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Improve Candidate Selection with New Talent Search Strategies

December 05, 2018 / Sharlyn Lauby

When it comes to recruiting technology solutions, talent acquisition professionals are looking for three outcomes: 1) quality candidates, 2) a faster time to fill, and 3) less cumbersome work flows. It reminds me of a phrase from my hotel HR days about creating processes that are “easy to buy and easy to use”. Finding the best talent doesn’t have to be complex or lengthy. However, in order to accomplish our recruiting goals, we do need to identify the right tools. Take for instance, the sourcing process. Organizations can spend a lot of valuable resources trying to find the most skilled candidates and not end up with the results they’re looking for. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Art Zeile, CEO of DHI Group about today’s sourcing challenges and his recommended solutions. If you’re not familiar, DHI Group is the parent company for Dice, a technology solution focused on providing sourcing tools to organizations, so they can find the best ...