UKG Announces Acquisition of SpotCues and Groupe.io

UKG | February 28, 2022

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On February 24th, premier human capital management, HR services, payroll, and workforce management solutions provider, UKG, Inc., announced that it had acquired SpotCues and Groupe.io, the SpotCues mobile applications platform.

In 2016, SpotCues developed Groupe.io as a communications platform for frontline workers who don’t have corporate email accounts to communicate with each other. With the wide range of tools available on Groupe.io, clients will be able to consolidate employee communication and workflow, enabling teams to stay on the same page.

“Groupe.io was created with the vision of providing people with frontline and field-based jobs with a modern digital workplace that clearly translates company goals into engagement and results. Our innovative solution, coupled with the tremendous UKG domain expertise, promises to further empower and inspire people by keeping them at the center of strategy, operations, and decisions.”

-Praveen Kanyadi, SpotCues co-founder and UKG vice president of engineering

SpotCues and Groupe.io were incubated by global software company, Pramati Software. Groupe.io has earned multiple accolades, such as winning the “Best Ease of Use” by Capterra, “Best Functionality and Features” by GetApp, and the best “Employee App of Choice” by Clearbox.

“We are delighted to see yet another venture from Pramati scale greater heights and get a strong footing in the market. Forging a relationship with UKG strengthens our commitment to giving maximum value to customers through product innovation.”

- Vijay Pullur, co-founder and CEO of Pramati


Without an effective and efficient hiring process, it’s impossible for an organization to succeed, or employees to be happy. Many hiring professionals believe having a larger hiring budget will fix any problems they have with talent acquisition. But this isn’t always the case. Often, there are multiple issues causing hiring team tension and lead to an inability to hire great employees.


Without an effective and efficient hiring process, it’s impossible for an organization to succeed, or employees to be happy. Many hiring professionals believe having a larger hiring budget will fix any problems they have with talent acquisition. But this isn’t always the case. Often, there are multiple issues causing hiring team tension and lead to an inability to hire great employees.

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hireEZ Unveils EZ Insights and EZ Rediscovery to Boost Outbound Recruiting

hireEZ | April 05, 2022

On April 4th, premier AI-based outbound recruitment solution provider announced the launch of its newest tools, EZ rediscovery and EZ Insights. Both solutions are designed to provide outbound recruiters with the edge they need to drive data-powered recruitment in a competitive market. "EZ Rediscovery and EZ Insights represent key milestones as part of our long-term product roadmap as we work to accelerate outbound recruiting within the industry. These additions to our product portfolio are designed to help organizations make the seismic shift from passive to proactive recruiting with access to up-to-date candidate profiles and market data. Having the right information at the right time is the single most important factor that will determine the success of organizations today that need to hire the right talent to scale and support their growth objectives. Leadership team members who are responsible for workforce planning can't rely on anecdotal evidence alone. " -Steven Jiang, founder & CEO of hireEZ Many organizations today use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage and organize data of applicants. This information is bound to become outdated and irrelevant. With EZ Rediscovery organizations will be able to leverage the profiles of potential candidates from their existing data by updating crucial data points like work experience, skills, and contact information. "We developed EZ Rediscovery to address a critical unmet need that so many organizations face today. Many recruiters rely on their ATS to search for potential candidates, but if that information doesn't reflect a candidate's recent work experience or includes incorrect contact information that puts the recruiter at a severe disadvantage. With EZ Rediscovery, recruiters can maximize the value of their ATS investment and easily sync candidate data across hireEZ and their ATS. EZ Insights provides the concrete and actionable data they need to make informed decisions." -Xinwen Zhang, CTO and co-founder of hireEZ

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RGP Launches Employee-Based Digital Platform for Professional Gig Workers

RGP | October 19, 2021

RGP (Nasdaq: RGP), a next-generation global human capital firm, has launched a new digital staffing platform that offers accounting and finance professionals greater flexibility with the safety net of employee benefits – HUGO by RGP. HUGO by RGP is the first omni-channel platform to offer professional workers the protection, certainty and service benefits of RGP’s employee-based model while retaining the freedom and flexibility inherent in the new gig economy. Available exclusively to clients and professionals in the New York Tristate Region, the new platform empowers users with unprecedented transparency, speed and control, as well as the support of RGP’s expert client service team. RGP is changing the employment paradigm by helping businesses efficiently and effectively match and deploy the right professional talent with skills needed to tackle the clients’ critical initiatives with the perfect mixture of high-tech meets high-touch. “HUGO by RGP illustrates our commitment to the ‘Now of Work’ and the reality of how clients and professionals want to engage in this environment, With in-demand skill sets growing faster than employers can keep pace, many of our clients are looking to ‘rent’ talent to fill those skills gaps. At the same time, business leaders shouldn’t have to choose between speed and fit. HUGO delivers both as well as transparency and choice to help companies meet their immediate short-term needs in this rapidly evolving ‘Now of Work’ environment—the right candidate, the right skills, the right time and the right rate.” - RGP CEO Kate Duchene. For employers, HUGO allows hiring managers to accelerate projects and timelines through a curated pool of accounting and finance consultants with in-demand skill sets—accessible in just a few clicks. The platform provides access to fully automated digital workflows from hiring to onboarding, time reporting and billing, as well as full visibility into candidates’ credentials, experience and rates. RGP’s unique W-2 based employee model also relieves businesses of the costly burdens of HR, payroll and tax requirements. For candidates, HUGO offers a customized user experience helping them match and land gigs with companies ranging from the Fortune 100 to start-ups. Meanwhile, the W-2 based model offers candidates benefits and membership of traditional employment such as earned paid time off, healthcare coverage, access to development and training, as well as RGP’s community of nearly 5,000 professionals around the globe. “Greater flexibility is the key to success in the changing employment landscape and we’re proud to be pioneering a high-tech meets high-touch model that truly represents the state of how flexible work is being done, HUGO represents the next digital evolution of RGP’s agile business model by matching borderless talent with borderless business needs. HUGO’s professionals are all W-2 employees of RGP, creating a workplace environment that embraces flexibility, collaboration and human connection, while promoting a sense of community and belonging.” - Stephen DelVecchia, Head of Digital Engagement/HUGO by RGP. Led by industry veteran Stephen DelVecchia, the HUGO team is supported by Head of Platform Success Marcie Levy, and Head of Technology Gary Lee. HUGO is now available to accounting and finance professionals in the New York Tristate region and will be introduced in other markets and industry sectors as the platform continues to roll out. About RGP RGP (Nasdaq: RGP) is a next gen global human capital firm helping clients match the right professional talent needed to tackle change and transformational initiatives. Disrupting the professional services industry since 1996, RGP is the now of work—attracting the best talent in an increasingly fluid gig-oriented environment. Based in Irvine, CA., with offices worldwide, RGP’s agile human capital model attracts top-caliber professionals with in-demand skill sets who seek a workplace environment that embraces flexibility, collaboration, and human connection. The company’s winning value proposition has made them the leading provider of agile professional services to help clients transform their businesses and workplaces. With more than 5,000 professionals, RGP annually engages over 2,100 clients internationally, including over 85% of the Fortune 100.

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Accenture Buys fable+ to Expand Analytics-Driven Transformation and Workplace Cultures Capabilities

Accenture | March 10, 2021

Accenture has procured fable+, a counseling firm represent considerable authority in business nimbleness and investigation driven change. Situated in Mannheim and Berlin, fable+'s group of 50 experts have joined Accenture's Talent and Organization/Human Potential group, adding exceptionally particular ability zeroed in on hierarchical change. fable+ has a demonstrated history of empowering reasonable, development advancing workplaces. By utilizing their restrictive cloud-based application to gauge mental security and group execution, fable+ can measure key culture factors that drive execution across various levels of an association. A group's mental wellbeing level shows how secure its individuals feel to shout out, contribute their ability and offer thoughts. In an inexorably perplexing, high speed working climate, the upper hands of an association will rely upon its capacity to make trust-based deft societies established in mental wellbeing. “What the past year taught us, is that sudden disruption must be met with an equally rapid response in the workplace by leaders seeking to create cultures grounded in trust and focused on supporting people across many dimensions of well-being,” said Christie Smith, global lead of Talent & Organization / Human Potential. “fable+’s methodologies will enable our clients to shape their workplace culture and support the growth of agile and resilient teams that are central to sustainable businesses growth.” Frank Riemensperger, market unit lead for Accenture in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Russia, said: “Digital transformation requires change, not only on hardware but also in mindsets. Consequently, we see an increasing demand for agile transformation and training centred on human interaction. Using AI and cloud technology, fable+ pioneered an analytics-driven approach to better understand workplace culture and team performance. This acquisition enables us to scale and grow innovative services that help clients create effective working environments to address their individual challenges.”

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