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Raydiant Allies With TimeWellScheduled in a Strategic Partnership

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On February 10th, leading experience platform and digital signage provider, Raydiant, joined hands with TimeWellScheduled (TWS), an employee management firm. Raydiant forged the partnership to deliver optimized employee communication and management tools to modern business leaders. One in ten businesses in the U.S. say that their workers miss shifts on a day-to-day basis.

With the partnership, TWS’s attendance, time tracking, and scheduling tools will integrate with Raydiant’s plug-and-play digital signage to display TWS data on office screens. This is slated to improve employee morale with more visual-oriented communication in a shared workspace.
As part of the Raydiant network, TWS will now be able to offer workplace tools to simplify business processes for industries like retail, restaurants, customer service and more.

"There's an undeniable correlation between clear workplace communication and the employee experience. We've partnered with TimeWellScheduled, not only to magnify their internal messaging with dynamic digital displays, but to fill a need in the market: more — and clearer — employee communication. Business owners and managers that onboard communication tools like ours see a significant shift in workplace morale, a shift that also greatly reduces employee turnover and the expenses related to it."

- Bobby Marhamat, CEO of Raydiant

"Our partnership with Raydiant furthers our goal to make employee management easy and effective, whether you have three or 300 employees. Our easy-to-use employee management software automates back-end processes for better productivity, and Raydiant's office signage turns internal messaging into eye-catching, hard-to-ignore office displays. It's an ideal integration."

- TimeWellScheduled CEO Charlie Regan



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