UKG Announces Acquisition of SpotCues and Groupe.io

UKG | February 28, 2022

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On February 24th, premier human capital management, HR services, payroll, and workforce management solutions provider, UKG, Inc., announced that it had acquired SpotCues and Groupe.io, the SpotCues mobile applications platform.

In 2016, SpotCues developed Groupe.io as a communications platform for frontline workers who don’t have corporate email accounts to communicate with each other. With the wide range of tools available on Groupe.io, clients will be able to consolidate employee communication and workflow, enabling teams to stay on the same page.

“Groupe.io was created with the vision of providing people with frontline and field-based jobs with a modern digital workplace that clearly translates company goals into engagement and results. Our innovative solution, coupled with the tremendous UKG domain expertise, promises to further empower and inspire people by keeping them at the center of strategy, operations, and decisions.”

-Praveen Kanyadi, SpotCues co-founder and UKG vice president of engineering

SpotCues and Groupe.io were incubated by global software company, Pramati Software. Groupe.io has earned multiple accolades, such as winning the “Best Ease of Use” by Capterra, “Best Functionality and Features” by GetApp, and the best “Employee App of Choice” by Clearbox.

“We are delighted to see yet another venture from Pramati scale greater heights and get a strong footing in the market. Forging a relationship with UKG strengthens our commitment to giving maximum value to customers through product innovation.”

- Vijay Pullur, co-founder and CEO of Pramati


Have you ever thought about what makes a stellar consumer experience? Whether you’re shopping for new clothes or dining at your favorite restaurant, you know a business that deserves a 5-star review when you see it: You’re attended to quickly, in a manner that respects your time in every interaction The product or service you re


Have you ever thought about what makes a stellar consumer experience? Whether you’re shopping for new clothes or dining at your favorite restaurant, you know a business that deserves a 5-star review when you see it: You’re attended to quickly, in a manner that respects your time in every interaction The product or service you re

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Ethico Releases The Most Comprehensive System To Strengthen E&C Functions Amidst Increasing Demand For Ethical Workplaces

PRnewswire | March 30, 2023

Ethico, a leader in integrated risk management solutions, unveils a coordinated system to meet the demand for ethically run, values-forward businesses. The ECOsystem (Ethics & Compliance Optimization System) provides a holistic approach to improving an organization's risk mitigation and program performance, work culture, and employee engagement metrics. With Gallup reporting that only 32% of employees in the U.S. claim to be actually engaged at work, it's clear that businesses are leaving a huge amount of profitability and productivity unclaimed. The key to re-engaging the majority of the workforce lies in better work cultures and stronger reputational health, with more demonstrable values in the operations of a business. Ethics, Compliance, and HR functions are perfectly poised to push such initiatives, but as typically under-resourced departments, these ethical professionals need to be empowered by something greater than a patchwork of single solutions in order to achieve their missions. The ECOsystem is Ethico's way of putting power in the hands of any organization's ethical champions by providing them with: next-generation technology, client-over-everything support, and a holistic approach to redefine their workplaces. By utilizing a collaborative system of solutions, an ethical professional can maintain the oversight necessary to manage risk across multiple sectors and workstreams, while prioritizing the most pressing risks their organization is facing. Ethico's solutions synergize within the ECOsystem to provide the flexibility and power to establish an authentically ethical culture, with all of its positive externalities. That means: increased employee engagement, reduced turnover, mitigated risk, lower threat of lawsuits and fines, and a more values-driven workplace. The ECOsystem has fully configurable modules to maintain and upscale the essential pillars of a modern workplace, such as: Investigation Process - Case Management Software, Omnichannel Issue Intake, Incident Management, and Data Analytics & Reporting leverage the advantages of Ethico's unique Adaptive Interview methodology to consistently gather and display the most pertinent information from reporters. This provides clear incident data, allowing investigators to close cases up to 2.5 times faster, and allowing E&C and HR professionals to make a clear business case for their programs. Work Culture - Exit & Stay Interviews, HR & Compliance Training Libraries, Awareness & Communications, and Ethics Portal promote a culture that lives out the values espoused by an organization while rooting out latent risks within the workforce. This creates a healthy foundation where culture and employees can thrive. Risk Mitigation - Sanction Screening, Third Party Risk Monitoring, along with Flexible Disclosures Forms and Conflicts of Interest solutions concentrate oversight on your organization's greatest areas of risk. This provides the risk sensors of an organization the ability to catch risks before they cost the organization revenue. No matter the challenge a workplace is facing, one or all of the ECOsystem's modules can be leveraged to begin the process of modernizing any workplace, regardless of size, industry, or mission. "People are sick of wrestling with status quo, Frankenstein solutions that haven't been updated in a decade," said Nick Gallo, Chief Servant and Co-CEO of Ethico. "Ethics should be easy, and that's why we are excited to introduce the ECOsystem to the world. It is exciting to be a part of the next generation of solutions that help folks actually reduce risk while upgrading their ethical foundations to reinforce authentic cultures of integrity." About Ethico Ethico's ECOsystem (Ethics and Compliance Optimization) allows leaders to manage risk, reinforce culture, and establish ethical work environments with flexible & powerful next-gen technology solutions including: Data Analytics & Reporting, Case Management Software, Omnichannel Issue Intake, Flexible Disclosure Forms, Incident Management, Sanction Monitoring, Awareness & Communications, Third Party Risk Management, Ethics Portal, Exit & Stay Interviews, HR & Compliance Training Library, and Conflicts of Interest. Ethico has made ethics easy for over 25 years by empowering those who care most to Make The World A Better Workplace with holistic tools that help leaders who care to crowdsource risk management at scale effectively, focus efforts on the most meaningful priorities, and create a clear business case that reinforces a true culture of organic integrity.

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G&A Partners brings comprehensive HR solutions to Ohio market

Businesswire | May 31, 2023

G&A Partners, a leading professional employer organization (PEO), is bringing its comprehensive HR solutions and high-quality, competitive benefits plans to Ohio small and mid-sized businesses, the company announced today. G&A Partners provides best-in-class client service and service delivery plans that help build thriving businesses. Plans are customizable and offer transparent pricing, which will allow Ohio business owners to build a plan that meets their budget and needs. Additionally, working with G&A gives small business owners access to cutting edge and affordable benefits options that aid in recruiting and retaining top talent, an ongoing challenge in today’s job market. “We’re excited to announce our entry into the Ohio market beginning with the Cincinnati area,” says Matthew Walus, G&A Partners’ vice president of sales in the Midwest region. “Ohio has a vibrant small business community, well-aligned to the industry-leading PEO and human capital management services we provide. The expansion into Ohio represents strong growth for G&A in the Midwest, alongside locations in Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa.” G&A Partners, which was named to the Inc. 5000 list of America’s top private companies for the 17th time, recently announced it is also expanding into the Southeast region and Oregon. About G&A Partners G&A Partners, one of the 10 largest professional employer organizations (PEO) in the nation, has been helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses for more than 25 years. By delivering world-class services with trusted experts in HR administration, benefits, and payroll, clients now have the time and freedom they need to focus on what matters most—their employees, products and services, and their customers. Headquartered in Houston, G&A Partners has offices located throughout the U.S.

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Global People Analytics Leader Visier Introduces New Products that Lower the Hurdle for Data-driven Workforce Strategies

PRnewswire | May 05, 2023

Visier, the globally recognized leader in people analytics and workforce solutions for people-powered business, today announced new products designed to offer fast, radically simple, and cost effective solutions to today's most pressing workforce challenges. These products provide entry points to people analytics programs, skills transformations, and understanding and optimizing individual and team productivity and collaboration dynamics. The news was unveiled by Visier's CEO Ryan Wong, at Visier's annual Outsmart conference, which takes place this week in San Diego, California. "Understanding your employees is essential to running a high performing, efficient and accountable business," said Ryan Wong, CEO of Visier. "At Visier, we believe in making actionable people insights radically simple for our customers, no matter their experience or resourcing. That's what these new products are all about: simple, cost-effective entry points and blazing fast time to value for people analytics programs, skills transformations and improving team dynamics and productivity." Visier People Essentials: An easy onramp to People Analytics programs Launched today, Visier People Essentials draws on Visier's 13 years of experience as the people analytics category pioneer and leader, and feedback from over 25,000 customers, to create a simple entry point, and guided paths to a robust and scalable people analytics program. Visier People Essentials provides everything organizations need to launch, scale, or enhance their people analytics program in one simple, cost-effective package that includes: Easy integration and harmonization of disparate HR data from any source Hundreds of out-of-the box insights to solve the HR challenges that matter most Full access to Visier's built-in benchmark data sourced from over 20 million anonymized employee records Visier's fastest-ever time to value Expert professional services to guide organizations every step of the way Visier's expert People Analytics Consultants will provide customers with everything they need to be successful, including guidance on data configuration, best practices in transforming people data into meaningful insights, training on Visier People Essentials features and functionality, and building team capabilities to confidently reach self-sufficiency. And when organizations are ready to go beyond Essentials, Visier has an unmatched portfolio of add-on capabilities to grow with customers at their own pace. "Visier People Essentials helps teams develop a broad understanding of people analytics, and is flexible enough to scale up with the team as they grow in maturity and scale," said Wong. "When organizations begin their people analytics journey, they often don't always know what questions to ask. Essentials guides them to the fastest time to value, and our Visier team works alongside them to mature their people analytics strategy over time." Visier People Skills Intelligence Engine: A simple starting point for every skills journey Also launched today, Visier People: Skills Intelligence Engine provides a complete inventory of an organization's skills–both the skills they have and the skills they need–which is generated automatically and nearly instantaneously. This becomes a powerful entry point for any skills transformation by highlighting company wide skills gaps for prioritizing hiring and learning and development initiatives, and targeting retention programs to backstop skills losses associated with employee exits. Utilizing a powerful jobs and skills ontology, supported by Visier's 20 million employee benchmark records, organizations can normalize job roles and skill sets and translate them into actionable insights through a skills mapping and matching engine. This automated and continuous skills mapping capability provides a running assessment of the current skills of an organization's workforce, without any manual effort. "We consistently hear from HR leaders that efforts to become skills-based organizations have been complicated, expensive, unwieldy, and have fallen short of expectations," said Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer at Visier." We're changing that with a simple solution that gets customers started on their skills journey by identifying the skills they already have within their organization, and the skills they need." Workplace Dynamics: Collaboration insights to improve productivity and effectiveness Visier People: Workplace Dynamics helps organizations understand how people work to provide the insights needed to create high-performing teams, reveal organizational risks, and empower employees and leaders to maximize their impact. Workplace Dynamics uses passive listening to understand how and with whom employees collaborate, how they feel, and how they get work done. This is then combined with actively solicited employee feedback, including strengths and weaknesses of team members with whom employees are working closely, to provide the most complete view of employee collaboration, well-being, and productivity. Initially launched in late 2022, a number of new additions to the Workplace Dynamics product offering have recently been added, including: Turn sentiment, feedback, team dynamics, and work patterns into real-time, actionable insights that help people work better together and maximize productivity. Reveal truths that are dangerously hidden in organizations, including burnout, risk of exit, and under utilized talent. When revealed, this results in a more resilient business. Provide continuous insights to everyone in the organization, enabling colleagues to become better teammates, managers, and partners. Additional innovations: Work location analysis, alerts, custom solutions, and more In addition to the major product launches above, Visier released new product enhancements, including: Location Check-ins: Allowing organizations to load and analyze workplace check-in data, which occurs through a badge swipe or an access card at a physical location or a network login. Using this feature can help you answer questions such as: Are hybrid employees adhering to agreed-upon workplace policies? Are costly office locations used as expected? How do employee performance, productivity, and turnover compare between employees working in-office, remotely, and hybrid? Exception Alerts: Raises a flag anytime a metric of interest is outside of the historical norm within an organization. This functionality saves hours of sifting through and analyzing data to identify what's significant in it. Long-term Project Assignments: Allows organizations that deploy employees to long-lived, but time-bound, projects to assess usage and team composition. This can be used to apply diversity to the mix of talent on specific projects and maximize productivity within a staff base. About Visier Visier is the recognized global leader in people analytics, providing on-demand answers to people-powered businesses. Behind every great brand, product, or idea is the Human Truth, and the Visier People Cloud reveals the fundamental questions and actionable truths capable of elevating your employees—and your business—to new heights. Founded in 2010 by the pioneers of business intelligence, Visier has over 25,000 customers in 75 countries around the world, including enterprises like BASF, Bridgestone, Electronic Arts, McKesson, MerckKGaA, and more. Visier is headquartered in Vancouver, BC with offices and team members worldwide.

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