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LiquidSpace Announces Global Partnership With OfficeRnD

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On February 17th, leading on-demand hybrid workplace management and office marketplace platform, LiquidSpace, announced a partnership with OfficeRnD. OfficeRnD is a prominent workspace engagement and flexspace management solution for real estate owners.

With the one-click integration, real estate operators and owners will be able to meet a growing demand for hybrid workplaces by offering their flexible office space. LiquidSpace’s Global Marketplace offers a wide range of working spaces, including landlords, coworking spaces, hotels, and private businesses with extra space to rent. In addition, OfficeRnD’s Flex and Hybrid platforms enable hybrid teams and flex space operators to manage and operate future-ready workplaces.

"This partnership is a significant milestone for the entire flex space industry. By aligning with LiquidSpace, we can deliver a much better experience to both sides of the flex space market - the supplier of space as well as the customers. As the global pandemic recedes and the demand for flex space continues to boom, operational excellence will be even more important for the flex space operators, as well as providing the most awesome booking experience to customers. We're hugely excited to build the future of work together!"

- Miro Miroslavov, CEO, OfficeRnD

"We understand the pressures that owners and operators are feeling, whether that's an institutional landlord or smaller operator in a local market. We understand the wave and need of demand that's coming and the challenges they have historically faced in being discovered and putting their spaces in the path of this demand. In this natural partnership with OfficeRnD, we are thrilled to make the solving of this problem simple. With a single click, they can reach the growing community of enterprises who are using the LiquidSpace platform to power their hybrid workplaces." 

- Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace



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