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ADP: In 2020, work will be team-based and personalized

December 02, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

The 2020 workplace will be more productive and engaging for workers and employers thanks to new technology that enables better personalization and adaptation to change, according to a recent ADP report. Among the predictions for next year, ADP posits that: isolated, siloed approaches to getting work done will be supplanted by teamwork; that the work experience will be personalized through artificial intelligence and other technologies, which provide employees with a "have it your way" work experience; and businesses and teams will become more agile as they strive to keep pace with technology. "The world of work has reached an inflection point, punctuated by a tight labor market and stabilizing wage growth," Don Weinstein, corporate VP, global product and technology at ADP, said in a media release.