Elevatus is Powering the Evolution of HR Technology Through Artificial Intelligence and Experiencing a Huge Surge in Demand

Alta Material Handling | August 12, 2021

Elevatus, the industry's leading AI technology provider has positioned itself as a transformational player in strategically powering the evolution of HR technology. Elevatus' momentum has led to an explosive business expansion of 335% growth 1Q 2020 versus 1Q 2021. This tremendous growth, escorted the need for companies worldwide to implement and adopt Elevatus' AI technology to advance and run their businesses more efficiently. 

Companies worldwide are adopting Elevatus' AI technology to modernize and improve their HR processes

Key verticals, ranging from leading banks, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, and medical providers across the globe, have adopted Elevatus to keep up with technological advances and gain a competitive edge. Industry leaders now aim to thrive in this digital age by gearing up with Elevatus' AI technology, which is distinct from any other offering in the market. Elevatus' growth has also been paired with an esteemed award that acknowledged Elevatus as the best AI-powered hiring platform in the 2021 Technology Innovator Awards, amongst 900 other companies.

Elevatus is continuously defining the market with numerous innovations, by providing two bespoke AI solutions; EVA-SSESS and EVA-REC. The state-of-the-art video interviewing software and hiring platform are creating a ground-breaking change in the recruitment industry. By offering a range of modern, agile, nimble, and innovative features –  Elevatus' AI solutions are baffling industry leaders and empowering them to take charge of today's increasingly agile and growing workforce.

Case studies were conducted on existing clients and have shown that by implementing Elevatus' advanced technology they were successfully able to achieve the following results:

An increase in ROI by 130%
A 96% reduction hiring costs
An 82% reduction in time-to-hire
A 75% improvement in candidate experience
A 90% increase in decision accuracy
Elevatus' sublime growth and success in the past year, has been powered by its focus on developing its advanced line of technologies from AI, machine learning, agility, innovation, and adaptability –  to smoothly set up companies worldwide with hiring success.

Elevatus' best-in-class AI technology now supports 5 different languages including English, Arabic, Swedish, French, and German. The AI is also able to learn a new language in record-breaking time. By supporting a wide array of languages, Elevatus can now seamlessly adapt to the user's language and offer a unique, localized, and interactive experience.

"Our rapid growth is the result of our dominant position in the market. Through our relentless focus on growth and innovation, we became the trusted technology provider for hundreds of esteemed companies. Just within a year, Elevatus has not only grown remarkably, but it has also grabbed the attention of global business partners who are very keen on acquiring Elevatus' technology." said Yara Burgan, CEO of Elevatus. "This proves to be a great testament of our commitment to offer top-notch technology and services. We take pride in knowing that Elevatus is not only heading in the right direction, but we're also getting praise and acknowledgement for our hard work and innovation by well-regarded organizations."

About Elevatus

Elevatus is at the forefront of innovation and is raising the industry bar with its pioneering technology and endeavors. Undeniably, the tech provider is quickly becoming a trusted tech leader due its core dedication to breakneck innovation and customer success. It's an exciting and pivotal time for Elevatus, who is headstrong bolstering towards new horizons, and is on the road to create more record-breaking achievements in the near future.


Discover the secrets to maximizing employee productivity and creating a continuous learning organization in an 'always on' culture. Josh Bersin from lead consultancy firm Bersin by Deloitte explains how using modern learning strategies such as video learning can lead to better employee performance, employee retention and ultimately, business results.


Discover the secrets to maximizing employee productivity and creating a continuous learning organization in an 'always on' culture. Josh Bersin from lead consultancy firm Bersin by Deloitte explains how using modern learning strategies such as video learning can lead to better employee performance, employee retention and ultimately, business results.

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A new report from one of the web's leading all-remote job boards highlights 50 remote enabled employers known for their dedication to fostering positive company cultures. Founded in 2007, Virtual Vocations is a family-owned, 100% virtual company that has worked to connect jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings from expert-vetted employers for the last 15 years. For its latest report, Virtual Vocations took a deep dive into Comparably’s “Best Company Culture 2021” list to identify the top firms for jobseekers who not only value flexibility, but also want to work for an employer whose values align with their own. "Comparably’s ‘Best Company Culture 2021’ report is an important resource for any jobseeker who wants to feel confident and experience their values reflected at work, so we were curious about which of these best-of company culture employers are also remote enabled,” Virtual Vocations CEO and co-founder Laura Spawn “Across large and small/midsize companies, 50 businesses stood out as remote enabled companies known for hiring telecommuters. Our ‘50 Remote Enabled Company Culture Leaders’ report outlines these companies and connects jobseekers to any available fully remote openings with those businesses," Spawn added. Published Tuesday, Virtual Vocations’ report on “50 Remote Enabled Company Culture Leaders” puts the spotlight on companies large and small that ranked among the best for company culture in Comparably’s 2021 analysis, which examined sentiment ratings from current employees who offered their opinions anonymously. The top 50 remote enabled employers from Comparably's list span more than a dozen industries, including healthcare, education, human resources, marketing, and information technology (IT), Virtual Vocations’ report reveals. Virtual Vocations’ report also serves as a resource for jobseekers interested in learning more about current openings with top remote enabled company culture leaders. “At Virtual Vocations, we encourage value-based remote job searches,” Spawn said. “In fact, jobseekers have reported to us that poor company culture is one of the top workplace confidence killers”—suggesting strong values play a pivotal role in ensuring employees are satisfied in their roles and performing at their best. ABOUT VIRTUAL VOCATIONS Founded in 2007 by CEO Laura Spawn and her brother, CTO Adam Stevenson, Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission: to connect jobseekers with legitimate remote job openings. To date, Virtual Vocations has helped more than four million jobseekers in their quests for flexible, remote work. In addition to providing a database of current, hand-screened, and 100% remote job openings, Virtual Vocations offers jobseekers a number of tools to aid in their job searches, including exclusive e-courses and downloadable content, and resumé writing services. Virtual Vocations also releases several data-driven reports each year on current trends in remote work. Virtual Vocations, Inc. is a private, family-owned, and 100% virtual company incorporated in Tucson, Arizona.

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Startek® (NYSE: SRT), a global customer experience (CX) solutions provider, today announced the launch of Startek Agent AI, a modular platform combining three AI-powered solutions designed to enhance employee experience (EX) and deliver a superior CX. Together, Startek Coach, Startek Gamification and Startek Knowledge Management will support 43,000 CX experts across the globe to onboard faster, upskill more efficiently and deliver greater value to the customer by reducing the burden of repetitive manual tasks that traditionally fall on contact center agents. Startek Coach brings on-demand training to contact center teams. By simulating real-life customer contacts, including live chat and voice interactions, agents perfect their skills in a safe environment. High-grade speech-to-text transcription and AI models enable Startek AI Coach to prompt best practice actions in real-time, increasing speed to proficiency. Startek Gamification connects data across contact center metrics to identify agent behaviors and employs AI to provide insights on agent performance. A real-time view of individual performance drives employee engagement while gamification modules drive desired behaviors, leading to operational efficiencies. Startek Gamification can reduce average handle time (AHT) by as much as 10 percent, improve first contact resolution (FCR) by up to 10 percent and increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) by 5 percent or more. Startek Knowledge Management combines cognitive algorithms, which continuously learn from enterprise knowledge sources, and enables Startek agents to instantly access the most current information. Without the need to memorize or search for information, agents deliver faster and more consistent resolutions to customer queries and are relieved of the burden of searching for information. This allows agents to focus more of their time on the customer and deliver a more personalized experience. Startek Knowledge Management reduces ticket creation and triage times by up to 35 percent, reduces manual effort in email customer support by as much as 50 percent and reduces AHT by up to 20 percent across all omnichannel interactions. Deployed as a single solution or individual modules, Startek Agent AI improves both the agent and customer experience to deliver superior CX and builds on the success of the award-winning Startek Cloud. Startek Cloud combines technology and a process framework, to enable agents to work remotely on any device, while built-in security governance safeguards operations at all times. "Our Future of Work strategy prioritizes the innovative use of technology to reduce agent effort and enable our teams to deliver world-class CX whether in brick-and-mortar or remote roles. Startek Agent AI is the next step in the deployment of this strategy, At the forefront of contact center technology, our pilot programs demonstrate that employing technology to improve the agent experience is a win-win-win solution, delivering measurable benefits for our clients and their customers as well as our people." -Abhi Jain, Chief Digital Officer, Startek. About Startek®: Startek is a global provider of tech-enabled customer experience (CX) management solutions, digital transformation, and technology services to leading brands. Startek is committed to impacting clients' business outcomes by enhancing customer experience and digital and AI enablement across all touchpoints and channels. Present in thirteen countries, Startek has more than 43,000 CX experts servicing clients across a range of industries, including banking and financial services, insurance, technology, telecom, healthcare, travel and hospitality, e-commerce, consumer goods, retail, energy and utilities.

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