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Employees report poor experience with workplace devices

October 02, 2019 / Valerie Bolden-Barrett

A new scoring method developed by digital experience vendor Nexthink measures the quality of the digital experiences employers provide to their employees, Nexthink announced Tuesday in the launch of its first data analysis using the method — and large employers did not fare well. Nexthink's Digital Experience Score measures several categories that affect employees' digital experiences including: collaboration, productivity tools, workplace devices and business services and applications. The firm's analysis found larger companies (those with more than 50,000 employees) fared worse than companies with fewer than 20,000 employees. For example, on a 10-point scale, companies with fewer than 20,000 employees had average scores of between 6.7 and 7 points, while large companies over 50,000 employees scored a 5.8 on average.