Talentcare and Warehowz Announce Partnership to Solve Hiring Challenges for Warehouse and Logistics Clients

Talentcare | May 11, 2022

Talentcare, LLC, the leading platform of solutions to make hiring and retention easy, and Warehowz, an innovative logistics technology company in the "on-demand" warehousing industry, today announced partnership to solve hiring challenges for clients in the warehouse and logistics industry. Beginning today, Talentcare joins the Warehowz marketplace as its preferred provider of recruiting and hiring solutions.

According to recent U.S. Labor Market insights from March 2022, it takes an average of 62 days to fill warehouse and logistics roles and only 58% of these open jobs are filled. 

"Collaborating with Warehowz, we're putting the "ship" in partnership, and delighted to be named a marketplace partner and introduce their clients to innovative solutions that will help them hire their frontline workforces, The struggle is real, and now is the time to get real and compete harder to win hires in the post-COVID labor market,"

- Eric Smith, CEO of Talentcare.

"We work with warehouses and 3PLs every day who are limited in their ability to accept new business, The main factor is lack of available or appropriate personnel. They want to accept new business from us, and they want to be able to provide excellent servicing to our mutual clients. With Talentcare, we can offer them a solution to finding and recruiting the right talent in the right locations. This differentiates us and them in this tight marketplace."

- Darrell Jervey, CEO of Warehowz.

Talentcare's platform of solutions makes hiring easy, enabling clients to attract more of the right job candidates with recruitment marketing, become the employer of choice with employer branding and reputation management solutions, and more efficiently hire loyal, high-performing employees with applicant tracking and a curated partner ecosystem of talent solutions and integrations.

Employers seeking to create a competitive advantage in their recruiting and hiring efforts are invited to connect with us to learn more and request a personalized demonstration.

About Talentcare
Mid-market companies and entrepreneurs trust Talentcare to ensure their growth and profit are never constrained by talent. Thousands of companies use Talentcare's platform of solutions to make hiring and retention of their frontline workforce easy. As a result, clients attract more of the right job candidates, become the employer of choice, and hire loyal, high-performing employees.

About Warehowz
Warehowz is an innovative logistics technology company in the "on-demand" warehousing industry, which means we connect businesses that need warehousing space and services with businesses that have capacity. We give your business access to space when you need it, where you need it and give you the ability to dynamically manage that space in a flexible logistics network. Through our cloud-based marketplace we make your storage and fulfillment contracts easy and allow you to choose your partners efficiently.


The job market is improving, but layoffs are the new normal


The job market is improving, but layoffs are the new normal

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