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Cybersecurity association rolls out free development program for members

February 19, 2019 / Riia O'Donnell

To help address a global shortage of cybersecurity talent, (ISC)², a nonprofit member association of certified cybersecurity professionals, announced last week the creation of its Professional Development Institute (PDI). PDI will help professionals grow their skills and abilities with access to continuing professional education programs and other learning opportunities, (ISC)² said. PDI's course offerings will be provided as a free portfolio to (ISC)² members and associates, the organization said. (ISC)² is also hiring 18 new staff members to manage content development and curriculum, and the organization said it would also build out a new 765-square-foot video production studio to help produce course content. Courses will be available in an online format, and will include lessons on DevSecOps and GDPR for security professionals, among other topics. The association will use member surveys and focus groups to assess changes to its curriculum strategy.