Workforce Solutions Provider System Acquires One Video Production Company Dreamtek

Dreamtek | January 10, 2022

On January 5th, premier workforce solutions provider System One announced its acquisition of Dreamtek, a global video production company. System One acquired Dreamtek through its division TeamPeople and aims to expand its media offering by providing video production, live and virtual event solutions, and technical production expertise.

Dreamtek offers a wide array of solutions that connect media creatives, production services, multimedia and video engineers with organizations who need full-time professionals or freelance services.

"System One is committed to the expansion of our 5 strategic pillars, Engineering & Technical, Clinical & Scientific, Government & IT, Legal, and Digital Creative. The reputation, expertise, and strength of Dreamtek aligns with our vision of providing critical outsourced services to niche markets.  Dreamtek's strong foundation and highly skilled team will create additional opportunity for our continued growth in the virtual live events space, video production, A/V support, and VR and AR areas.”

- Greg Lignelli, System One COO

"This collaboration expands our portfolio of services to help meet the demands of the virtual shift that has had an impact on creative and business communications. We believe our shared passion for people and innovation will aid in our efforts, making our services more impactful for our clients and audiences."

- Rachel Peters, EVP TeamPeople


In today’s age of business uncertainty, contingent work has come to play a critical role. Not only do the large majority of organizations leverage contingent work arrangements, but well over a third of organizations have also increased spending on such workers over the last two years and plan to increase it over the next two, according to the latest research from the HR Research Institute (HRRI)


In today’s age of business uncertainty, contingent work has come to play a critical role. Not only do the large majority of organizations leverage contingent work arrangements, but well over a third of organizations have also increased spending on such workers over the last two years and plan to increase it over the next two, according to the latest research from the HR Research Institute (HRRI)

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One Model’s People Data Cloud a New Option for People Analytics in Canada

One Model | January 25, 2023

The people analytics software provider One Model recently announced an option for its people analytics software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering hosted for local customers in Canada. The new local data processing capability will help Canadian enterprises, government agencies, academic institutions, and other large organizations to organize their human resources data securely, which delivers analysts and decision makes data-driven people insights. In addition, this new option helps Canadian companies meet important data governance goals because all processing and storage of enterprise people's data happen on Canadian territory. The leader in people analytics celebrated doubling its size in 2022, both in terms of sales and employees. Users and practitioners have mentioned people analytics and praised the company’s People Data CloudTM platform. Additionally, the eight-year-old startup from Austin, Texas, introduced various next-generation machine-learning innovations within its One AI machine-learning technology which is built into all the company's products. One Model's new operational capability in Canada utilizes the Amazon Web Services cloud, which provides a secure, reliable, and high-performance computing infrastructure to meet the demanding business needs of human resources data engineering and advanced analytics applications. "The new option for People Data Cloud in Canada represents a turning point for Canadian HR and people analytics practitioners. It is yet another impressive growth milestone because our infrastructure is truly global, with the ability to go-live anywhere AWS infrastructure exists in a matter of hours," said Matthew Wilton, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at One Model. (Source: Cision) About One Model Founded in 2014, One Model is the people analytics platform that helps flourishing companies make decisions about talent at every level of the organization. The People Data Cloud people analytics platform takes all the heavy lifting out of data extraction, modeling, cleansing, analytics, and reporting of enterprise workforce data. Companies from mid-size to big rapid-growing ones rely on the people analytics platform. HR teams and businesses trust its analytical toolset and accurate reports. In addition, People Data Cloud is a very open platform that helps people make ethical decisions and ensures the highest levels of security and privacy that human resource management requires.

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SkillGigs Upgrades Platform for Streamlined User Experience | March 14, 2023

On March 13, 2023, SkillGigs, Inc., an ecommerce talent marketplace connecting skilled healthcare and technology professionals with AI-matched job opportunities, introduced a new platform experience for its users. The redesigned platform will provide job seekers and businesses with a more intuitive and user-friendly direct sourcing application. Employers and candidates can now efficiently create listings and screen through matches, as well as effectively negotiate compensation throughout the interview process with the platform's bidding functionality. In addition, the platform's interview scheduling, critical credentialing management, and onboarding functions have been enhanced. SkillGigs is a ‘job matchmaker’ committed to empowering candidates and bringing top employers and talent together. Job seekers with SkillGigs profiles use the company's proprietary AI-powered 3D Resume tool to present themselves to prospective employers and match their skills suitably. The platform exemplifies the power of direct sourcing and the benefits of avoiding traditional third-party recruiters for employers. Employers who leverage SkillGigs have access to a thoroughly vetted, continuously updated talent pool and receive AI-matched candidate profiles. Employers can message and offer compensation bids directly to candidates after matching, resulting in significantly higher response rates—over 60% on average, compared to 2-5% on other platforms. When the candidate indicates ‘interested,’ the interview process can commence. All credential management, interview scheduling, and billing can be managed via the platform, resulting in a more efficient and transparent hiring and onboarding procedure. New features after the upgrade include a unified user journey within the platform, advanced search options for positions and skills, an enhanced user interface with more sign-in options, ratings and reviews, better messaging and an applicant tracking system (ATS) for employers. About SkillGigs, Inc. is an AI-powered ecommerce talent marketplace connecting healthcare and technology job seekers with direct-to-employer opportunities. Founded in 2017, the company aims to streamline the hiring process by providing a direct connection between employers and job seekers. The platform's AI matching system matches job seekers with job openings that fit their skills and preferences, allowing for more productive and transparent negotiations. In addition, its technology-driven approach empowers job seekers and employers alike, leading to better retention rates and more earning potential for both parties.

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CGT Staffing Works with Its Clients to Mitigate the Expenses

CGT Staffing | February 22, 2023

On February 21, 2023, CGT Staffing, a human resource services provider, announced working with its clients to mitigate the expenses of onboarding and hiring processes in the human resource industry. It is helping especially the growing organizations with the multi-facet processes of onboarding. The hiring shifts in the marketplace are a more complicated process as they are for a short time, making it difficult for the companies to identify and recognize the qualification and onboard the new hires. In addition, the HR department of the companies needs to maintain its momentum in the ongoing personnel shifts and hiring trends at a large scale. CGT Staffing has detected this complication and partners with clients to reduce it. It values managing clients' onboarding processes, especially those dependent on its incoming labor force. Therefore, it undertakes the responsibility of pre-hire paperwork, screening processes, and employment verification to unburden the internal HR department's work. This undertaking would enable organizations to focus more on operational tasks, reducing their administrative expenses at a greater level. Personnel shifts, the unforeseen contraction and expansion of markets and companies, and volatile transactions in recent years have tremendously affected worker and workplace dynamics. The first impression of the employee matters a lot. Therefore, it becomes essential for the company to provide a pleasant, efficient, and comprehensive onboarding experience. This experience would impact employee retention, flexibility, and workflow continuity. CGT Staffing invests money and time into its clients' businesses for such endeavors. President and CEO of CGT Staffing, Bill Welge, said "We understand the financial implications of the onboarding process for all businesses. Bearing this in mind, we offer specialized solutions, including automation and oversight, that allow us to deliver a holistic model of candidate identification, vetting and delivery, and onboarding." He added, "Once underway, our payroll solutions are a further benefit; onboarding and administrative processes that might encumber an HR department for hours or days can instead be offloaded to our team, preserving critical assets and business functions." (Source – Cision PR Newswire) About CGT Staffing Headquartered in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, CGT Staffing, an IT consulting and services company, has provided solutions for staffing, recruiting, consulting, technology, computers, IT infrastructure, help desk, cyber security, database administration, project management, mortgage, and title, since 2009. It recognizes candidates with technical and professional skills for customer service. It is a staffing firm with a national reach, building relationships with honesty, respect, and accountability. With trained staffing experts, it personally approaches candidates to identify the perfect job role aligning with the company's goal and provides the best-talented candidates, enhancing the business growth.

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