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How to train Gen Z on its own terms

December 04, 2018 / Riia O'Donnell

What does Gen Z want from training and how can business deliver? According to Kahoot's annual EdTrends Report for Corporate Trainers, trainers will need to respond to the demands of these learners in the landscape they're accustomed to — smart phones and social media — in order to build their knowledge. A majority of trainers (62%) say Gen Z prefers mobile apps for learning; 48% say online learning tools are favored. Using videos came in at 39% and social media at 34%. On-the-job training is preferred by 42% of respondents and offered by 49% of companies. There's a disconnect in some areas: 61% of the almost 400 respondents say they're being taught with traditional methods, such as classroom settings, while only 37% say that classroom is their preferred method to learn. Highest placed in Gen Z preferences for learning is gamification with almost half (48%) saying that is their preference, yet only 23% of companies report using game-based learning to train.