UKG Helps Businesses Navigate Labor Shortage with New UKG Marketplace Applications

UKG | June 09, 2022

As organizations continue to grapple with the perpetual labor shortage, UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people, today welcomed new technology partners focused on hiring, retaining, and developing people into the UKG Marketplace.

“With more than 250 overall partners, UKG actively collaborates with solution providers that play a critical role in our customers’ IT infrastructure to simplify the employee technology experience, By leveraging our open-platform architecture, we’re able to help UKG customers become even more responsive to the constantly changing needs of both their people and their businesses, especially during the labor shortage.”

- Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG.

There are more than 11 million job openings across the U.S. — nearly twice as many as available job candidates. The UKG Marketplace has added pre-built integrations with Appcast, which provides programmatic job advertising software; CareerBuilder, a leading source for job opportunities and advice; and Phenom, which delivers artificial intelligence (AI)-powered talent experiences to help global enterprises hire, develop, and manage their people. Additionally, Paradox’s conversational recruiting assistant can help candidates apply for jobs via chat or text messaging.

As organizations work to shorten interview timelines to ensure they don’t miss out on qualified candidates, enhanced data sharing between UKG and Cangrade, Harver, and Humantelligence allows organizations to benefit from their preferred solution, each of which provides a unique suite of tools and technology to ensure job fit, leverage data-driven assessments, or optimize hybrid or remote team effectiveness.

The introduction of Trusaic’s PayParity to the UKG Marketplace provides organizations with an enhanced pay equity auditing solution with real-time equity analytics and an option for professional consultations, complementing existing pay equity tools within UKG solutions. As part of its commitment to pay equity, UKG recently announced a historic multi-year partnership with the National Women’s Soccer League in support of the UKG Close the Gap campaign.

With HCR Software’s CompXL, compensation professionals have access to best-in-class compensation and incentive modeling. Additionally, organizations can now offer employees expanded integrated financial wellness offerings with Vault, which provides student loan repayment optimization strategies and counseling and makes it easier for employers to make repayment contributions.

According to a recent UKG report, a perceived lack of career development opportunities is one of the top reasons that both employees and managers are quitting their jobs during the labor shortage. Now, in addition to the performance development and learning tools available in UKG Pro, UKG Ready, and UKG Dimensions, organizations can create more seamless performance workflows with Betterworks, HRSoft’s PERFORMview, and PerformYard to better provide continuous feedback, align goals with organizational objectives and performance, and foster more productive conversations about long-term career aspirations.

About UKG
At UKG, our purpose is people. As strong believers in the power of culture and belonging as the secret to success, we champion great workplaces and build lifelong partnerships with our customers to show what’s possible when businesses invest in their people. Born from a historic merger that created one of the world’s leading HCM cloud companies, our Life-work Technology approach to HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions for all people helps more than 70,000 organizations around the globe and across every industry anticipate and adapt to their employees’ needs beyond just work.


Research shows that HR-related tasks take up 25 to 35 percent of a small business owner’s time at work. With UK small business owners already working an average of 17 days’ overtime per year, that means anywhere from 590 to nearly 830 hours are spent staying on top of human resources. It’s a huge time investment, made even more daunting by the consequences of a mistake.


Research shows that HR-related tasks take up 25 to 35 percent of a small business owner’s time at work. With UK small business owners already working an average of 17 days’ overtime per year, that means anywhere from 590 to nearly 830 hours are spent staying on top of human resources. It’s a huge time investment, made even more daunting by the consequences of a mistake.

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BHG was Named One of the Nation's Best Workplaces for Women by 'Fortune' Magazine and Great Place to Work®

BHG Financial | September 30, 2022

Today, BHG Financial (BHG) has been honored as one of the 2022 Best Workplaces for Women by Great Place to Work® (GPTW) and Fortune magazine. This is the second subsequent year BHG has made this prestigious list. The women leaders of BHG drive a great deal of the success and this representation is integral to how BHG operates. BHG's persistence towards equality is one of the reasons the leadership team comprises over 40% women, compared to the national average of 21%. The recognition on this list is meaningful because it's the only company culture award in America that selects winners based on how fairly women say they're treated at work. At BHG, 98% of women agree that people here are treated fairly regardless of gender. "Since BHG's inception, we have always focused on nurturing a diverse and inclusive workplace, Even as our company has grown geographically and in employee count, we've committed to providing personalized development programs that ensure women have equal opportunities. Our placement on this list emphasizes our dedication to offering a safe and fair workplace." -Katie Barnes, Chief Human Resources Officer at BHG Financial To determine the Best Workplaces for Women, Great Place to Work analyzed the survey responses of over 640,000 women who work for Great Place to Work-Certified™ companies that employ at least 50 women. Companies must also have at least 20% of non-executive managers who are women, and at least one executive who's a woman. In the Great Place to Work survey, 96% of BHG's women said BHG is a great place to work. This can be compared to the average US company, where only 57% of employees would say the same thing, according to Great Place to Work. BHG Financial has been certified as a Great Place to Work® since 2016 and has been recognized among Fortune and GPTW 24 times on numerous reputable lists. About BHG Financial BHG Financial is transforming the financial industry, leveraging the power of data, analytics, and cutting-edge technology to become one of the best sources for high-performing loans, and the creator of one of the largest community bank loan and product networks in the country. Since 2001, BHG has originated more than $12 billion in loan solutions to top-quality borrowers, which community and midsize banks can access via a state-of-the-art loan delivery platform. BHG Financials' dedication to providing services that meet the needs of its clients has led to the creation of a full family of brands that range from business, consumer, and SBA 7(a) loans to credit cards, collection services, risk management services, and point-of-sale financing. With record growth year after year, BHG continues to be recognized regionally and nationally, earning a spot on the Inc. 5000 for 15 years running and receiving accolades from Great Place to Work® and Fortune magazine, among others. BHG Financial is partially owned by Pinnacle Bank (PNFP) and has headquarters in Davie, FL and Syracuse, NY. To represent the company's growth and dedication to continuously expanding their services, Bankers Healthcare Group became BHG Financial in 2021.

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Humu | September 15, 2022

Humu, the HR technology company that pioneered science-backed nudges that make it easy for employees to develop new habits, today launched Humu Coach for Managers. This new suite of features gives managers the insights and guidance they need to unlock their teams' greatest potential. It's the latest example of Humu's industry leadership in shaping the future of work. Managers have always played a critical role in driving team success, but the seismic shifts of the past two years have made them even more important. Managers serve as change agents and the connection point between strategy and employee action, often single handedly impacting an employee's experience. The challenge is that managers are under more pressure than ever from both senior leadership and their employees—and are too overwhelmed to lead their teams effectively. And the stakes are high: according to Humu's data, a single bad manager costs an organization an average of $70,000 annually. Humu found, however, that when managers are effective, they are up to 2x more likely to retain employees over the course of a year and their teams have 22% higher engagement. With Coach for Managers, Humu is helping organizations improve retention, performance, and the employee experience by transforming every manager into a great manager. The suite helps managers and their teams build behaviors that support organization-wide goals, gives them insight into where their teams can improve, helps them effectively coach each person based on their unique needs, and guides managers through a variety of new or challenging situations. "We've all heard that people quit managers, not jobs. This is more true than ever against the backdrop of hybrid work experimentation and an ongoing talent shortage, A great manager is the best retention strategy an organization has, but many companies struggle to provide managers with the tools, support, and training they need to reach their full potential as leaders. Humu will empower managers who are under pressure from leadership and their teams alike, to deliver on their biggest goals and drive organization-wide success." -Laszlo Bock, co-founder and Executive Chairperson at Humu Available today, with additional new features to be rolled out in the months ahead, Humu Coach for Managers will consist of a unique set of capabilities to create better experiences for managers and their teams, including: Smart Agendas: Make 1:1s—the most valuable interactions between managers and their reports—more effective by collaborating on a shared Smart Agenda, complete with intelligent topic recommendations based on team and employee insights. Managers will: Receive timely reminders to prepare for the week's upcoming 1:1s. Receive agenda suggestions that relate to broader organizational initiatives. See trends in which topics are discussed over time, and get recommendations based on them. Team Insights: Understand where improvement is needed with team and employee Focus Areas, and expertly coach each team member by leveraging Coaching Guides, Work Style Assessments, and detailed Employee Profiles. (Coming soon) Workflows: Guide managers through crucial moments in the employee lifecycle—like new hire onboarding, work anniversaries, employee offboarding, and more with automated Workflows. We have seen how effective Humu's science-backed approach is in uniting and engaging employees and teams in large organizations, Now, with Humu Coach for Managers, we are thrilled to introduce a suite of features specifically designed to help anticipate what managers need and automatically deliver personalized, proven guidance right within their flow of daily work. And there's a lot more to come,said Scott Chancellor, Chief Executive Officer at Humu, who assumed his role in August 2022 to lead a new chapter of product innovation and growth. As managers continue to bear the responsibility of making or breaking an employee's experience, they'll need more personalized, targeted support than ever. Humu has already helped Fortune 500 companies unlock important goals to improve retention, performance and overall employee experience. About Humu Humu is an HR technology platform that makes it easy for every manager to be effective. Humu helps managers effortlessly build new habits and unlock the potential of their teams at some of the world's largest companies by delivering timely, personalized guidance.

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Startek® Expands Product Platform to Enhance Employee Experience for Stronger Customer Engagement

Startek | August 01, 2022

Startek® (NYSE: SRT), a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, today announced the launch of Startek Agent AI, a modular platform combining three AI-powered solutions designed to enhance employee experience (EX) and deliver a superior CX. Together, Startek Coach, Startek Gamification and Startek Knowledge Management will support 43,000 CX experts across the globe to onboard faster, upskill more efficiently and deliver greater value to the customer by reducing the burden of repetitive manual tasks that traditionally fall on contact center agents. Startek Coach brings on-demand training to contact center teams. By simulating real-life customer contacts, including live chat and voice interactions, agents perfect their skills in a safe environment. High-grade speech-to-text transcription and AI models enable Startek AI Coach to prompt best practice actions in real-time, increasing speed to proficiency. Startek Gamification connects data across contact center metrics to identify agent behaviors and employs AI to provide insights on agent performance. A real-time view of individual performance drives employee engagement while gamification modules drive desired behaviors, leading to operational efficiencies. Startek Gamification can reduce average handle time (AHT) by as much as 10 percent, improve first contact resolution (FCR) by up to 10 percent and increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 5 percent or more. Startek Knowledge Management combines cognitive algorithms, which continuously learn from enterprise knowledge sources, and enables Startek agents to instantly access the most current information. Without the need to memorize or search for information, agents deliver faster and more consistent resolutions to customer queries and are relieved of the burden of searching for information. This allows agents to focus more of their time on the customer and deliver a more personalized experience. Startek Knowledge Management reduces ticket creation and triage times by up to 35 percent, reduces manual effort in email customer support by as much as 50 percent and reduces AHT by up to 20 percent across all omnichannel interactions. Deployed as a single solution or individual modules, Startek Agent AI improves both the agent and customer experience to deliver superior CX and builds on the success of the award-winning Startek Cloud. Startek Cloud combines technology and a process framework, to enable agents to work remotely on any device, while built-in security governance safeguards operations at all times. "Our Future of Work strategy prioritizes the innovative use of technology to reduce agent effort and enable our teams to deliver world-class CX whether in brick-and-mortar or remote roles. Startek Agent AI is the next step in the deployment of this strategy, At the forefront of contact center technology, our pilot programs demonstrate that employing technology to improve the agent experience is a win-win-win solution, delivering measurable benefits for our clients and their customers as well as our people." -Abhi Jain, Chief Digital Officer, Startek. About Startek®: Startek is a global provider of tech-enabled customer experience (CX) management solutions, digital transformation, and technology services to leading brands. Startek is committed to impacting clients' business outcomes by enhancing customer experience and digital and AI enablement across all touchpoints and channels. Present in thirteen countries, Startek has more than 43,000 CX experts servicing clients across a range of industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, technology, telecom, healthcare, travel and hospitality, e-commerce, consumer goods, retail, energy and utilities.

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