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SkillStorm Announces Acquisition of Talent Path and Secures Investment from Achieve Partners

SkillStorm | April 12, 2022

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On April 11th, leader in deploying specialized tech talent announced the acquisition of Talent Path, a company backed by Achieve Partners. It also announced the strategic investment it has secured from Achieve. Talent Path is an early tech career hire-train-deploy platform.

SkillStorm focuses on providing multiple pathways and apprenticeship programs for college graduates, service members, and veterans to launch tech careers.

"Talent Path is a company we've been following for several years. Like SkillStorm, Talent Path hires and trains tech talent based on client demand. And like SkillStorm, Talent Path is solving a major problem for their clients. We're delighted to welcome Talent Path's consultants and clients to the SkillStorm family."

- SkillStorm CEO Justin Vianello

"We're excited about this partnership with our friends at SkillStorm. This team has proven they can scale, and I can think of no better home for Talent Path. Our strategic investment will provide SkillStorm with the capital required to fully integrate Talent Path and supercharge growth to meet the tech talent needs of hundreds of additional clients."

- Aanand Radia, a managing director at Achieve

"We've worked with the SkillStorm team previously. What they've built in a short period of time demonstrates an impressive commitment to quality, and we have every confidence they will scale to hiring, training, and placing thousands of new consultants annually. We look forward to another very productive partnership."

- Achieve managing director Ryan Craig


Nothing motivates employees more than a great boss. Creating consistent employee management practices help create a positive workplace culture and improve key performance outcomes across the board. Download Paycor’s guide to learn how to: Review and improve performance Create career paths Future-proof pipeline with succession pl


Nothing motivates employees more than a great boss. Creating consistent employee management practices help create a positive workplace culture and improve key performance outcomes across the board. Download Paycor’s guide to learn how to: Review and improve performance Create career paths Future-proof pipeline with succession pl

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Crosschq Helps Companies Advance Diversity Hiring Through Enriched Insights

GlobeNewswire | August 31, 2023

Crosschq, the world's first Hiring Intelligence platform purpose-built to increase Quality of Hire, today announced a new DEI enhancement to its TalentWall™ offering. The introduction of enriched diversity data expands the solution’s ability to visualize the entire active and historical candidate pool, enabling companies to track diversity-focused sourcing and hiring initiatives more accurately. Jake Paul, President of TalentWall, shared, “When it comes to rendering the full picture of ATS analytics, diversity data plays a major role. Until recently, most companies relied solely on voluntary EEOC forms. This approach produced gaps and impacted the efficacy of DEI programs. With this enriched data from TalentWall, Crosschq customers will be able to prioritize their diversity hiring efforts with a 90 percent confidence rate in the diversity of their candidate pipeline.” Earlier this year, the latest Crosschq Q Report found that diversity hiring, specifically gender and ethnicity, has slowed significantly, potentially undoing years of purposeful progress. To help prevent further erosion and ensure employers can attain their ESG and DEI goals, Crosschq built this newly enriched diversity data set, leveraging third-party resources and artificial intelligence to break down the gender and ethnic makeup of candidate pipelines. In doing so, Crosschq TalentWall customers gain a better understanding of how their talent acquisition strategies correspond with outcomes, able to see how pipeline diversity trends over time. This allows these teams to measure the impact of certain initiatives and amend diversity hiring efforts to reflect organizational goals. DEI expert, organizational psychologist and CEO of Ellavate Solutions, Dr. Ella Washington, commented, “There are countless well-documented benefits of having a diverse workforce that truly represents the broader society, including increased innovation. While we have seen some setbacks in DEI hiring recently, now is not the time to lose focus on diversity commitments. It is time to change our approach, and by providing enriched diversity data, Crosschq is helping ensure that these hiring efforts not only continue but also succeed.” About Crosschq Crosschq is the world's first operating system purpose-built for Hiring Intelligence. The company provides talent-driven organizations with an integrated data and listening platform to optimize all aspects of hiring and continuously improve Quality of Hire. Powered by the Crosschq Intelligence Cloud™, which uses AI and machine learning to rapidly process millions of pre-hire and post-hire data points, Crosschq gives enterprises a reliable, on-demand solution for collaborating and taking action on hiring insights. Crosschq's customers and partners include Deloitte, WPP, Allegis, Pinterest, HubSpot, Saks Fifth Avenue, Workday, SAP, and Greenhouse, among others. Crosschq is backed by GGV Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, Tiger Global, SAP, Okta, and Salesforce. To learn more, visit crosschq.com.

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Workforce Management

Workday Continue to Hold Leadership in Gartner Magic Quadrant '23

Workday | September 08, 2023

Workday retained its position as a leader in Gartner MQ 2023 The company, with its AI and ML framework provides ERP solutions for finance and people Gartner Peer Insights evaluates consumer experiences on the basis of peer reviews and ratings Workday, a prominent provider of enterprise cloud applications in finance and human resources, has reclaimed its position as a leader, in the 2023 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud ERP. This recognition is based on the company's extraordinary visionary completeness and its ability to effectively execute in this industry. Workday's cloud ERP solutions cater to a global clientele and are widely adopted by organizations across various industries. Workday, with more than 10,000 customers in 175 countries continue to execute for customers and provide innovative solutions that enable service-centric enterprises to adapt to and prosper in the evolving world of work. Group General Manager, Terrance Wampler, Office of the CFO at Workday stated, Workday is the only cloud-native ERP platform specifically designed for service-centric organizations to manage their money and people together in one, unified system. [Source: Cision PR Newswire] He added that, customers using Workday across various sectors can enhance their comprehension of the factors influencing profitability down to the finest details, by having a unified source of accurate financial and personnel data and a flexible framework centered around AI and ML. This empowers them to swiftly adapt to address their business's requirements. Workday's cloud ERP suite includes Workday Financial Management, Workday Human Capital Management (HCM), Workday Spend Management, Workday Accounting Center, Workday Prism Analytics, and Workday Adaptive Planning. These solutions empower organizations by automating processes, unifying finance and HR data, and facilitating confident decision-making. The company’s cloud-native ERP platform is uniquely designed to meet the needs of service-centric organizations by providing a unified system for managing finances and people. With AI and ML at its core, it offers unparalleled insights into profitability and performance, enabling businesses to make agile decisions. In the most recent customer survey conducted by Workday, customers of Workday HCM and Workday Financial Management expressed a satisfaction rate of 97%. Workday increases business agility, scalability, and self-sufficiency in system management while lowering information technology dependency. It interfaces with a wide variety of ecosystems to facilitate simple growth using technologies that need little or no coding, all while preserving solid security. Users who consolidate data from finance, human resources, and operations receive deep insights into profitability and performance. The integration of AI and ML speeds up processes, allowing workers to focus on more significant projects. It provides essential workforce skill analytics, such as detecting gaps, analyzing current and future skill demands, and finding chances for redeployment, which makes it a game-changing solution for contemporary enterprises. Gartner Peer Insights assesses customer experiences based on reviews and ratings by peers. Workday has received high marks for customer satisfaction, with customer reviews highlighting the platform's configurability, ongoing feature development, and role in driving transformation throughout various industries.

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SmartRecruiters Unveils Q2 Product Release, Bolstering CRM & Onboarding Capabilities

PR Newswire | August 02, 2023

SmartRecruiters, an All-in-One Hiring Platform, announced new capabilities in its Q2 Release aimed at bolstering CRM and Onboarding capabilities, while also expanding the depth of workflow customization and integration capabilities. Q2 marks the release of over 20 product updates that boost the functionality of some of our most popular products including SmartCRM, SmartMessage, and SmartOnboard in addition to our core hiring OS. With these new capabilities, talent acquisition teams now have expanded reporting on nurture campaigns, a more engaging texting experience, and more flexible onboarding controls for more efficient hiring processes that scale globally. "Our latest product updates are a testament to SmartRecruiters' steadfast commitment to our customers and candidates. We firmly believe that an exceptional candidate experience is the foundation of successful talent acquisition. By embracing feedback from our customers and pushing the boundaries of innovation, we ensure that every candidate feels valued, supported, and excited about their journey with us," Rachel Orston, Chief Customer Officer of SmartRecruiters. Key Features in this Q2 Product Release: Flexible Onboarding Controls: Tailor your onboarding processes effortlessly by collecting data securely at the stage you need it. Choose to start onboarding at the offer or hire stage, ensuring a seamless transition for new hires. Smart CRM Consent Management: Streamline your compliant consent management processes effortlessly. With robust filtering capabilities at both the database and campaign levels, you can efficiently manage and track consent status. Localized Screening Questions: Ensure that every candidate sees the right screening questions tailored to the specific location of the job ad. By collecting more relevant and compliant information, our platform empowers you to make data-driven hiring decisions and find the perfect fit for your team. About SmartRecruiters SmartRecruiters is dedicated to reshaping the future of talent acquisition. Through innovative products and services, we empower businesses of all sizes to attract, select and hire the best talent. SmartRecruiters' next-generation platform serves as the hiring operating system for 4,000 customers like Bosch, LinkedIn, Skechers, and Visa. Companies with business-critical hiring needs turn to SmartRecruiters for best-of-breed functionality, world-class support, and a robust ecosystem of third-party applications and service providers.

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