LiquidSpace Announces Global Partnership With OfficeRnD

LiquidSpace | February 18, 2022

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On February 17th, leading on-demand hybrid workplace management and office marketplace platform, LiquidSpace, announced a partnership with OfficeRnD. OfficeRnD is a prominent workspace engagement and flexspace management solution for real estate owners.

With the one-click integration, real estate operators and owners will be able to meet a growing demand for hybrid workplaces by offering their flexible office space. LiquidSpace’s Global Marketplace offers a wide range of working spaces, including landlords, coworking spaces, hotels, and private businesses with extra space to rent. In addition, OfficeRnD’s Flex and Hybrid platforms enable hybrid teams and flex space operators to manage and operate future-ready workplaces.

"This partnership is a significant milestone for the entire flex space industry. By aligning with LiquidSpace, we can deliver a much better experience to both sides of the flex space market - the supplier of space as well as the customers. As the global pandemic recedes and the demand for flex space continues to boom, operational excellence will be even more important for the flex space operators, as well as providing the most awesome booking experience to customers. We're hugely excited to build the future of work together!"

- Miro Miroslavov, CEO, OfficeRnD

"We understand the pressures that owners and operators are feeling, whether that's an institutional landlord or smaller operator in a local market. We understand the wave and need of demand that's coming and the challenges they have historically faced in being discovered and putting their spaces in the path of this demand. In this natural partnership with OfficeRnD, we are thrilled to make the solving of this problem simple. With a single click, they can reach the growing community of enterprises who are using the LiquidSpace platform to power their hybrid workplaces." 

- Mark Gilbreath, CEO & Founder, LiquidSpace


Experience Benefits with benefits for you and your people. ADP Comprehensive Services clients get access to our award-winning ADP Workforce Now technology. An integrated solution for all your payroll, HR, and benefits administration needs plus easy customization.


Experience Benefits with benefits for you and your people. ADP Comprehensive Services clients get access to our award-winning ADP Workforce Now technology. An integrated solution for all your payroll, HR, and benefits administration needs plus easy customization.

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Explorance Launches General Availability of BlueML and Free Feedback Analytics

Explorance | March 03, 2023

Explorance, a leading provider of People Insight Solutions, has announced the general availability of Explorance BlueML and a special free offer for the award-winning workforce and student sentiment analysis solution. BlueML, a prominent ML tool trained on employee and student answers, provides meaningful insights from enormous datasets of comments and feedback in minutes. Businesses and academic institutions can better understand employee and student needs and expectations, and take proactive steps to support a more satisfied, engaged, and well-trained workforce or student population. It is expected to eliminate time-consuming manual review and data organizing processes. Explorance machine learning methods also reduce human bias in large data sets. MIT News reported that MIT and Harvard's researchers showed that training machine learning models on varied data sources minimize bias. BlueML categorizes thousands of staff and student feedback responses consistently, supporting this idea. Samer Saab, Explorance Founder and CEO, said, "With BlueML, organizations can now bring to light the uncommon connections, and deep insights, about employees or students, that are otherwise, not easily accessible. With automated and intelligent analysis, the time and effort it takes to unlock data-driven decisions is significantly reduced, empowering organizations to act by evidence and not by assumption." (Source - CISION PR Newswire) Explorance BlueML for Employee Experience HR is becoming more strategic and may represent employees in boardroom discussions. HR can improve employee retention, engagement, and performance through data. The brave conversations that HR leaders have, informed by employee sentiment and organized by diverse workgroups, provide insights into decision-making. Explorance BlueML for Student Experience The Student Experience Categorization Model helps academic leaders and administrators focus on student success. BlueML powers the complete educational experience of students viz: application, student life, learning, and alumni. "The technology innovations that Explorance is coming out with are vitally important. Our research shows that most organizations (62%) do not have a strong understanding of the needs of their workforces, their skills, motivations or what they value – and don't value – in their employment. It is impossible to make great business and talent decisions without insights borne from people data. Many organizations are sitting on rich data that they don't have the expertise or tools to analyze. Solutions like Explorance BlueML can be a real game-changer," said Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. (Source- CISION PR Newswire) About Explorance Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Montreal, Explorance is an industry-leading provider of People Insight Solutions, which facilitates effective decision-making for businesses by gauging their employees' and students' requirements, expectations, abilities, knowledge and skills. Individual development and business adaptability can both benefit from an environment that encourages exploration since it speeds up the cycle from insight to action. They partner with 25% of the Fortune 100 and 25% of the top Higher Education institutions, including 8 of the world's top 10 business schools.

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Triton’s New Health Insurance Service to Reduce Premiums for Small Businesses

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions | March 06, 2023

Triton Benefits & HR Solutions, a nationwide HR consulting and employee benefits brokerage, recently introduced a new health insurance service that helps small business owners save money on group health plans by purchasing higher deductibles, while providing coverage for most of the deductibles. Providing healthcare benefits to employees can be challenging for small business owners, especially due to the high cost of deductibles, which can create a financial burden for both the employer and employees. The new coverage options help alleviate this problem, allowing business owners to offer their employees high-quality healthcare plans without worrying about expensive deductibles. Businesses can lower overall premiums and limit out-of-pocket expenses by combining lower-cost, high-deductible group insurance purchased through Triton HR with Garner Health's supplemental plan. Garner Health's approach to healthcare is based on statistical analysis, similar to the "Moneyball" approach in baseball, and offers a "gap-insurance" type of plan that covers deductibles. Using data from over 85% of patients treated in the US, their statistical approach has found that the primary driver of costs and patient outcomes is the individual doctor that the patient sees. Garner Health is the sole healthcare platform that examines the cost-saving potential of a doctor-specific approach. By leveraging Garner's tools, plan participants can locate the top-rated doctors within their network, and Garner assumes most of their medical expenses. As a result of receiving higher-quality care from well-regarded physicians with a proven history of positive outcomes, insurance expenses for all group members are lowered. Steve Rosenthal, Triton Benefits & HR Solutions' CEO, said, "Everyone who leases a vehicle is required to have gap insurance to bridge the out-of-pocket expense of an unexpected loss of your vehicle. Our offering with Garner brings the same kind of peace of mind and savings to Group Health Insurance.” He further added, "We believe that every employee deserves access to high-quality healthcare, and this new coverage strategy makes it easier for small business owners to provide that for their employees. It's a win-win for everyone involved." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) About Triton Benefits & HR Solutions Triton Benefits and HR Solutions is a licensed and bonded insurance agency. They provide innovative designs for group health plans and offer support for HR technology. In addition to this, they offer HR Outsourcing services, and their team of in-house HR consultants collaborates with HR Generalists for either a short or long-term projects. Together, they develop HR policies and procedures that allow the workforce to achieve their full potential. Triton's team of experts has in-depth knowledge that enables them to offer major carrier plans, level and self-funded plans, compliance planning, and ACA expertise. They provide strategies to evaluate health-related risks that may impact claims experience and education on developing trends that affect both employers and employees.

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One Model’s People Data Cloud a New Option for People Analytics in Canada

One Model | January 25, 2023

The people analytics software provider One Model recently announced an option for its people analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering hosted for local customers in Canada. The new local data processing capability will help Canadian enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, and other large organizations to organize their human resources data securely, which delivers analysts and decision makes data-driven people insights. In addition, this new option helps Canadian companies meet important data governance goals because all processing and storage of enterprise people's data happen on Canadian territory. The leader in people analytics celebrated doubling its size in 2022, both in terms of sales and employees. Users and practitioners have mentioned people analytics and praised the company’s People Data CloudTM platform. Additionally, the eight-year-old startup from Austin, Texas, introduced various next-generation machine-learning innovations within its One AI machine-learning technology which is built into all the company's products. One Model's new operational capability in Canada utilizes the Amazon Web Services cloud, which provides a secure, reliable, and high-performance computing infrastructure to meet the demanding business needs of human resources data engineering and advanced analytics applications. "The new option for People Data Cloud in Canada represents a turning point for Canadian HR and people analytics practitioners. It is yet another impressive growth milestone because our infrastructure is truly global, with the ability to go-live anywhere AWS infrastructure exists in a matter of hours," said Matthew Wilton, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at One Model. (Source: Cision) About One Model Founded in 2014, One Model is the people analytics platform that helps flourishing companies make decisions about talent at every level of the organization. The People Data Cloud people analytics platform takes all the heavy lifting out of data extraction, modeling, cleansing, analytics, and reporting of enterprise workforce data. Companies from mid-size to big rapid-growing ones rely on the people analytics platform. HR teams and businesses trust its analytical toolset and accurate reports. In addition, People Data Cloud is a very open platform that helps people make ethical decisions and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy that human resource management requires.

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