Replicon Launches the World's First Knowledge Workforce Management Solution

Replicon | September 21, 2022 | Read time : 02:39 min

Replicon Launches the World's First Knowledge Workforce Management
Replicon has launched the world's first Knowledge Workforce Management Solution, which is built using AI-powered ZeroTime™. The organically built solution is designed to align people, projects, skills and time on one single platform, thus enhancing employee experience, productivity and overall profitability. Replicon's Knowledge Workforce Management Solution provides the highest level of data accuracy and data quality in real time using AI & ML technologies.

In most organizations, the data related to people, projects, skills and time are stuck in different siloed systems. Business functions like Project Delivery, Finance and HR have their own challenges with purpose-built solutions and tailored processes. With the rise of hybrid and remote work models and the resulting proliferation of work apps and collaboration tools, silos in an organization have widened. All this has led to data chaos.

"Replicon has a strong leadership in providing Unified Time Tracking for Project Delivery, Finance and HR, We have extended the same powerful, loved-by-end-users platform to provide a single source of truth for People, Projects, Skills and Time."

- Lakshmi Raj, Co-CEO at Replicon

Managing siloed data related to people, projects, skills and time is a major challenge for fast growing businesses. With a unified and shared data platform, Replicon's Knowledge Workforce Management Solution eliminates data and process silos across business functions in an organization.

A Modern and Unified Solution Designed for Your Business
Leverage our robust knowledge workforce management solution that takes a comprehensive approach towards effective knowledge workforce management.
  • Automated Capture of Time Data From Over 100 Work Apps: Collect accurate employee time and work data automatically from multiple work apps and collaboration tools by leveraging AI-powered ZeroTime.
  • Ready for Global Deployment: Enable multiple business locations and multiple employee types in a single application instance with Global Administration purview and local control, thus eliminating data silos.
  • Modern, Scalable, Robust Platform: Personalize the platform for your business, encode business rules, while offering a modern user interface with the provision for seamless enterprise end-to-end integration.
  • Intelligent Resource Management: Manage your resources like an asset and have a direct impact on your services business. Avoid sub-optimal resource allocation and endless back-and-forth to resource projects.
  • Real-time Project Management:  Track project progress with live updates from resources around effort and completion estimates. Automatically get updates on project status and identify project risks to enable timely course correction.
  • Centralized Skills Management: Track skills, certificates and expertise levels for each resource in one place for making informed hiring and training decisions.

Raj Narayanswamy, Co-CEO at Replicon, said, Replicon Knowledge Workforce Management Solution provides the highest level of data accuracy and data quality in real time using AI & ML technologies. It is built to seamlessly integrate and operate within your current ecosystem. It enables data-driven decision-making across all service delivery functions like project management, resource management, billing, revenue management and pay compliance.

About Replicon
As a pioneer in Time Intelligence, Replicon elevates people as a strategic asset within organizations, improving operational productivity, performance, and profitability. Replicon's award-winning cloud-first solutions for enterprise time management, project time tracking and workforce management are in use by many Fortune 500 companies across the globe. Replicon also offers Polaris, the self-driving Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM) solutions, which help project-driven organizations optimize resource utilization for increased productivity and profitability.

With over 25 years of industry leadership, Replicon continues to innovate new approaches to effectively manage people's time, their skills, projects and resource utilization. Most recently, Replicon launched the world's first Knowledge Workforce Management Solution, which enables organizations to seamlessly collect and process data related to people, projects, skills and time, ensuring a single source of truth for harmony across business functions. Our innovative solution is powered by ZeroTime™ to harness the power of a single source of accurate data in real time and eliminate all manual processes.


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Syndio Joins Broadridge to Provide Pay Equity in Financial Services Sector

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UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today announced the debut of FleX by UKG, a modern technology platform purpose-built to support great workplaces. FleX helps organizations evolve alongside the needs of their people, connecting the business with emerging applications to meet people where they want to work — whether within UKG or other systems of communication and engagement to foster exceptional and transformative employee experiences. Built with a service-oriented mesh architecture to allow UKG customers to continually benefit from new innovations, FleX features three primary components: FleX Fabric: people-centric and behavior-focused artificial intelligence (AI) fed by one of the largest HCM and workforce management datasets, creating exponentially more opportunities for people to benefit from real-time insights, recommendations, reminders and nudges, and better informed decisions FleX Flow: a highly adaptable API framework that anchors UKG solutions in the flow of work where people need and want them most FleX Dev: a robust collection of tools and services, including low-code and no-code designers, that enable IT teams and third-party service providers to configure UKG solutions and quickly build applications to automate processes that elevate life-work journeys “UKG is the HCM engine for the enterprise. FleX will help ensure this engine is always available to everyone in the flow of their work, empowering people to complete important HR, payroll, and workforce management actions through the many enterprise systems actively partnering with us, The future-proof FleX architecture will also ensure organizations can continually adapt to the changing needs of their people nearly in real time. These are just two of the many ways we’re keeping people, not process, at the center of digital transformations.” -Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG UKG is already utilizing FleX to advance its Life-work Technology™ approach: Career Designer, which empowers leaders to build holistic talent views in UKG Pro to connect life-work aspirations with talent development, utilizes Flex Fabric to provide prescriptive and individualized suggestions for relevant learning opportunities to drive growth and development Enhancements to UKG payroll analytics also capitalize on Flex Fabric, using intelligent predictors to proactively identify payroll issues and errors, delivering actionable suggestions for resolution UKG leveraged FleX Flow with Microsoft to develop a single, seamless interface for UKG Dimensions and Shifts, the schedule management application within Teams Uber for Business and UKG are reimagining meaningful incentives with FleX Flow by providing managers with the option to share Uber vouchers through Dimensions FleX Dev transforms how UKG customers and partners build their own tools to elevate life-work journeys With more than half a billion dollars invested in our products annually, FleX illustrates how UKG is always looking to the future to ensure we’re able to help our customers anticipate the constantly evolving needs of their people and their business, Being able to serve customers today while preparing them for tomorrow is the cornerstone of our Partners for Life approach,said Chris Todd, CEO at UKG. About UKG At UKG, our purpose is people. As strong believers in the power of culture and belonging as the secret to success, we champion great workplaces and build lifelong partnerships with our customers to show what’s possible when businesses invest in their people. Born from a historic merger that created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies, our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps more than 70,000 organizations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.

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