Phenom’s High-Volume conferred Best Advanced AI for Business Impact

Phenom | January 05, 2023 | Read time : 02:00 min

Phenom’s High-Volume conferred Best Advanced AI for Business Impact

Global leader in Intelligent Talent Experience, Phenom, recently announced that its high-volume hiring solution earned five Brandon Hall Group 'Excellence in Technology' awards. Phenom High-Volume Hiring provides innovative solutions in Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, HR, and the Future of Work.

High-volume hiring solutions benefit the healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, and transportation sectors. Phenom's tailored solutions automate unique workflows to quickly attract, engage, screen, and offer candidates a position, lowering recruiter time and costs.

Phenom's hiring solutions and technology help organizations accomplish high-volume staffing targets by integrating automated AI Scheduling, Video Assessments, Career Sites, Chatbot, SMS or WhatsApp interaction. High-Volume Hiring makes recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers more agile.

Phenom's high-volume hiring solution achievements:

  • Major retail company hired 7,000 employees in two weeks by cutting the hiring process from weeks to eight hours.
  • 90% of interviews were automated by a Fortune 500 software company, saving 24,000 hours and boosting interview productivity by 75%
  • Leading transportation company saved recruiters 92,000 hours answering routine questions

Phenom has made a High-Volume Hiring Playbook available to assist businesses in evaluating their hiring goals, choosing a strategy, and creating an action plan to save costs and speed up hiring.

About Phenom

Phenom helps billions find jobs. Employers leverage Phenom's AI-powered talent experiences to hire faster, develop and keep personnel.With Phenom, candidates find the perfect job faster, employees enhance their skills, recruiters become insanely productive, managers build better teams, HR links employee development with company goals, and HRIS simply integrates existing HR systems to create a holistic infrastructure.


A mobile workforce is a reality for all businesses. In this video, we're sharing tips for managing a mobile workforce. From giving your front-line employees easy access to schedules and information to monitoring employee progress and engagement.


A mobile workforce is a reality for all businesses. In this video, we're sharing tips for managing a mobile workforce. From giving your front-line employees easy access to schedules and information to monitoring employee progress and engagement.

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HR solutions provider, Lattice, recently announced the launch of its People Strategy Group. The People Strategy Group is a consulting consortium that assists senior leaders in developing efficient people programs with certainty, enhancing employee engagement, optimizing team performance, and producing outstanding business outcomes. The group represents a development of Lattice's Advisory Services, focusing on readying companies for the constantly changing world of work. In recent years, businesses have faced numerous challenges that demanded quick adaptations from HR teams and leaders. The pandemic and its impact on work arrangements and mental health, the "Great Resignation," and a growth period have highlighted the need for retention and hiring strategies. As an impending recession looms, businesses are under pressure to achieve growth with limited resources while prioritizing top-performing employees. The People Strategy Group consists of a team of experienced people strategists with more than 100 years of HR experience and extensive expertise in various domains, such as workforce planning, organizational design, people analytics, and executive leadership coaching. They will collaborate directly with people leaders to create and execute personalized HR strategies that are highly effective. These strategies will involve goal management and OKRs, talent management, compensation, and career development, drawing on the team's knowledge of operations, research, and principles of exceptional people management. Furthermore, customer feedback and research projects support the team’s work, ensuring that all recommendations are grounded in practical trends and outcomes. Dave Carhart, VP of the People Strategy Group, Lattice, said, "We understand that there is a clear difference between understanding what you need to drive more effective people programs, and knowing how to execute the changes and approaches necessary to make it happen." He further added, "Our goal is to help our customers unlock the tools to not only create and launch high-impact people programs, but to ensure those programs are designed strategically for the specific needs and challenges facing their organizations." (Source – CISION PR Newswire) About Lattice Lattice is a platform that empowers business leaders to build engaged, high-performing teams and cultivate winning cultures through people success. Its suite of tools simplifies the process of launching 360 performance review cycles and engagement surveys, tracking progress towards OKR/goals, gathering real-time feedback, and promoting manager 1-on-1 meetings. Lattice aims to make work more meaningful by improving people strategy and enhancing business strategy.

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