Maxim Healthcare Launches Sunburst Workforce Advisors

Maxim Healthcare | March 21, 2022

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On March 17th, premier healthcare staffing agency, Maxim Healthcare Staffing, announced the launch of Sunburst Workforce Advisors. As a healthcare managed service, Sunburst will help simplify the complex talent and staffing marketplace.

Sunburst will enable clients to build and manage their contingent employees. And with Maxim Healthcare Staffing’s expertise, the organization has partnered with the most reputed vendors in the healthcare industry. This will empower Sunburst to deliver tailored solutions that address clients’ unique challenges.

"In the midst of high demand for health care professionals, customers are seeking creative solutions that will help them return to a sustainable operating rhythm. By providing vendors with transparency and supporting customers with an intelligent vendor network, Sunburst can be the bridge that gets customers back to a state of normalcy. Health care has, and always will be, a people-based business. When aligned, the people, process and technology combine to provide the best possible care for patients. But in the end, it's the people that make this industry what it is – so finding the optimal talent matches for our customers is our highest priority."

- Jason Cupples, vice president of Sunburst Workforce Advisors



Supervising other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult. These challenging employees can try your patience and drain a lot of your time and energy. To turn things around it takes skillful management and patience.


Supervising other people is never easy, but some employees make it particularly difficult. These challenging employees can try your patience and drain a lot of your time and energy. To turn things around it takes skillful management and patience.

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At its quarterly State of Digital Contracting (SDC) event, Ironclad, the leading digital contracting platform, announced the launch of its Skills Verified badge program, the initial phase of a more comprehensive certification program. The badge program will encourage Ironclad product adoption, validate technical skills within Ironclad, and give recipients referenceable workplace merits. "Contract management and execution is quickly growing beyond the legal purview. We have seen a 285% year-over-year increase in sales workflows launched a 230% YoY increase for HR, and a 214% YoY increase for procurement. Our data shows that for every legal user, there are eight business users. Contracts are no longer simply agreements – companies are using them as a vehicle for innovation, speed, and efficiency. When your contracts move fast, your business moves fast." -Leyla Seka, COO of Ironclad, Across organizations in the business, teams use Ironclad to: Navigate complex business environments Provide flexibility and nimbleness Streamline vendor contracts at scale New badges signal the first phase of Ironclad certification As a precursor to offering official, legally defensible credentials, Ironclad is releasing Skills Verified badges that users may acquire by completing a learning course and passing exams. Skills Verified Badges for Sales Contracting, Clickwrap, Contract Ownership, Core Administration, and Procurement are included in the learning paths. Implementing its more formal certification program, which will confirm mastery with a comprehensive, proctored examination, is currently on the company's plan. "Ironclad's Skills Verified badges offer improved confidence in skills competence to the earner, and also act as a powerful resume differentiator. Additionally, employers looking to hire professionals with verified digital contracting skills can find talent pools easily by accessing the Ironclad Badge Earner Directory." - Caitlin Wood, director of customer success at Ironclad

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