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Innovation Minds announces a holistic Rewards-as-a-Service model for managing Rewards, Recognition and Redemption Programs

Innovation Minds | November 23, 2022 | Read time : 04:00 min

Innovation Minds announces a holistic Rewards-as-a-Service model
Innovation Minds, a Silicon Valley-based company, announced today the launch of their new Rewards-as-a-Service solution. With this solution, Innovation Minds is enabling companies to offer their employees tailored reward options in order to increase talent retention and satisfaction.

Motivating and rewarding employees is one of the top challenges facing organizations today. In fact, according to a recent survey, more than 60% of respondents say their company struggles to motivate and retain top talents. The Innovation Minds team is uniquely positioned to help companies with this challenge by providing personalized rewards service that creates experiences where employees are engaged and motivated throughout the day.

With this solution, companies can customize rewards based on data insights, such as reward preferences and demographics. It offers a self-service platform to let companies update or make changes to their rewards program for their employees. It also allows employees to get real-time notifications when they earn a reward and they can redeem it on their device with just a click, creating a seamless and enjoyable experience for employees.

"We believe this is an important step forward in helping employers create a more elevating work environment, Innovation Minds is focused on helping businesses create positive and engaging employee experiences. By making the rewards experience easier and more enjoyable, we are helping our customers deliver more value faster."

- Innovation Minds CEO Bala Balasubramaniam

The Innovation Minds team integrated their patented concept ‘Earn-Your-Pride-To-Reward-Your-Peers’, an innovative framework that allows employees to exchange appreciation for each other’s contribution, encouraging employees to make deep, personal connections with their team members and see how their position affects the work of others. Mike Lella, Head of Business Development added, The idea of receiving reward from an accomplished peer is much more meaningful than simply receiving recognition from management alone. Simultaneously, this notion is also encouraging a self-sustainable culture of engagement because the awardees get to enjoy the privilege of earning AND giving.

The solution features a wide range of reward options that supports 594 global brands, 45 countries and 28 currencies, customizable for each company's specific needs while being aligned with their company values. It also provides HR teams and managers with tools to measure the success of their campaign and track results.

We understand that rewards are often not enough to keep your employees motivated at work. It's about more than just giving out candy it's about creating an environment that makes work rewarding in itself. This latest upgrade will allow us to support even more companies in their efforts to drive employee engagement and retention, said Maria Bolo, Head of Customer Success at Innovation Minds.


In this insightful video, Anequim tackles the challenge of holding remote employees accountable. Drawing from expert advice and proven strategies, Anequim shares valuable tips on how to set clear expectations and goals for remote teams. Discover how regular check-ins, effective communication, and providing feedback can foster accountability in a virtual work environment. Anequim emphasizes the importance of building trust and maintaining human contact to keep remote employees engaged and motivated. Unlock the secrets to successfully holding remote employees accountable with Anequim's practical insights.


In this insightful video, Anequim tackles the challenge of holding remote employees accountable. Drawing from expert advice and proven strategies, Anequim shares valuable tips on how to set clear expectations and goals for remote teams. Discover how regular check-ins, effective communication, and providing feedback can foster accountability in a virtual work environment. Anequim emphasizes the importance of building trust and maintaining human contact to keep remote employees engaged and motivated. Unlock the secrets to successfully holding remote employees accountable with Anequim's practical insights.

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Recruiter.com and millionways Forge Partnership to Apply AI-Powered Personality Evaluation to Hiring

Accesswire | June 26, 2023

Recruiter.com Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:RCRT, RCRTW), a provider of on-demand recruiting solutions, and millionways Inc., a trailblazer in emotionally-intelligent AI technology, are pleased to unveil a partnership to develop an AI-Powered Personality Evaluation Tool for recruiters and human resource professionals. The alliance is poised to redefine the HR landscape by utilizing millionways' cutting-edge AI, which is exceptionally skilled in generating an empathetic and nuanced understanding of individuals. By integrating this sophisticated technology, Recruiter.com will give HR professionals crucial insights into candidates' personalities, values, and motivations, paving the way for astute and informed hiring decisions. The partnership between millionways and Recruiter.com involves both a revenue-sharing agreement and a mutual equity investment strategy. In detail, both entities are in the process of discussing mutual equity grants, where each company could potentially receive up to $500,000 in value in the other through an exchange of equity. Additionally, Recruiter.com has agreed to pay millionways a licensing fee based on a revenue-sharing model. Under this agreement, millionways will receive fifty percent of the net revenue that stems from the product sales. Martin Cordsmeier, Founder and CEO of millionways, expressed his enthusiasm: "Our partnership with Recruiter.com epitomizes millionways' dedication to augmenting human potential through technology. By incorporating our AI into the HR process, we optimize recruitment and revolutionize how companies comprehend and engage with talent. This innovative use of AI heralds a transformative leap toward cultivating more harmonious and productive workplaces." Miles Jennings, CEO of Recruiter.com, added, "We are exceedingly excited to join forces with millionways. Their emotionally-intelligent AI will empower HR professionals with valuable insights. This tool is set to revolutionize talent acquisition and hiring, assuring that the right individuals are assigned to the right roles, fueling success and innovation." Diving into the technical aspect, millionways' AI system is founded on scientific and psychological principles. It employs a machine learning categorizer based on the Naive Bayes Natural Language Processing (NLP) Classifier. The AI can engage users in a conversation through a chat-based or voice-based interaction or analyze user-generated texts that are already available such as emails or messages. Utilizing between 3,000 and 5,000 words and leveraging the PSI theory psychological model, it predicts various personality traits, such as the person's motivation, behavior, and compatibility with other people. The system constantly learns and evolves through statistical analysis and feedback loops, making it incredibly accurate and reliable. This partnership marries millionways' technological prowess in AI with Recruiter.com's expertise in recruiting solutions. Together, they are set to usher in an era of intelligent, data-driven recruitment that harmonizes talent acquisition with the evolving needs of businesses and candidates alike. About Recruiter.com Group, Inc. Recruiter.com is an on-demand recruiting platform providing flexible talent acquisition solutions that scale from startups to the Fortune 100. With an on-tap network of thousands of recruiting professionals and recruitment marketing automation, Recruiter.com helps businesses solve today's complex hiring challenges. About millionways, Inc. millionways created the world's first emotionally-intelligent A.I. assessment tools, providing next-gen personality insights. Founded in New York, NY in 2021, millionways' disruptive technology is based on first time-digitalized PSI theory, natural language processing, meets several "zeitgeist topics" and can be utilized for B2B and B2C, which makes it a potential - currently untouched - billion dollar market opportunity. millionways was developed, and is continually evolving, through its team of renowned scientists, developers, psychologists, philosophers, deep thinkers, and people who use it.

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CareerBuilder Launches Pay Per Resume: Say Goodbye to Traditional Hiring Costs

PR Newswire | August 22, 2023

CareerBuilder, a global leader in human resources solutions, is proud to announce the launch of Pay Per Resume, a groundbreaking offering that transforms the recruitment landscape. This innovative solution is set to revolutionize recruitment by providing an affordable and flexible alternative to traditional recruitment fees, making the hiring process more efficient and cost-effective than ever before. Pay Per Resume revolutionizes recruitment by allowing companies to pay only for the resumes they use, eliminating the responsibility of traditional recruitment fees and license costs. With this flexible approach, businesses have complete control over their hiring expenses, empowering them to make more efficient and cost-effective hiring decisions. Perks of CareerBuilder's Pay Per Resume: Affordable and Flexible: Employers can now optimize their budget by paying only for the resumes they actively search for and review, eliminating wasted costs. Faster Hiring: With access to CareerBuilder's resume database for all recruiters without license costs and limitations, companies can expedite their hiring process and gain a competitive edge in securing the best candidates. Access to a Diverse Talent Pool: Gain unparalleled access to tens of millions of talented professionals eager to join your team. With CareerBuilder's extensive network, businesses can tap into a pool of top-notch candidates who are ready to contribute to their success. User-Friendly Platforms: CareerBuilder's intuitive platforms simplify the process of browsing, reviewing, and shortlisting resumes. With user-friendly functionality, finding the right candidates becomes streamlined. "Pay Per Resume is a game-changer for the recruitment industry," said Jeff Furman, Chief Executive Officer at CareerBuilder. "We understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to finding the right talent while managing their budget. With Pay Per Resume, we have reimagined the hiring process, allowing businesses to find their ideal candidates with confidence and embrace a more cost-effective approach to recruitment." CareerBuilder has long been recognized as a leader in HR solutions and continues to innovate to meet the evolving needs of businesses. With Pay Per Resume, businesses of all sizes can now take the first step toward smarter hiring. About CareerBuilder CareerBuilder is a global talent marketplace that provides talent acquisition solutions to help employers find, hire and onboard great talent, and helps job seekers build new skills and progressive careers as the modern world of work changes. CareerBuilder has over 25 years of experience as a talent company using technology to place people in jobs, and it is the only company with both the technology, through its online platform, and the candidates via its job site, to create a connected end-to-end experience. CareerBuilder is majority-owned by funds managed by affiliates of Apollo Global Management, Inc.

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Harver Launches AI-powered Harver CHAT™ Solution to Optimize Candidate Engagement in Hiring

PR Newswire | August 14, 2023

Harver, the industry-leading hiring solution helping organizations optimize their talent decisions, today announced the launch of its new Conversational Hiring AI Tool, Harver CHAT™, designed to automate and streamline the application experience for candidates while boosting employer brand. Amid a generational workforce shortage, economic uncertainty, and tightened HR budgets, competition for best-fit candidates in the job market is as contentious as ever. Paired with increasing candidate expectations within the recruitment process, the need for employers to deliver a streamlined and engaging hiring experience has never been greater. When faced with hiring people quickly or finding the right candidate fit, Harver allows you to have both, making the application process easy and delightful. Built on the latest innovations in conversational AI and natural language processing, CHAT™ automates the application process for employers, appearing as an embedded widget or standalone experience complete with employer branding. Engage candidates with a conversational kick-off to the application process, while allowing candidates to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the job at hand. CHAT™ replaces the need for application forms by engaging candidates with always-on messaging, dynamically collecting required candidate details before logging them within the appropriate applicant tracking software and routing the candidate to the next step in the process, whether that be an assessment or interview. "Today's workforce challenges require employers to be efficient and engaging at all touchpoints along the hiring process," said Harver CEO, Scott Landers. "Harver CHAT™ provides talent acquisition teams with the best of both worlds, with automation to speed up the process and conversational natural language processing to make it fun. The user experience allows employers to connect with candidates earlier and more effectively." Harver CHAT™ is capable of responding to questions the candidates pose in real time; its conversational knowledge is fully configurable, allowing employers to train the solution to not discuss sensitive or unrelated topics. Whether candidate questions pertain to the company culture, benefits, pay, hours, or anything employer-related, CHAT™ has the answer, leading to a satisfying candidate application experience that can be embedded directly into hiring flows alongside other Harver solutions. By leveraging Harver CHAT™, employers can benefit from faster time-to-hire rates, with application screenings completed in just minutes. One user reported a reduction in application time from 30 to 3 minutes, while another reported upwards of 60 hours of saved recruiting time per open position. Further, the friendly conversational nature of CHAT™, and its ability to respond to live candidate questions, provides holistic engagement; the conversational platform technology itself boasts a 4.7 candidate satisfaction score. Engagement capabilities from CHAT™ also free up valuable recruiter time for tasks that demand human decision-making, allowing for significant cost-savings and greater recruiter focus on higher leverage activities. "CHAT™ further solidifies Harver's status as a holistic employer partner, providing all solutions needed to support talent decision-making from acquisition to development and mobility," said Landers. "Our unique ability to deliver tools to support each step of the talent lifecycle is only furthered by the introduction of Harver CHAT™, designed to slot into the hiring tech stack and enhance the brand experience for employers and candidates alike. Harver CHAT™ is now available. To learn more about Harver CHAT™ and how it can help your organization better engage candidates throughout the hiring process, please visit our blog. About Harver Harver is the industry-leading hiring solution helping organizations optimize their talent decisions. Rooted in over 35 years of rich data insights backed by I/O psychology and cognitive science, Harver delivers a suite of automated solutions that enables organizations to engage, hire, and develop the right talent in a fast and fundamentally less biased way. Having processed over 100 million candidates, Harver provides trusted, data-driven, and adaptable offerings, including assessments, video interviews, scheduling, and reference checking. Harver has helped more than 1,300 customers take the smart path to the right talent.

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