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iiPay Expands into Mexico, Forging Strategic Partnership with Grupo Tress International for Global Payroll Solutions

iiPay Expands Forging Partnership with Grupo Tress International

iiPay, a global leader in innovative cloud-based payroll software technology, is excited to announce its expansion into Mexico with a new office in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. This strategic move signifies iiPay's increased focus on Latin America and showcases its dedication to providing complete global payroll solutions to global corporations. The expansion of iiPay into Mexico serves as a valuable addition to our already established teams in the U.S., UK, Europe, and Asia.

In conjunction with this global market expansion, iiPay has partnered with Grupo Tress International, a leading HR, Time and Attendance, and Payroll solutions and services provider in Mexico. This powerful combination offers a seamless global payroll solution to small, mid-market, and enterprise clients with key talent in Mexico. With a proven track record serving dozens of Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies, Grupo Tress International brings invaluable expertise, enhancing the client experience.

This strategic partnership combines iiPay's state-of-the-art innovative technology with technology and market expertise of Grupo Tress International, enabling global talent expansion, market share growth, and clients to benefit from an all-encompassing payroll solution. By leveraging this powerful synergy, businesses can optimize their processes, and pave the way for accelerated growth and success. "We are thrilled to partner with iiPay and revolutionize global payroll services" says Julio Andrade, CEO of Grupo Tress International. "Our focus on exceptional client experiences aligns perfectly with iiPay's vision. Together, we will streamline payroll processes and unlock growth opportunities."

"Our expansion into Latin America and Mexico, specifically, marks a momentous achievement for iiPay," emphasizes T. Curtis Holmes, CEO of iiPay. "We are thrilled by the prospects that lie ahead in this key region which presents exceptional opportunities for iiPay to enhance client experiences and deliver a comprehensive global payroll solution. Collaborating with Grupo Tress International empowers us to deliver unparalleled payroll services, enabling multi-national corporations to flourish in an interconnected world while propelling iiPay's growth in the region."

The Latin America market including Mexico unveils opportunities for businesses to embrace with remarkable prospects for businesses to seize upon. In 2022, the state of Nuevo Leon recorded $4.4 billion USD in Foreign Direct Investment, its highest figure since 2010. By establishing a strong presence in Mexico, iiPay embraces the market opportunity, positioning itself to thrive in this dynamic and promising business environment.

Industry experts are equally enthusiastic about the potential and opportunity in the Latin American market. According to Grant Thornton, "the IMF has recently raised its forecasts for GDP in Latin America and the Caribbean by 1.2 percentage points (pp), and now expects GDP growth of 5.8% this year, supported by the performance of Brazil and Mexico."

As iiPay continues to extend its global presence, the establishment of a new office in Monterrey, Mexico underscores the company's unwavering dedication to enhancing the client experience and meeting the ever-evolving demands of businesses on a global scale.

About iiPay

iiPay is a global leader in innovative cloud-based payroll solutions. With a strong focus on serving Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 clients, iiPay offers an exceptional payroll experience in more than 170 countries. Leveraging advanced data management, analytics, business intelligence, and employee self-service capabilities, iiPay empowers Payroll, HR, and Finance professionals with seamless global payroll management. iiPay's relentless dedication to customer service ensures that every client receives a transformative experience. Discover how iiPay simplifies global payroll operations and drives business success. Experience the power of innovation with iiPay - For Business. For People,

About Grupo Tress International

Grupo Tress Internacional is the leader in HR, Time and Attendance, Payroll, Mexican Compliance, and Employee self-service technology solutions in Mexico. Our portfolio is designed to satisfy every client need, from hybrid, cloud, and even managed payroll solutions. Grupo Tress Internacional works with very large and complex Mexican companies, 60% of the Maquiladora Industry (INDEX), and dozens of Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies. With a decades-long history of success and offices in almost 20 different markets, we have a world-class Net Promoter Score of 88%, the best in our industry. For more information, please visit


Today’s workforce is boundless: fluid, always on, and borderless. But not all organizations are ready to harness the full potential of this modern workforce – even though it could help save time, money, and top talent. Ceridian’s 2023 Execuve Survey reveals that leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges whil


Today’s workforce is boundless: fluid, always on, and borderless. But not all organizations are ready to harness the full potential of this modern workforce – even though it could help save time, money, and top talent. Ceridian’s 2023 Execuve Survey reveals that leaders are still grappling with pandemic workforce challenges whil

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ADP introduces ADP API Central to facilitate seamless integration of workforce data into HR The solution is designed to simplify workforce data integration and provides developers with immediate access to templates, APIs, documentation, and support to expedite system integrations ADP API Central is available to ADP Workforce Now clients in the U.S., with plans to expand to additional solutions in the coming years The solution offers enhanced data security and real-time access to worker data, improving HR teams' strategic capabilities. ADP, a global human capital management (HCM) solutions provider, has introduced ADP API Central, a new HCM solution designed to simplify the integration of ADP workforce data with HR and business systems using standard APIs and tools. ADP API Central aims to streamline workforce data integration, providing a user-friendly way for businesses to connect their ADP data with HR and business systems. It helps HR practitioners access real-time worker data, enabling greater strategic and operational efficiency. Anthony Maggio, Vice President and General Manager of ADP, stated, HR leaders cite integration with other technology solutions as a top challenge to fully maximizing their workforce data. ADP API Central solves this by making it faster and easier to integrate worker data across systems. Developers gain quick access to the tools they need to speed the development of system integrations. HR practitioners experience a better way to manage their worker data which they can now access real-time, allowing them to be more strategic and efficient. [Source: Cision PR News] ADP API Central provides developers instant access to a comprehensive library of use case templates, pre-populated APIs, detailed API documentation, and code samples to facilitate the development of system integrations. It also offers dedicated developer support at no extra cost. Integration with various technology solutions has challenged HR leaders. ADP API Central addresses this challenge by allowing HR teams to access real-time worker data, enhancing their strategic capabilities. VP and Research Director of Ventana Research, Quincy Valencia, remarked ADP is refining HCM application integration, one of HR's biggest headaches with API Central. Having easy and quick access to APIs enables workforce data integration significantly benefits developers and HR teams. ADP is providing direct support for developers, resulting in a more accurate, connected and streamlined experience for HCM solutions. [Source: Cision PR News] The initial launch of ADP API Central is available to ADP Workforce Now clients in the United States. The solution will expand to additional solutions in 2023 and 2024 and is also accessible to clients in France.

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Oracle introduces new employee recognition and rewards capabilities within Oracle ME, enhancing the employee experience in Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management. Oracle Celebrate, a unique recognition and rewards offering, aims to improve performance, engagement, and retention by personalizing the employee experience. Features of Oracle Celebrate include peer-to-peer recognition, AI assistance, nomination and event-based awards, redeemable points, recognition insights, real-time data, and a recognition-based social feed. Oracle has unveiled its latest enhancement to the Oracle ME employee experience platform, embedded within Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). This development, Oracle Celebrate, stands out as a groundbreaking recognition and rewards solution designed to elevate performance, engagement, and staff retention by delivering a more customized and meaningful experience for employees. Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President of Product Strategy at Oracle Cloud HCM, emphasized the significance of acknowledging employees and said, Employees are the foundation of any successful organization, and leaders need to ensure that their people feel celebrated and valued or risk losing both talent and productivity. [Source - Cision PR Newswire] Cameron stated that with Oracle Celebrate, organizations could now utilize a comprehensive and unified employee experience platform. She explained that this platform aligned recognition with company values to nurture a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment. Furthermore, she emphasized that it encouraged more impactful peer-to-peer interactions. Cameron highlighted that these newly introduced capabilities simplified employee recognition, made it meaningful and inclusive, and empowered HR and business leaders to give precedence to employee appreciation. She added that it also served to enhance engagement and motivation within the workforce. Key features of Oracle Celebrate include: Peer-to-peer recognition: This feature enables employees and leaders to acknowledge their colleagues across the organization in real time, with personalized recognition linked to business values. It seamlessly incorporates peer recognition into an employee's daily routine and work processes. Generative AI assistant: Employees can enhance peer-to-peer recognition by receiving suggested improvements for their submissions, facilitating the creation of more impactful recognition notes for peers. Recognition insights dashboard: Managers can access detailed insights about the recognition patterns within their teams, highlight individuals who may require additional support, and identify top contributors. Nomination and event-based awards: This feature permits employees to recognize their peers for significant events such as promotions and work anniversaries, as well as nominations made by managers and peers, such as the ‘Employee of the Month’. These recognitions are initiated by updates to employee profiles in Oracle Cloud HCM. Real-time recognition and engagement data: Organizations can continually update and monitor recognition programs with precise data, enabling administrators to measure their effectiveness and correlate recognition efforts with business outcomes. Redeemable points: Employees can accumulate points when recognized by team members, which can later be exchanged for rewards integrated into the system by the organization. Recognition-based social feed: Employers can create a real-time stream of organization-wide and team-wide awards and accolades, promoting camaraderie and increasing visibility for daily accomplishments. Zachary Chertok, the research manager for employee experience at IDC, mentioned that the applications and value of recognition are expanding and evolving as organizations rethink how they connect into and uplevel employee success. He also noted that building an ecosystem for recognition assists in sourcing the roots of achievement, moving the needle on best practices as success occurs, stimulating cultural acceptance around process innovation, and fostering belonging through community acknowledgement and appreciation. Ushaan Abeywickrema, the director of human resources at MAS Capital, noted that many organizations find it challenging to establish a straightforward system for ensuring that employees receive the praise and recognition they deserve. He pointed out that this represents a significant gap in the HR software market, especially considering the well-known importance of fostering a strong sense of value and accomplishment to enhance employee engagement and workforce efficiency. Abeywickrema also conveyed excitement about Oracle Celebrate and its potential to introduce innovative capabilities that could revolutionize how they personalize the employee journey. He expressed hope that Oracle Celebrate would make it easier to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of their team members, all while reinforcing their commitment to their organizational culture and productivity. He believed that by recognizing their contributions, their employees would feel more seen, supported, and empowered to perform at their best and deliver their finest work. Oracle Cloud HCM, a cloud-native solution, offers a comprehensive platform connecting all HR processes from hiring to retirement. It provides HR teams with a unified source of truth and leverages built-in AI to analyze workforce data, offering recommendations to enhance business operations.

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