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People Success Platform Lattice Announces New OKR and Goals Solution

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On February 28th, premier people success platform Lattice announced the release of its new OKR and Goals product that will enable organizations to strategically align with employees. The solution enables organizations to manage goals and track the path to success.

Operational efficiency and transparency are more important than ever, as companies all over the world are seeking ways to engage and align their workforce. Lattice’s OKR and Goals solution lets employees and teams be on the same page about organizational goals. The solution was developed as an individual product but it can be integrated with Lattice’s native platform to unleash its full potential. It also readily integrates with premier software tools like JIRA, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Salesforce.

"By integrating objectives and goals into daily conversations across the organization, employees have more transparency to how they can directly impact the business and are better able to directly connect their work to the company's overall mission and vision. This makes work more meaningful for employees and directly ties people success to business success."

- Jack Altman, CEO and Co-founder of Lattice



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