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8 in 10 employees would seek a new job after 1 bad day

February 06, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

A new Addison Group study found that 3 in 4 employees said they're happy at work, but nearly 8 in 10 said they're likely to leave in search of another position after just one bad day on the job. The study, What Makes Employees Head For The Hills?, also found that 81% of the 1,000 job seekers polled cited dissatisfaction with the work environment as the major reason they started looking elsewhere for work. And for 3 in 4 of the respondents, being passed over for a promotion was another reason to go job hunting. According to the survey, nearly half (47%) of employees feel underpaid, since many know their worth thanks to salary sites like Glassdoor. Similar numbers of employees report dissatisfaction with benefits (44%) and an unsatisfactory career path (43%).