SkillStorm Announces Acquisition of Talent Path and Secures Investment from Achieve Partners

SkillStorm | April 12, 2022

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On April 11th, leader in deploying specialized tech talent announced the acquisition of Talent Path, a company backed by Achieve Partners. It also announced the strategic investment it has secured from Achieve. Talent Path is an early tech career hire-train-deploy platform.

SkillStorm focuses on providing multiple pathways and apprenticeship programs for college graduates, service members, and veterans to launch tech careers.

"Talent Path is a company we've been following for several years. Like SkillStorm, Talent Path hires and trains tech talent based on client demand. And like SkillStorm, Talent Path is solving a major problem for their clients. We're delighted to welcome Talent Path's consultants and clients to the SkillStorm family."

- SkillStorm CEO Justin Vianello

"We're excited about this partnership with our friends at SkillStorm. This team has proven they can scale, and I can think of no better home for Talent Path. Our strategic investment will provide SkillStorm with the capital required to fully integrate Talent Path and supercharge growth to meet the tech talent needs of hundreds of additional clients."

- Aanand Radia, a managing director at Achieve

"We've worked with the SkillStorm team previously. What they've built in a short period of time demonstrates an impressive commitment to quality, and we have every confidence they will scale to hiring, training, and placing thousands of new consultants annually. We look forward to another very productive partnership."

- Achieve managing director Ryan Craig


HR and workforce management (WFM) software is booming. Today, it's estimated that 9% of HR's annual budget goes towards technology,' and digitalisation of key work processes has become a top priority for executive teams.


HR and workforce management (WFM) software is booming. Today, it's estimated that 9% of HR's annual budget goes towards technology,' and digitalisation of key work processes has become a top priority for executive teams.

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GoCo's New Winter 2023 Release Enhances Its HR Platform

GoCo | February 08, 2023

On February 7, 2023, GoCo, a software developer for the human resources industry, added new integrations, a template library, embedded payroll, and enhanced onboarding to its HR platform. Its new template library will provide in-depth insights into GoCo's workflows, reports, and performance management services, providing over 30 templates. The new integration with E-Verify through Tracker I-9 automates, enables the secure transfer of confidential and sensitive I-9 data, and auto-submits it from GoCo to E-Verify. Another new integration with famous learning management systems (LMS) applications like 360 Learning and Lessonly will direct new hires to the training materials when they start onboarding. It introduces more flexible payroll options with its integration of Paychex and embedded payroll option powered by Gusto. It can now allow customized messages and onboarding workflows with emojis and videos so that clients can invite new hires to its platform through customized text messages. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at GoCo, Michael Gugel, said, "GoCo is proud to be the most flexible HR platform for SMBs, and we're adding even more flexibility to our solution this winter." He added, "Every new feature and enhancement in our Winter 2023 Release was built to empower HR to make the most out of GoCo's flexible building blocks. With the addition of a new template library, enhancements to onboarding, and new integrations with E-Verify by Tracker I-9, popular learning management systems, and Paychex, GoCo makes it easy for HR to eliminate manual tasks and focus on making work a better place." (Source – Business Wire) About GoCo GoCo, a software development company, has provided solutions for human resource industries, employee management platforms, and small and midsized businesses (SMBs) since 2015. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, it has been automating HR manual tasks, empowering HR professionals, and serving customers nationwide. Its updated platform supports SMBs with current government policies, processes, and service providers to survive in a modern HR system. It specializes in human resources management, recruiting, expenses, payroll, workforce management, human resources information system (HRIS), HR software, health insurance, talent management, employers, and culture.

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Explorance Launches General Availability of BlueML and Free Feedback Analytics

Explorance | March 03, 2023

Explorance, a leading provider of People Insight Solutions, has announced the general availability of Explorance BlueML and a special free offer for the award-winning workforce and student sentiment analysis solution. BlueML, a prominent ML tool trained on employee and student answers, provides meaningful insights from enormous datasets of comments and feedback in minutes. Businesses and academic institutions can better understand employee and student needs and expectations, and take proactive steps to support a more satisfied, engaged, and well-trained workforce or student population. It is expected to eliminate time-consuming manual review and data organizing processes. Explorance machine learning methods also reduce human bias in large data sets. MIT News reported that MIT and Harvard's researchers showed that training machine learning models on varied data sources minimize bias. BlueML categorizes thousands of staff and student feedback responses consistently, supporting this idea. Samer Saab, Explorance Founder and CEO, said, "With BlueML, organizations can now bring to light the uncommon connections, and deep insights, about employees or students, that are otherwise, not easily accessible. With automated and intelligent analysis, the time and effort it takes to unlock data-driven decisions is significantly reduced, empowering organizations to act by evidence and not by assumption." (Source - CISION PR Newswire) Explorance BlueML for Employee Experience HR is becoming more strategic and may represent employees in boardroom discussions. HR can improve employee retention, engagement, and performance through data. The brave conversations that HR leaders have, informed by employee sentiment and organized by diverse workgroups, provide insights into decision-making. Explorance BlueML for Student Experience The Student Experience Categorization Model helps academic leaders and administrators focus on student success. BlueML powers the complete educational experience of students viz: application, student life, learning, and alumni. "The technology innovations that Explorance is coming out with are vitally important. Our research shows that most organizations (62%) do not have a strong understanding of the needs of their workforces, their skills, motivations or what they value – and don't value – in their employment. It is impossible to make great business and talent decisions without insights borne from people data. Many organizations are sitting on rich data that they don't have the expertise or tools to analyze. Solutions like Explorance BlueML can be a real game-changer," said Claude Werder, Senior VP and Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group. (Source- CISION PR Newswire) About Explorance Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Montreal, Explorance is an industry-leading provider of People Insight Solutions, which facilitates effective decision-making for businesses by gauging their employees' and students' requirements, expectations, abilities, knowledge and skills. Individual development and business adaptability can both benefit from an environment that encourages exploration since it speeds up the cycle from insight to action. They partner with 25% of the Fortune 100 and 25% of the top Higher Education institutions, including 8 of the world's top 10 business schools.

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Alchemer Launches Alchemer Workflow for Feedback Loop

Alchemer | February 15, 2023

On February 14, 2023, Alchemer, a provider of technology-based experience management and enterprise feedback solutions, announced the launch of a new feature, Alchemer Workflow, to effectively close the feedback loop with employees and customers. This feature will drive deeper engagements for growth, retention, advocacy, and customer adoption. Alchemer Workflow offers connected surveys to trigger follow-ups, and customer feedback, providing ideas for valuable actions and accurate decisions over the problem. The no-code process relates logical arguments and input to the systems of communication and action. Its logical branching enables organizations to filter their responses based on customer preferences and feedback. It assists brands in building and visualizing the continuous closing feedback loops. Its drag-and-drop interface automates activities behind the scenes, lessening the burden of personalized responses to customers who have given feedback. In addition, its flexible infrastructure enables it to work with any feedback-collecting team or department like market research, business processes and operations, UX research, employee experience and customer experience. CEO of Alchemer David Roberts said, “When customers don’t hear back from organizations after sharing requested feedback, it destroys relationships, brand, and trust. With Alchemer Workflow, our customers collect the best feedback and build on it to create deeper, more engaged relationships with customers and employees.” (Source – Business Wire) Senior Vice President of Alchemer’s Products and Services, Ryan Tamminga, said, “Alchemer Workflow solves the biggest problem in our industry – how to respond and act on the feedback that’s collected.” He added, “None of us believe ‘thank you for your feedback’ closes the loop. With Alchemer Workflow, you can inject feedback into your business in a way that allows for every voice to be heard and action taken at scale.” (Source – Business Wire) About Alchemer Alchemer, a software development company, has been focused on solutions based on feedback and data collection since 2006. It empowers organizations to close the loop with their employees and customers effectively. It represents every employee and customer and ensures that their feedback is recognized. Headquartered in Louisville, Colorado, it serves more than 13,000 CX, HR, Fortune 500 companies and market research customers. It provides services for data collection and analytics, business intelligence, panels, VOC, NPS, customer insights, enterprise feedback management, HR 360 tool, marketing tools and marketing research software, online survey and survey platform, and web forms.

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