Paychex Launches Industry's First Voice-Activated Payroll Solution At HR Technology Conference & Expo

Paychex | September 14, 2022 | Read time : 02:33 min

Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human capital management software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits
Paychex, Inc., a leading provider of integrated human capital management software solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services, has announced an enhanced user experience to Paychex Flex®, the company's SaaS-based HR software solution, a new conversational artificial intelligence (AI) feature called Paychex Voice Assist. Paychex Voice Assist enables payroll admins to run payroll through any Google Assistant-compatible device for a hands-free experience, simplifying and automating the payroll process with the sound of a verified user's voice. Capabilities of the feature include starting a pay period or acting on one already in progress, applying standard pay, making adjustments, reviewing totals, and submitting payroll for processing through a robust and resilient AI assistant with built-in verifications for user authentication

Paychex is the first HCM solutions provider to offer voice-activated payroll. Leveraged with the HCM capabilities of Paychex Flex, Paychex Voice Assist allows busy business leaders and payroll admins to receive real-time notifications with payroll data insights, review and adjust hours and pay rates, and submit checks for payday. The feature also helps to reduce the administrative burden of logging into a payroll system by allowing users to process payroll using Google Assistant-enabled devices—whether that's a phone, smartwatch, speaker, or smart display.

According to a 2022 Paychex analysis of Paychex Flex user data, more than a third of payroll administrators have submitted payroll for their employees from multiple remote locations within a one-month period, demonstrating the need for technology solutions that drive efficiency and improve workflows. 

"At Paychex, we're constantly monitoring data, market challenges, and consumer technology trends to innovate to meet the needs of our clients, Paychex Voice Assist was created to drive efficiency, empowering business leaders to manage payroll within seconds from anywhere and at any time."

- Tom Hammond, vice president of Corporate Strategy and Product Management at Paychex

Security & Privacy
Paychex Voice Assist was built with a layered approach for authentication that includes a secure voice pin, voice match technology, and account lock checkpoints as Paychex Flex users engage with the Google Assistant technology to ensure proper verification. To help prevent fraudulent activity, the feature is only available to run payroll for existing employees that have been set up in Paychex Flex.

We're thrilled to be partnering with Paychex, bringing the power of Google Assistant to human resources professionals around the U.S., This industry-first product demonstrates voice technology's ability to transform the way we work, enabling hands-free, seamless payroll processing wherever you're located, said Rebecca Nathenson, Director of Product Management at Google.

Attendees of the 2022 HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas this September 13-16 will be the first in the industry to test Paychex Voice Assist on the expo floor. Devices with interactive demos will be available at the Paychex booth (#3410) for attendees to experience the capabilities of Paychex Flex and the benefits of an all-in-one HR platform. Paychex experts will also present two in-person educational sessions during the conference highlighting the technology solutions available for today's HR professionals and how businesses can make decisions with HR analytics and reporting. For a complete overview of how to connect with Paychex at HR Tech, visit

About Paychex
Paychex, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated human capital management solutions for human resources, payroll, benefits, and insurance services. By combining innovative software-as-a-service technology and mobility platform with dedicated, personal service, Paychex empowers business owners to focus on the growth and management of their business. Backed by 50 years of industry expertise, Paychex serves more than 730,000 payroll clients as of May 31, 2022 in the U.S. and Europe, and pays one out of every 12 American private sector employees.


YOUR PEOPLE. OUR PURPOSE. We enable HR professionals and business leaders to amplify the performance of their people & culture. This video is an abbreviated version of the presentation from Paul Cortissoz (Co-Founder/Partner) of HR Soul Consulting at the Hacking HR Forum in Miami.


YOUR PEOPLE. OUR PURPOSE. We enable HR professionals and business leaders to amplify the performance of their people & culture. This video is an abbreviated version of the presentation from Paul Cortissoz (Co-Founder/Partner) of HR Soul Consulting at the Hacking HR Forum in Miami.

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ADP, a leading global technology company providing human capital management (HCM) solutions, today announced enhancements to its award-winning Wisely® by ADP payment platform with advanced capabilities and innovative features like Earned Wage Access (EWA), designed to give employees more control of their finances, and help employers better attract and retain talent. Many workers today do not have a relationship with a bank or prefer not to rely on traditional banks. As the next generation of employees enters the workforce, they bring with them digital-driven preferences – including increasing dependence on mobile money management tools. Wisely by ADP provides workers with a secure, digital account that helps them access their money, spend, plan and save with fewer fees and headaches. Their Wisely digital account allows them to put all their sources of income in one place –creating a frictionless user experience for employees even when they change jobs. Wisely by ADP is accessible to all workers, whether they are W-2 or 1099. It's a compliant, unified payments solution that enhances efficiency – saving employers time and money. The addition of the EWA feature, offered in partnership with DailyPay, gives employees access to wages they've earned before payday at no cost right from or the free myWisely® app. Earned wage access is becoming a key benefit differentiator. According to ADP research, 91% of millennial workers and 82% of Generation Z workers said it is important for their employer to offer earned wage access. Over half (57%) of Generation X and baby boomer workers said it is important to them as well. "The Wisely platform solves problems ADP understands better than anyone else, The data-driven design of the Wisely platform provides an all-in-one solution and enhanced user experience that puts financial wellness, money management and spending flexibility into every employee's hands. It's the future of paying, earning, spending and saving." -Gautam Sukumar, SVP and general manager, Employee Financial Solutions at ADP As employers and employees adapt to shifting economic and labor pressures, approximately 95 percent of employers say employee financial wellness impacts their productivity, and more than 90 percent say offering financial wellness tools helps attract and retain talent, according to ADP research. In addition to EWA, Wisely by ADP offers: Bill Pay. Right within the myWisely app, Wisely members can easily snap a photo of their bill, import an image of a paperless bill, or manually enter the billing information and have the payment deducted from their Wisely account. Savings Envelopes. Wisely helps members save with an auto-save feature and the ability to create savings envelopes right in the myWisely app. In fact, Wisely members have saved more than $1.3B in the past nineteen months. Rewards. With Cash Back Rewards, members can earn cash back when they shop, travel or dine, with cash back going to the savings envelope in the myWisely app. Or members can get offers up to 10% cash back when purchasing eGift cards in the myWisely app. Access to Mobile Wallets. Prior to getting a physical card, Wisely members can add their Wisely account to their favorite digital wallet to enable a seamless and touchless experience when using Wisely. New Brand. In addition to the enhanced feature set, Wisely by ADP has also updated their brand strategy and visual identity to better connect with clients and members. The new, bold brand is reflective of Wisely's innovation and focus on offering employers flexibility for every payment scenario, while empowering employees with digital financial wellness tools. Wisely by ADP integrates seamlessly with enterprise resource planning (ERP) and payroll systems and uses industry-leading technology to streamline payments, pay statement processes and employee information management, making it easier and more cost effective to make off-cycle, and enable one-time and early payments. About ADP Designing better ways to work through cutting-edge products, premium services and exceptional experiences that enable people to reach their full potential. HR, Talent, Time Management, Benefits and Payroll. Informed by data and designed for people.

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HR ANALYTICS, RECRUITMENT & RETENTION Joins Avature’s Tech Ecosystem to Bring Unique Chat AI Interview Tool | January 24, 2023

On January 23, 2023, the world's first AI smart interviewer developer,, partnered with Avature's technology ecosystem. Avature's customers, post partnership, get access to a unique chat-based AI tool used to interview on the marketplace. Avature is one of the leading HR software providers. Its solutions range from talent acquisition to talent management and retention. With 200 integrations in its partner ecosystem, the company enables its customers with a wide range of supplementary services to design their HR tech stack. The AI solution by Sapia helps in conducting blind interviews of the candidates through a chat conversation. It uses the latest developments in Natural Language Processing to test candidates' soft skills and written communication accurately. As a result, it eliminates the bias that comes with traditional screening methods as screening resumes. The partnership with Avature was announced just after the announcement by an Australian startup led by Macquarie Group and W23 about its latest funding round. The investment arm of Woolworths Group is considered a flagship customer of the AI company. "We're building partnerships with companies like Avature so that our AI Smart Interviewer is easily accessible for organizations globally. When integrated into an ATS, the experience for hiring teams and candidates is absolutely seamless. They can benefit from Sapia's ethical AI without needing to disrupt their existing workflows," said Barb Hyman, CEO of Sapia. (Source: Cision) About Founded in 2018, is humanizing the recruitment process with its AI Smart Interviewer. It is an inclusive, automated talent solution that serves the needs of both companies and candidates. The platform goes beyond traditional assessments to help global companies like Qantas, Woolworths, and Air Canada find and hire more diverse talent. In addition, the platform helps turn simple text conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence, enables organizations to discontinue using biased hiring scales, and connects the right talent faster. Sapia is based in Melbourne (Victoria) and aims to strengthen its employer brand by automating the hiring process to reduce the time and money spent.

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Global HR Research Earns Top Spot in National Customer Survey

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Global HR Research (GHRR) has earned the coveted number-one spot in the Baker's Dozen Satisfaction Survey for "Overall Enterprise Pre-Employment Screening Leaders" and "Enterprise Quality of Service." The annual survey is noted as the largest and most prestigious ranking of pre-employment services, including background checks, drug testing, and occupational health services. The annual survey is conducted by HRO Today (HRO), a major media company reaching over 180,000 human resource decision-makers. HRO validates client survey responses and uses algorithms to score service quality, breadth of service offering, and the depth of expertise needed for enterprise-level clients. GHRR earned the highest scores for Service Quality and Overall Satisfaction – competing against an impressive list of competitors. "This recognition is especially meaningful because it is the only national ranking that relies exclusively on direct feedback from actual clients, Whether you have 100 employees or 100,000, we understand the complexities caused by changes in the workforce and the dynamic environment of regulatory, safety, and compliance issues. But, more importantly, we understand the value of providing good service in building long-term relationships with our clients." -Revell Fraser, chief client officer for GHRR With more than 6,000 clients, GHRR has been executing a controlled growth plan focused on responsive service, product development, and leveraging proprietary technology to improve the pre-employment screening process used by HR staff and their job applicants. As a result, GHRR has been recognized in the Baker's Dozen Survey for the thirteenth consecutive year, the only enterprise provider to do so. About Global HR Research: Better by every measure. Global HR Research has earned the trust of Fortune's Top 50, Forbes' Largest Private Companies, and Inc's Top 5000 companies across the U.S. by leveraging our employment screening technology and helping clients build and manage effective screening programs. That trust has been consistently recognized and awarded by the industry's most influential associations and news publications, including HRO Today Magazine's "Bakers Dozen" List of top national background screening providers and by Workforce Magazine's "Hot List" of top background screening providers for the past nine years. Furthermore, GHRR is accredited by the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) as recognized by the Background Screening Credentialing Council (BSCC), and SHRM as an accredited educational resource. Our advanced proprietary technology provides our customers with employment screening, compliance, risk management solutions, and comprehensive tools to help make better and quicker hiring decisions. These distinctions have consistently made GHRR a better alternative for their customers, providing better data intelligence, better technology, and better teams.

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