HR ANALYTICS, RECRUITMENT & RETENTION Joins Avature’s Tech Ecosystem to Bring Unique Chat AI Interview Tool | January 24, 2023 | Read time : 04:00 min Joins Avature’s Tech Ecosystem to Bring Unique Chat AI

On January 23, 2023, the world's first AI smart interviewer developer,, partnered with Avature's technology ecosystem. Avature's customers, post partnership, get access to a unique chat-based AI tool used to interview on the marketplace.

Avature is one of the leading HR software providers. Its solutions range from talent acquisition to talent management and retention. With 200 integrations in its partner ecosystem, the company enables its customers with a wide range of supplementary services to design their HR tech stack.

The AI solution by Sapia helps in conducting blind interviews of the candidates through a chat conversation. It uses the latest developments in Natural Language Processing to test candidates' soft skills and written communication accurately. As a result, it eliminates the bias that comes with traditional screening methods as screening resumes.

The partnership with Avature was announced just after the announcement by an Australian startup led by Macquarie Group and W23 about its latest funding round. The investment arm of Woolworths Group is considered a flagship customer of the AI company.

"We're building partnerships with companies like Avature so that our AI Smart Interviewer is easily accessible for organizations globally. When integrated into an ATS, the experience for hiring teams and candidates is absolutely seamless. They can benefit from Sapia's ethical AI without needing to disrupt their existing workflows," said Barb Hyman, CEO of Sapia.

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Founded in 2018, is humanizing the recruitment process with its AI Smart Interviewer. It is an inclusive, automated talent solution that serves the needs of both companies and candidates. The platform goes beyond traditional assessments to help global companies like Qantas, Woolworths, and Air Canada find and hire more diverse talent. In addition, the platform helps turn simple text conversations into unprecedented talent intelligence, enables organizations to discontinue using biased hiring scales, and connects the right talent faster. Sapia is based in Melbourne (Victoria) and aims to strengthen its employer brand by automating the hiring process to reduce the time and money spent.


ADP provides each of its clients with an experienced HR Business Partner (also known as HRBP) to help you choose the right benefit plans for your employees and their families, plus ADP manages all of the benefits communications, the administration, and enrollment for you. We even take care of your employees’ questions so they feel fully supported. ADP TotalSource is for small and midsized businesses.


ADP provides each of its clients with an experienced HR Business Partner (also known as HRBP) to help you choose the right benefit plans for your employees and their families, plus ADP manages all of the benefits communications, the administration, and enrollment for you. We even take care of your employees’ questions so they feel fully supported. ADP TotalSource is for small and midsized businesses.

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Syndio Joins Broadridge to Provide Pay Equity in Financial Services Sector

Syndio | January 12, 2023

On Jan 11, 2023, Syndio, the leading global workplace equity analytics platform, announced its partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions, a global Fintech leader. Broadridge will utilize Syndio's technology to enhance the critical steps of assessing and developing its commitment to pay equity. This announcement follows Syndio's recent collaboration with the New York Stock Exchange, and its solutions and tools will be available to NYSE-listed companies to support their ESG efforts. The innovative tools provided by Syndio's Workplace Equity Analytics Platform include: PayEQ, an always-on view of pay equity that assists businesses in analyzing, resolving, and preventing pay disparities based on race, ethnicity, gender, or any other demographics. OppEQ, which helps organizations build equity into employee recruiting, talent assessment, promotion, and retention, lowers risks, builds stronger teams, and increases diversity Pay Finder, which assists hiring teams in setting fair base salaries and preventing pay inequality before it begins. Pay Finder unites internal pay data with salary ranges in the market to offer a comprehensive view of what is both competitive and fair for each candidate Expert Advisors, a group of data scientists, legal professionals, and technology experts specializing in workplace equity, offer ongoing best practice advice on everything from ESG and human capital disclosures to global compliance and DE&I goal setting Maria Colacurcio, the CEO of Syndio, stated, "the financial service sector should stand up and take note of Broadridge seizing this moment to double down on pay equity. Delivering value to your customers requires developing incredible talent, and now, more than ever, talent responds to a company committed to equity for all its employees. Syndio looks forward to this and helping Broadridge deepen and measure its ongoing commitment to pay equity." (Source: PR Newswire) About Syndio Seattle-based Syndio, founded in 2016, is a software development company that offers technology and professional guidance to assist businesses in measuring, achieving, and sustaining all aspects of workplace equity. Syndio's platform helps over 200 organizations, including 30 percent of Fortune's Most Admired Companies, minimize legal risk, eliminate pay and opportunity gaps, and achieve their DE&I objectives. The company aims to help create resilient, inclusive workplaces by valuing every employee for who they are and what they bring to the success of their company.

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One Model’s People Data Cloud a New Option for People Analytics in Canada

One Model | January 25, 2023

The people analytics software provider One Model recently announced an option for its people analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering hosted for local customers in Canada. The new local data processing capability will help Canadian enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, and other large organizations to organize their human resources data securely, which delivers analysts and decision makes data-driven people insights. In addition, this new option helps Canadian companies meet important data governance goals because all processing and storage of enterprise people's data happen on Canadian territory. The leader in people analytics celebrated doubling its size in 2022, both in terms of sales and employees. Users and practitioners have mentioned people analytics and praised the company’s People Data CloudTM platform. Additionally, the eight-year-old startup from Austin, Texas, introduced various next-generation machine-learning innovations within its One AI machine-learning technology which is built into all the company's products. One Model's new operational capability in Canada utilizes the Amazon Web Services cloud, which provides a secure, reliable, and high-performance computing infrastructure to meet the demanding business needs of human resources data engineering and advanced analytics applications. "The new option for People Data Cloud in Canada represents a turning point for Canadian HR and people analytics practitioners. It is yet another impressive growth milestone because our infrastructure is truly global, with the ability to go-live anywhere AWS infrastructure exists in a matter of hours," said Matthew Wilton, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at One Model. (Source: Cision) About One Model Founded in 2014, One Model is the people analytics platform that helps flourishing companies make decisions about talent at every level of the organization. The People Data Cloud people analytics platform takes all the heavy lifting out of data extraction, modeling, cleansing, analytics, and reporting of enterprise workforce data. Companies from mid-size to big rapid-growing ones rely on the people analytics platform. HR teams and businesses trust its analytical toolset and accurate reports. In addition, People Data Cloud is a very open platform that helps people make ethical decisions and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy that human resource management requires.

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GoCo's New Winter 2023 Release Enhances Its HR Platform

GoCo | February 08, 2023

On February 7, 2023, GoCo, a software developer for the human resources industry, added new integrations, a template library, embedded payroll, and enhanced onboarding to its HR platform. Its new template library will provide in-depth insights into GoCo's workflows, reports, and performance management services, providing over 30 templates. The new integration with E-Verify through Tracker I-9 automates, enables the secure transfer of confidential and sensitive I-9 data, and auto-submits it from GoCo to E-Verify. Another new integration with famous learning management systems (LMS) applications like 360 Learning and Lessonly will direct new hires to the training materials when they start onboarding. It introduces more flexible payroll options with its integration of Paychex and embedded payroll option powered by Gusto. It can now allow customized messages and onboarding workflows with emojis and videos so that clients can invite new hires to its platform through customized text messages. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at GoCo, Michael Gugel, said, "GoCo is proud to be the most flexible HR platform for SMBs, and we're adding even more flexibility to our solution this winter." He added, "Every new feature and enhancement in our Winter 2023 Release was built to empower HR to make the most out of GoCo's flexible building blocks. With the addition of a new template library, enhancements to onboarding, and new integrations with E-Verify by Tracker I-9, popular learning management systems, and Paychex, GoCo makes it easy for HR to eliminate manual tasks and focus on making work a better place." (Source – Business Wire) About GoCo GoCo, a software development company, has provided solutions for human resource industries, employee management platforms, and small and midsized businesses (SMBs) since 2015. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, it has been automating HR manual tasks, empowering HR professionals, and serving customers nationwide. Its updated platform supports SMBs with current government policies, processes, and service providers to survive in a modern HR system. It specializes in human resources management, recruiting, expenses, payroll, workforce management, human resources information system (HRIS), HR software, health insurance, talent management, employers, and culture.

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