great brand, product, or idea is the Human Truth, and the Visier People Cloud reveals the fundamental questions and actionable truths capable of elevating your employees—and your business—to new heights. Founded in 2010 by the pioneers of business intelligence, Visier has over 25,000 customers in 75 countries around the world, including enterprises like BASF, Bridgestone, Electronic Arts, McKesson, MerckKGaA, Uber, and more. Visier is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices and team members worldwide. About HR.com HR.com, the largest network of HR professionals, is committed to helping HR professionals advance and build meaningful careers. Over 2 million HR professionals rely on HR.com for education, career development, networking, and compliance 24/7/365. (How could that many people be wrong!) Offerings include 180+ leading-edge HR Research Institute industry studies, 13 HR-themed epublications, innovative professional education with 250+ annual webcasts and virtual courses, the most comprehensive HR exam prep program for SHRM/HRCI certification (prepare for a salary increase!), HR tools, and legal compliance updates.

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