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Accu-Time Systems lancuhes stride80- an Android-based employee time clock

July 28, 2020 / PR Newswire

Accu-Time Systems, Inc. (ATS), a leader in workforce management and human resource data collection, is announcing its new stride80 Android-based employee time clock. Its standard features include an 8-inch multi-touch color screen, LED light bar indicator, and presence sensor, adding increased privacy, security, and energy efficiency. The durable, easy-to-use device can be customized according to buyers' specific needs from a wide variety of the latest innovations in workforce management technology. The stride80 was built to ignite growth. "The stride80, one of the most advanced and innovative time clocks we've ever designed and manufactured at our Connecticut factory, will play a big role in the growth and success of our partners," Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Ryan McColgan said. The stride80 features an innovative, purpose-built design capable of achieving the ideal functionality to meet a business' needs. Buyers can choose among several comb...