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Jobs for AI specialists grew by 63% in less than a year

January 09, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

Job openings for artificial intelligence (AI) workers rose by 63% between January and September of 2018, according to CompTIA. This solid increase makes AI expertise one of the most in-demand skills, KPMG said in a new report. KPMG noted that companies are competing to build and diversify teams that can move AI technology from the pilot stage to the solution stage. To achieve the task, the association said companies need the following five specialists: 1) AI architects to determine where AI can be injected and embedded in an organization; 2) AI product managers, who liaison with multiple business teams to make sure AI solutions are successfully carried out; 3) data scientists, with the skills to clean data and design and apply the correct algorithms; 4) software engineers to work with data scientists to get AI into production; and 5) AI ethicists responsible for establishing AI platforms that uphold organizations’ standards and codes of ethics.