Payslip Launches Extended Workforce Module

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On January 18, the payroll control platform, Payslip, launched its newest product, called the Extended Workforce Module. It is a built-in feature that allows Payslip users to process payroll for their workers globally. It enables the automation and management of invoicing and reporting, providing users with 360-degree visibility of their workforce.

As the pandemic increased demand for extended workforce like freelancers, contractors, employer of record (EOR) workers, and foreign workers, payroll teams have been using multiple platforms to pay their scattered workforce. Payslip’s new functionality allows payroll managers of multinational companies an efficient and consolidated alternative for paying their global workers.

"The ability to set up, manage, and report on a broad range of worker types helps the organization understand the true cost of labor. Harmonizing global payroll operations further fuels a company's growth efficiency, and we're excited to extend this offering to our customers."

- Mary Holland, CCO of Payslip

The Extended Workforce Module offers categorization and processing of payroll for several types of workers while also monitoring changes in trends and data. It enables users to compare workforce costs across geographical regions and uses real-time data to promote strategic decision-making. Clients who bring their extended workforce data within the purview of Payslip will be able to standardize their process to be more compliant and secure.



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