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Employers enlisted by police to detect extremism in workers

March 21, 2019 / Lauren R Brown

Police forces are enlisting private sector companies for the first time to spot potential radicalisation and extremism in the workforce.  According to a report in the Financial Times (FT), UK counter terrorism police are working with companies in the retail, travel and entertainment sectors – including River Island, McDonalds and Tesco – in a bid to tackle what Nik Adams, the officer in charge of co-ordinating Prevent – the government’s anti-radicalisation programme – across the UK, has called a “blind spot”. Employers in these sectors will be provided with training to help them spot the signs of radicalisation.  Prevent is part of the UK’s Counter Terrorism Strategy, and covers public sector organisations such as schools, colleges and the NHS. The Home Office has said there are no plans to extend the Prevent statutory duty, which puts legal obligations on certain authorities, beyond the public sector bodies already covered. Cur...